Charred The Final Hope

by Burkion

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Historical Sci-fi Male Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

In the end, there is hope.

The world is ending. From the stars, an alien invader has descended, attacking a small Alaskan town in 1956. Paul Wainwright, a Korean War vet, must rally the town to action. This proves difficult, as personalities clash and Paul's own health begins to fail him.

The Invader proves superior to their every attempt to thwart him and hope begins to dwindle. Horrors and monsters loom over the town, but Paul finds one last bastion of safety. Within a burning crater left by the Invader's arrival is a mysterious, charred, monolith. This is the key to their survival.

The answer to the salvation of the world itself.


Scheduel is one chapter a day for the first twelve days, followed by two a week thereafter.



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Harmonious Arkos Sloth
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Gundam Meets Giant Monster Movies with a Dash of Realism

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: The Sound of Hope

Ever watch a movie with a giant monster fight, or a mecha battle anime and think: 'This is nice, but it needs more realism!'

Well then Charred is the story for you!

Unlike many of the stories that feature giant robots and monsters, this story focuses on what we've all come to see: monster vs. giant robot.

Instead of a grandly-scaled space opera setting, or spending half the run time justifying the monster's existence with overly complex backstory and pseudo-science, Charred's scale is more akin to an episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Which, if you're a fan of, you should check out his other story Lightning Brigade).

The pacing reflects this. The plot is tightly focused, allowing only for brief moments of plot advancing character development that serve as a chance to catch your breath among all the battles.

Charred's strength is in its quaint, minimalist setting, and small cast of characters. This allows each of the characters to be significant in some fashion, to drive the plot forward.

No one is insignificant. At its core, this is a story that is as much about the enduring of humanity, the unshakable will to push forward, and survive as it is about giant monster fights.

Whether it's the main character Paul finding the strength to protect others despite his infirmed body and guttering spirit, or Barry Kingston trying to cope with his estranged family while being the best husband, the human elements of the story are a significant draw of the tale.

Each of the characters adds an emotional depth to the story, grounding a classic sci-fi trope in realism amidst all the giant monsters and death.

It is sure to appeal to even those that aren't necessarily fans of either of the main genres simply because of the relatable human element and the struggle of humanity against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Whether it's the juvenile humor of Rub1's jokes, or the Saprodon falling to earth to consume everything, the story flows well. No outstanding grammar or style issues. As the editor, I can confirm that it holds true for the entire story (Want to engage my services? Feel free to PM me. My rates are pretty flexible).

In short, if you're a fan of either of the main genres, or just a well-crafted story in general, then this is definitely one to look out for. I missed several nap cycles reading it, and once you start reading, you will too.

  • Overall Score

I needed a fiction like this. I needed some mecha alien action. But most of the cases the omnipotent author does something to piss the hell out of me and I drop similar stories on royalroad.

But this story, is just right. The plot is NOT forced. Things go wrong yes, but they are not FORCED to go wrong.

And the characters, the characters actually freaking have depth to them. Such a rare thing on RR now.

In any case, this is a story I can actually read and enjoy. Highly recommended.