A Psychic's Scarlet Dream

by Psychic ScarletDream

Original ONGOING Fantasy Mystery Psychological Tragedy Grimdark Magic Male Lead Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Those who can do things scientifically impossible are called supernaturals. Among those who know about them, there maybe those who fear them, those who respect them or even those who want to kill them. That however doesn’t matter to the supernatural named Kais as he has and wants no connection with anything that might be related to the world of supernaturals. However, the day he meets a particular brown-haired youth, that would change and he who has tried to run away from the truth for many years will be forced to confront it.

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Psychic ScarletDream

Psychic ScarletDream

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Encounter ago
Chapter 2: Jack And Jill ago
Chapter 3: Spirit-User ago
Chapter 4: Objective To Kill ago
Chapter 5: A Story Of Death ago
Chapter 6: Witnessing ago
Chapter 7: The End Of The Night ago
Chapter 8: Premonition ago
Chapter 9: Reversal ago
Chapter 10: Hidden Pasts ago
Chapter 11: Infinite Possibilities ago
Chapter 12: Insanity ago
Chapter 13: The Third Power ago
Chapter 14: Lords Of The Night ago
Chapter 15: Dissipating Fear ago
Chapter 16: Chase ago
Chapter 17: Lie And Truth ago
Chapter 18: The Weakest ago
Chapter 19: That Village, Centuries Ago ago
Chapter 20: The Demon Within ago
Chapter 21: Villains ago
Chapter 22: Questions ago
Chapter 23: A Precious Past ago
Chapter 24: Archive ago
Chapter 25: The Continuing Deceptions ago
Chapter 26: Betrayal ago
Chapter 27: Secrets Of The Ghosts ago
Chapter 28: The Reason ago
Chapter 29: Those Who Know The Truth ago
Chapter 30: Calm Before The Storm ago
Chapter 31: Kindness ago
Chapter 32: Legends And Falsehood ago
Chapter 33: Negotiations ago
Chapter 34: Trust ago
Chapter 35: Mask ago
Chapter 36: Fear ago
Chapter 37: I'm God ago
Chapter 38: Motive ago
Chapter 39: Three Reasons ago
Chapter 40: Strength ago
Chapter 41: Reverse Time Dilation ago
Chapter 42: Strategy To Fight, Strategy To Run ago
Chapter 43: Fire ago
Chapter 44: Fate ago
Chapter 45: Being Freed ago
Chapter 46: Reasons - Known And Unkown ago
Chapter 47: What Was Told ago
Chapter 48: Black Hole ago
Chapter 49: A Parent And A Child ago
Chapter 50: One Regret ago
Chapter 51: Endeavor ago
Chapter 52: Final Assessment ago
Chapter 53: Resolve ago
Continuation? ago

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I honestly fell in love with this books by the time I finished the first chapter. By the fifth chapter, I was so engrossed in it I wanted to skip all work and just keep reading and by the 12th chapter, it became one of my favorite novels of all time.

Story - 10/10 

Characters - 12/10

Style - 9/10

Grammar - 10/10 (There are a few minor flaws but those don't matter)

Overall - 10/10

Honestly, if you want to read dark fantasy with interesting characters that aren't just edgefests but actually have a story to them, read this. And have an open mind because the author uses a unique style and it might take a bit of effort getting used to it.

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I am really liking the story so far. Characters are interesting too but I might need to read more to really start liking them really.

What the story is about? It's still not clear from as far as I have read but it is going somewhere and I am interested to see where. 

I like Kais' personality so his monologuing and his narration is quite fun for me. Whenever the story switches to third person perspective because it starts following someone other than Kais, I feel a different sense of enjoyment from it. It's like seeing the different interpretations of the same idea. The main idea is isolated through the use of first-person perspective giving it a more personal touch while others are built around it through the use of third-person perspective.

The style is interesting. I like it. Some might not. I don't care much about something like this and it doesn't detract from my reading experience so well, I am fine with the style.

I just don't see why this book gets so much toxicity thrown at it. Like, come on guys! The author is already depressed enough to want to leave RR! Isn't that enough? Why doesn't the hate stop? I am pretty sure he has never given toxicity to any of you, why are so intent on hating him?

Millie Cadenber
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As of writing this review, I have not caught up with the series. I am already writing it though after seeing how underrated it is. I just want to yell at those idiots with nothing to read but isekai bullshit to read this and experience real quality for once in their life.

This is how you write supernatural.

This is how you write mystery.

This is how you write characters.

This is how you write a story.

Oh god! There is just so much to say I want to spoil literally everything in this review just to explain how amazing this series is. I just love it!

Abhay Singh
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I had put this on hold for a while and I so regret it now.

After reading chapter 12, wow! Just wow! I can't think of anything else to say that that. This is just amazing!

The story is very, very interesting but also well-fleshed out. The characters all have hidden layers to them. The pacing is slow for a reason and once you try to look at it without premade conceptions, you realise the beauty of speech bubbles too. 

Basically, each and every thing that anyone can call a flaw in this book actually serves a purpose and that is why this is straight up brilliant. Keep writing, author! Don't let any haters get to you!

Tana Nari
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A solid story, in desperate need of a rewrite.

Reviewed at: Chapter 15: Dissipating Fear

The story proper is, as the title says, about psychics using their powers to navigate a world full of monsters. It's more or less modern supernatural, with a handful of quirks. Nothing about this author's take really stands out from the pack one way or the other.

The grammar's good, no notable flaws. Nothing worth mentioning one way or another- functional, but not beautiful- which is a fine thing when it comes to the basics.

The characters are solid. Sure, the MC is a bit of an arrogant prick at times (like far too many poorly-written 'heroes' with superpowers), but he doesn't just get away with it and loses (or at least doesn't win) fights because he thought he outclassed a foe and left his guard down. The story doesn't bend over backwards to make his life easier.

More: he learns from his mistakes. And as easy as that sounds to write, it's a bar a lot of writers with years of experience never clear.

As to the secondary characters- thus far, there's only two of note. One of whom is a terrible person who I am convinced will be the BBEG of the story (not that we're anywhere near the end, yet) and the other is... well, shrouded in mystery. Tidbits trickle in over time, and it's rather well-done.

The story is also interesting, with a fun bit of 'down the rabbit hole' mysteries intermixed with characters who have their own motives. I can't call it a particularly clever or original setting and plot, but it's still an excellent setup for a complex and interesting plot. 

However, it has pacing problems. Many, many, pacing problems... with lots of pauses for dialogue that goes nowhere and, well, that brings us to the biggest problem of the story. 

The writing style is what cripples the story. It's bad, terrible even. Sentences are truncated in the strangest of ways, and sometimes the author doesn't even bother to turn script into sentences. Many of the dialogue exchanges are formatted as follows:

Charname: "Dialogue."

OtherName: "Dialogue."

Put in actual names, of course. Then repeat that for ten to fifteen lines at a time. Still, at least he let us know which characters are speaking; I've encountered many writers who don't bother with that, even. And the purple prose is kept to a bare minimum, for which I thank the author, but... there's such a thing as going too far in the other direction, and this story is a fine example of not having enough description.

In addition, the character exchanges are unnatural and wooden. I've seen more emotion and wit between two chatbots set up to speak to each other.

But if you can tolerate the less than clean and elegant writing style, the story might be worth the read for you. With solid grammar, well-designed characters, and a story that's going interesting places (albeit while taking its sweet time)... it's still somewhat above average in spite of its one, massive, flaw.