Midnight in St. Petersburg

by Barbara J Webb

Original ONGOING Contemporary Fantasy Female Lead Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Urban Fantasy

A priest, a vampire, and a fairy walk into a bar….

The punchline wasn’t a joke; it was an honest-to-God job offer, promising Rose more money than she had ever seen and a chance to use abilities she’d kept secret all her life. Without hesitation, Rose dives into a world of expense accounts and elegance, of vodka shots with sorcerers at decadent night clubs and surreal moonlit dinners with vampire royalty.

But beneath all the glitz, St. Petersburg has a dark side that a sensitive like Rose can’t pretend she doesn’t see. Old wounds fester. Ancient grudges seethe. Rose and her team must master the intricate political landscape to bring a veneer of peace to the city — a task complicated by the fact that, while Rose is enthusiastic about success, her teammates all bear their own secrets agendas. How can they bring peace to the city, if they can’t keep from turning on each other?

And time is running out. Not only is Rose under a deadline to prove herself and keep her dream job, but she’s drawn the attention of a powerful killer who will stop at nothing to gain the revenge he seeks. 

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Barbara J Webb

Barbara J Webb

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A Mysterious Invitation, Saturday ago
Chapter 2: An Unusual Proposal ago
Chapter 3: A Phone Call Home ago
Chapter 4: A Walk in the Dark ago
Chapter 5: The Nightmare, Sunday ago
Chapter 6: Aftermath ago
Chapter 7: Magic ago
Chapter 8: Vampires, Monks, and Miscellaneous ago
Chapter 9: A Delivery ago
Chapter 10: Questions and Answers ago
Chapter 11: A Chat over Tea ago
Chapter 12: A Shadowy Meeting ago
Chapter 13: Revelations ago
Chapter 14: The Winter Palace, Monday ago
Chapter 15: The Dinner Party ago
Chapter 16: Aftermath ago
Chapter 17: Into the Darkness ago
Chapter 18: Laughter in the Shadows ago
Chapter 19: Swords and Blood ago
Chapter 20: Not Quite an Interview with a Vampire ago
Chapter 21: Conversations over Breakfast, Tuesday ago
Chapter 22: Beautiful Eyes and Sharp Teeth ago
Chapter 23: The Doorway ago
Chapter 24: Across the Threshold, Tuesday after sunset ago
Chapter 25: Swords and Teeth ago
Chapter 26: Fathers and Sons ago
Chapter 27: The Smell of Blood ago
Chapter 28: Meddling in the Affairs of Vampires ago
Chapter 29: A Conversation at River's Edge ago
Chapter 30: A Talk with God, Wednesday morning ago
Chapter 31: Coffee and Conversation ago
Chapter 32: Reaching Out ago
Chapter 33: Avengers Assemble, Wednesday after dark ago
Chapter 34: Inroads ago
Chapter 35: The First Casualty ago
Chapter 36: Everything is Fine ago
Chapter 37: The Invisible War ago
Chapter 38: Confrontation ago
Chapter 39: A Message ago
Chapter 40: A Dream ago
Chapter 41: Ready for Answers, Thursday ago
Chapter 42: Fae and Consequence ago
Chapter 43: The Black Fist ago
Chapter 44: A Summoning, Thursday after dark ago
Chapter 45: Always be worried ago
Chapter 46: Walking in Circles ago
Chapter 47: View from the Heights ago
Chapter 48: The Tenth Time... ago
Chapter 49: Blood in the Cathedral ago
Chapter 50: Like Nothing Seen Before ago
Chapter 51: A Quiet Talk ago
Chapter 52: No Answers ago
Chapter 53: A New Direction, Friday ago
Chapter 54: Secret Histories ago
Chapter 55: Swords and Suffering ago
Chapter 56: A Needed Break ago
Chapter 57: The Shining Man, Friday after Dark ago
Chapter 58: The Other Side ago
Chapter 59: Guests ago
Chapter 60: Vampires ago
Chapter 61: No Escape ago
Chapter 62: Bigger Problems, Saturday ago

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Spoiler: Spoiler

 Excellent introduction building the characters backgrounds.