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Warning This fiction contains:
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In which a girl’s only memories are about how to escalate until everyone respects you, Queen Salem tries to deal with being a single mom, and all of Remnant develops an acute case of acarophobia.

A Worm/RWBY crossover

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Chapter Nineteen ago
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Chapter Twenty-Seven ago
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Chapter Twenty-Nine ago
NSFW Omake Two ago
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Chapter Thirty ago
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Glad to see this one here

Reviewed at: Chapter Sixteen

 I have been reading Raven's fics over at SV and SB, and I'm very happy to see one of them here. (I hope he will post the others too) 


About the fic: it is a fan ficiton, so knowlege of the original will definitly help, but I believe that even without that, anyone could enjoy it. It is a lighthearted and fun slice of life story, with a, for the setting, op MC. ( now, don't mind her op-ness, those who know Worm, will now, that she more then earned it a :))

It's a good one, so have fun reading it

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Did the Author die of Corona?

Reviewed at: Chapter Forty-Five

Day 9 and no update... I hope he didn't die. 

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Fun slice of Life with a little bit of action

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirty-Three

First off, I never read the original. Despite this I still found this book to be quite good, and honestly not knowing the character or lore doesn't detract from the experience. 

style: enjoyable, I find all ravens work to be quite fun to read.

grammer:No errors that I could find

story: I find the fact the the story is so good for what is essentialy a slice of life story about an op Mc goofing around amazing. It's genuinely enjoyable, makes sense, and has some progression which when combined with the laid back Nature makes it Incrediby fun to read. The fact that you also get to see the Mc acting like a badass and scaring the shit out of people only makes it better.

Character: I love the main character and each of the supporting characters makes it better. Most of them are fleshed out and each has their own distinctive personality and motivations. 

Frosty Nips
  • Overall Score

Honestly. It slaps. If you're looking for some light comedy read this.

Zachary Markson
  • Overall Score
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This is effectively a case study in how I define good fanfiction: I can actually hear the characters' voice actors in my head as I read the lines. And while Taylor doesn't have a voice actress (yet. get on that shit Wildbow!) every action that Akellare does in this fic is just so quintessentially... Taylor. So keep on writing you crazy bastard!

Boris Moreno
  • Overall Score

One of my favorites Fanfiction keep the good work 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Kees Timmer
  • Overall Score

very good, much wholesome