The only places I have posted the story and allow it to exist are on RoyalRoad, Scribblehub, and my Patreon.

So the world ended. Whoopsie? We didn’t even see it coming. Quite literally as it came at us faster than the speed of light. Don’t worry though, it got better. Also, I am not joking about the world ending. Most people say that and mean humans are inconvenienced for some reason. Nope, all matter disintegrated at the atomic scale there for a few moments. Apparently the local universe wasn’t actually stable? Don’t ask me to go into too much detail. It would require both of us to have a few more college degrees than sense, and I at least lack them (both the degrees and the sense). Anyway, the energy/matter/wibbly wobbly strings were at a local minimum and not the universal minimum. Basically, what we took for sea level was actually a nice little mountain lake and when the dam busted so did, well, everything.

Now here is where things go a bit off track with what normal meant before. You see magic is real, qi is real, gods are real. Not on old Earth mind you but souls pay little attention to time and space so we dreamed of it. In fact, the closer the shift in reality got to Earth, the closer our dreams got to the new reality. This is basically me tip toeing around the fact that it was a ‘System Apocalypse’. Reality became a video game, I became a dungeon, and this is my story.

Doyle Huxley just wanted a normal life but as the above might clue you in on that just isn’t in the cards. He gets to experience a “Path Based System Apocalypse” and some early paths he takes, both literally and figuratively, lead to him becoming a dungeon.

The aim is to release chapters once a week on Friday.

Cursing will be avoided and no naughty adult action will take place in the story.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
So the World Ended - Chapter 1 ago
Just Like Community Service - Chapter 2 ago
His Soul has WiFi Turned Off - Chapter 3 ago
Meeting the Boss - Chapter 4 ago
A Giant Ritual Circle - Chapter 5 ago
Wait, You're Not Insane? - Chapter 6 ago
Dungeon's Tutorial - Chapter 7 ago
What Type are You? - Chapter 8 ago
Starting Monsters and Their Stats - Chapter 9 ago
Calling Mother and then Tech Support - Chapter 10 ago
Dungeon Skills - Chapter 11 ago
Dungeon Territory - Chapter 12 ago
Cubes for Days - Chapter 13 ago
Soul Deep Relaxation - Chapter 14 ago
Making Rooms - Chapter 15 ago
Dungeon Design - Chapter 16 ago
Placing Plants - Chapter 17 ago
Monster Layout - Chapter 18 ago
Opening Up for Business - Chapter 19 ago
A Groups First Dungeon Dive - Chapter 20 ago
Clothes for the Kobolds - Chapter 21 ago
Goat Armor - Chapter 22 ago
Jock in Charge - Chapter 23 ago
That Girl You Hate - Chapter 24 ago
You Can Get A Ne - Chapter 25 ago
Spiky Goat Helmets - Chapter 26 ago
Tale of Two Towns - Chapter 27 ago
Jim Causes A Ruckus - Chapter 28 ago
Artistic Expression - Chapter 29 ago
Path Divergence - Chapter 30 ago
Inspirational Speech Time - Chapter 31 ago
Jack Hammer - Chapter 32 ago
You're A Healer, Heal Already - Chapter 33 ago
All The Herbs - Chapter 34 ago
Because Doctor Said So - Chapter 35 ago
I Didn't Plan the Number Out - Chapter 36 ago
Breakdown After the Dungeon Crawl - Chapter 37 ago
Someone Finally Gets Some Berries - Chapter 38 ago
Loot Time - Chapter 39 ago
Thats a Nifty Spell - Chapter 40 ago
Momentary Breakdown - Chapter 41 ago
She was Worried - Chapter 42 ago
New Worries for Ace - Chapter 43 ago
A Stats Worth - Chapter 44 ago
Basic Layout for the Second Floor - Chapter 45 ago
Goat Farm - Chapter 46 ago
What About the Hills - Chapter 47 ago
Levels of Knowledge - Chapter 48 ago
Second Floor Monster Placement - Chapter 49 ago
Second Floor Complete - Chapter 50 ago
Eternal Hivemind - Chapter 51 ago
Commanding Limits - Chapter 52 ago
They Noticed - Chapter 53 ago
The Other Founders - Chapter 54 ago
Yes, You Can Leave Jan - Chapter 55 ago
The Start of Ace's Dive - Chapter 56 ago
How to Leave the Dungeon - Chapter 57 ago
Derp Goes the Axebeak - Chapter 58 ago
Should We Turn Back - Chapter 59 ago
Half the Final Encounter - Chapter 60 ago
Climbing the Cliff - Chapter 61 ago
Nice Goat - Chapter 62 ago
Leave the Goat Alone - Chapter 63 ago
He Has a Reason - Chapter 64 ago
Axebeak Redemption - Chapter 65 ago
Why Pre-System Stuff Sucks - Chapter 66 ago
Sammy's Back - Chapter 67 ago
Sammy's Redemption - Chapter 68 ago
Following the Other Wall - Chapter 69 ago
Collecting Runes - Chapter 70 ago
Time and More Runes - Chapter 71 ago
Ten Wolves Enter - Chapter 72 ago
The Wolves Breakthrough - Chapter 73 ago
All the Wolves and Stats - Chapter 74 ago
New Floor, New Monster - Chapter 75 ago
More Mushrooms - Chapter 76 ago
Variable Sprouts - Chapter 77 ago
Cliff Goat Buff - Chapter 78 ago
Just a Little Debt - Chapter 79 ago
Shadow Bag - Chapter 80 ago
Stairs are New, Right? - Chapter 81 ago
Take a Sniff - Chapter 82 ago
Jimmy! - Chapter 83 ago
Lets Keep this to Ourselves - Chapter 84 ago
Everyone Thinks of That Nickname - Chapter 85 ago
I Didn't Mean For That to Happen - Chapter 86 ago
Easy Olive Harvest - Chapter 87 ago
Dead End Room - Chapter 88 ago
Fire Blender - Chapter 89 ago
And Then Spikes - Chapter 90 ago
Daisy's Tarot - Chapter 91 ago
Luck and Plans - Chapter 92 ago
Alchemist Vials - Chapter 93 ago
Golden Cow - Chapter 94 ago
She's Just Kind Of Lonely - Chapter 95 ago
Three Special Potions - Chapter 96 ago
About Godly Skills - Chapter 97 ago
Goat Licks Cow God - Chapter 98 ago
Cattle Pattern Bonanza - Chapter 99 ago
And Now Some Potions - Chapter 100 ago
Some Paths - Chapter 101 ago

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Tim McClain

short chapters make it seem like individual points are being dragged out, so seems slow to start, though it litterally says this is tutorial and things whould get faster.
has potential but author seems afraid to push ahead for fear of leaving anyone behind, though if reader doesnt understand certiant basics they wouldnt be here reading a dungeon novel.
i would love to come back and update my review once the story really takes off but for now limiting to 3 stars because i feel like a longer chapter covering more than a single point would actually shorten the word count.

Endless Paving

The beginning of this story is relatively slow but quite manageable as far as I'm concerned, though it might be worth expiditing the part about becoming a dungeon.

As of exiting the tutorial stge of the story and establishing as a dungeon proper I can feel the story building up momentum. The set-up of potential invaders and dungeon town politics right outside of the current dungeon is quite interesting and I can see it leading to some interesting conflict. There have been a few adventurers in already in various compositions and with varying motives and I've already gained interest in some of them as well as being entertained by the throw away characters to a suitable extent.

This novel seems to be turning out to be what I call a restrained murder dungeon. Still a lot of advetnurer killing but only to a completely reasonable degree so far instead of being a murder hobo dungeon. It's also one of the creative design dungeon core stories and it tries to make the design and rpg progression of the dungeon structure and abilities interesting and creative. The slow exposition tutorial stage at the beginning of the story seems to be helping out with this dungeon creativity as well, so it wasn't worthless filler at least.

The main character is a partly bland "blank slate" type protagonist with his interesting quirks being unique rpg traits rather his personality as a character, which so far hasn't been too much of a problem for the main focus of the story: dungeon design and messing with adveturers.

Yes there is a dungeon pixie companion, but she seems to be turning out with an interesting backstory at least, one which isn't told through an extra chapter and boring exposition even. She hopefully will end up as a character with depth in the future.

Finally we have the adventurers (and other assorted human characters outside the dungeon) who are largely side characters, throw away characters, antagonists, and side protagonists for the dungeon to spy on. A lot of them are clearly based on archetypes, but their conflicts and politics are enough to make a good dungeon core novel if things continue as they are. As for the dungeon inhabtants they do not yet have character status and the dungeon seems to be developing at a more reasonable pace rather than ballooing into new floors left and right as other dungeon core novels do. This one is going to be a slower paced one, and let things happen in their own time rather than rushing the plot.

It will probably be a good slice of life read as things are.


Lot's of info, not enough happening. The plot has great potential though.


This has a slow build up. Yeah, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it is a really slow build up. If you aren't a particularly patient type I recommend skipping ahead - Chapter 23 is a good point.

Felix Helixihare
Spoiler: Old Review

I have to say that the story is getting more enjoyable post-chapter 10. The grammar is atrocious but tolerable. The paragraph structure certainly needs some tweaks.

The throwaway character parties are a bit too flat. The first party was certainly an enjoyable bunch, and I hope to see them again in story.

Overall, I saw a great improvement.


 This feels like a slow burn dungeon core novel, absolute boatload of setup with a deep dive into the mechanics of the world/system, not a lot to get invested in yet but things are starting to get rolling and it is lookin good.

heres hoping the author can manage to contine to the book and not go into the void like so many others, definitely worth keeping an eye on.



I will preface this with a warning of spoilers, I will try to gloss over a lot, but I mean common its hard not to say anything x3.  
Many of us do not feel many connections to the people around them, personally I can pick up 'friends' like rocks at a beach, they are cool and unique but I will probably never look at them again once I am done with them.  That seems to be similar to the Mc of this novel, an average sort of Joe who just doesn't connect wanting to be left alone working a dead end job in the middle of some town. Nothing about him would ever make it into a history book or even a newspaper if something were to happen. 

Then the world ends. 

With it comes a system that is complex and advanced, and teachers to help people get their bearinngs, this is where most are going to drop the story, in the tutorial because there are info dumps, not as side notes or as author's notes or something that doesn't fit anywhere but the narrator's voice.  no it is in dialogue so you can learn about the character's personality and persective as they ask questions and look about.  This has been putting people out but just hang on, adventure, story, and stats are soon to come!

Without going into too much detail, the class system is amazing and unique, with the system encouraging people to level up skills more than their classes, with paths instead of strict classes, these paths being advanced with points you get from skills and levels? don't quote me on the levels bit. its fun and new to me and I can't wait to see where it goes, with unique paths being available to those who make the right choices. as for the rest of the style of this story? no monster is a grimdark horror, nothing will make you have nightmares, there is a cuteness to the creatures and a focus of farming the adventurer's rather than going out to kill them all, the mc knows what's up. 

Going into the characters themselves? the story focusses heavily on a small group (about thirty) of people once the main character leaves the tutorial, splitting timie between the dungeon's food and his building and development (lets be honest, no one wants to hear about him skill grinding forever and LOTS is going to go on in those first few weeks, would you want to listen to every change that he might make over a day as people keep coming and going? this isn't going to be your dungeon avatar story, the mc probably has no interest in communicating though he won't just let his food die, adapting to help their needs and make them more reliant, showing his devious and naive natures in turn when he gets excited over a change only for his tower of cards to come crashing down. The adventurers themselves and his dungeon fairy need more individuality and you can slowly see it forming as you learn about their pasts and desires, though it could be done a bit better with some more thought into word choice, overall the characters are enjoyable and I can't wait to see more of the two 'botanists'.

The story itself seems to be somewhat thought out, though I am waiting for more time to pass to see if the ripples of various events coalesce to create grand events or if the author is still creating the story board, either way it is bound to be etertaining, I can already see mentions and hints to early events having great reprecussions on the mc and those around him!

as for grammar, sorry I am not much of an english buff, I like to read and see a few mistakes, missing words here and there, but its no less enjoyable to read

PS not sure how legible this will be, for somme reason theletters are white on my white


 This story has great potential and ok grammar. It is still better than half the grammar on this website, and dispite the info-dumpy nature of the story so far, (still in the tutorial after 8 chapters) it just screams great story. If Aurthor can keep up the pace, then this story will stand tall with the best of the fictions on this site. Here's hoping the plot will be as good as the rest of the story.


As has been said, this is an eight chapter long info dump. The fist in your face kind. I've read textbooks that are more exciting ~.~ Probably gets better later on, we'll see.

Writing is good though.


The MC starts as a human goes through the Apocalypse and becomes a dungeon.

Some people have a problem with the speed of the story but that the start is slow to establish the character and show the changes that happen with the race changes.

It is not the usual dungeon gets an avatar and becomes a friend with his dungeon town more dungeon vs players.

Mc has a cute nerdy dungeon fairy and a silly monster combination that is quite funny and entertaining.

Hopes the story keeps improving which it did.