The Mountain Lord

by D.H.Hansen

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Ruling Class Strategy Strong Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

On the world of Camcesa, humanity stands at the brink of war. Facing the end of their race, the desperate leaders of mankind turn to a divine relic. In their darkest hour, they summon humans from another world to fight for them— as the Prophecy had foretold.

Karth was a prisoner minding his own business, just trying to serve out his sentence. Called upon against his will, Karth was summoned to another world. A new world of magic and black powder, and most importantly his freedom. Soon he finds himself with a noble title he did not want, caught in the middle of a war that was not his, court intrigues, power struggles, and a forced marriage.

Faced with the ugly truth of his new home, Karth is forced to make a choice— change his values, or change the world.

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  • Overall Score

Starts rocky, but improves greatly

Reviewed at: Chapter XVI

I had some reservations about whether I was going to continue reading this after the first five chapters. The protagonist starts by being summoned directly out of prison, and after smartly not causing a fuss during the summon (even accounting for mind-control), immediately starts antagonizing just about everyone he can. To the point where it's just a hair under suicidal. Justifications are written into the story and character development: anger issues, being used to prison behavior, and having a functional moral compass, but for someone who watched his summon-mates be executed based off of skin color and gender, he makes literally no effort to learn about the new magical world he's found himself in or what not to do to avoid being killed. It's frustrating, to say the least.

Other than that, this story is great. It's a classic fish out of water in a wildly dysfunctional and oppressive empire. While the early chapters are hit or miss, around chapter XII, things start to smooth out, the MC begins to behave as though he might like to live, and the world begins to flesh out. There's still conflict but the majority of it is along lines that were going to be problems anyway and a path begins to clear towards what will eventually be the primary antagonist. It's a significant improvement over watching Karth slam face-first into everyone he meets that isn't enslaved as the author starts to allow for character growth.

Overall, I would say that the beginning is rough as the author gets a little carried away with hammering in the character flaws, but the fundamental story is both intriguing and solidly written. Each chapter goes down a little smoother and by chapter 15 I was completely pulled into the story. I look forward to seeing where the rest of it goes.

  • Overall Score

I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a story with a touch of magic, harem and strong scenes.

Without mimimi here is for the strong.

Interesting villains, very real protagonist and many plots.

I recommend it to everyone.

  • Overall Score

Refreshing Take on Another World

Reviewed at: Chapter XVI

Binged all available chapters, very enjoyable, will keep reading , a few grammer issues but spelling is perfect. 

  • Overall Score

Unusual and well-written

Reviewed at: The Warlord - Prologue

It may be a bit fast for a review since i've only read up to chapter 4 as of now but I may as well hype it up a bit !

The strong point of this story is its unusual character background choice and with a personality fit to it.

The story itself is a generic transmigration with a power awakening, but the political environment makes it really intriguing thanks to the main character's personality.

Add to that an abstract power like the MC's and it makes for an interesting read.

The only detriment to the story I've found as of now was that you can sometimes feel the hand of the author a bit too much in forcing sub-characters' reactions, though that's only my opinion.


In short, it's an interesting story from which I expect a lot, and once the author gets the setting down and the characters handled, we shall see its true value.

  • Overall Score

Im looking forward to seeing where this book will go it has a good foundation and the chapter lengths are phenomenal.

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Well written and immersive story for a 'rough draft'

Reviewed at: The Warlord - Chapter XI

Really good ongoing read, though dark and violent. I can only recommend to give it a shot.

The story starts of slightly bumpy. As a lot of story elements only get explained over time and are not thrown into the readers face first chance, characters tend to seem 'off' in the beginning and improve chapterwise.

Obviously it's not a story for everyone. The way the fantasy-world works and the characters act is darker and more heavy-handed. If you are looking for a flower and sunshine story, this is NOT it. The grimdark tag is there for a reason.
(Remember: You can see the full list list of tags a story uses with that small + besides the tags. It can easily be overlooked.)


As the Author mentioned a few times, it's still a rough draft that will develop more in the future. He has shown to read comments and critics to take note for possible future improvements without being offended or overly dramatic about it.
Chances are that the small inconsistencies that tend to pop up because they are only explained later, will be improved in some way or another in future versions by hints or explanations. So maybe if you stumble upon something that seems weird, write a comment about it as others including myself have done before.


Sadly, I'm not very good in writing reviews for stories, which is why this is my first ever review on royalroad since the story deserves support.

Henry Joseph Thiel
  • Overall Score

Well Written and Going Places

Reviewed at: Chapter I

From the author of Carn Online. 

It's well written with a promising and interesting start. 

Plot is a prisoner gets isekaied into a fantasy world, and impressed into the service of a kingdom due to magical powers. Only they think his is worthless.

Knowing how the author works with Carn Online, I have the feeling this useless power is quite op when used in ways not commonly thought of.

Carl Abbott
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

First realistic character I've seen in a while

Reviewed at: Chapter XVI

     A near perfect story, with the world actually seeming real with realisitc medevil kings acting like they should, and with every group and person trying to get a step up on everyone else, this sort of power struggle has been missing from many other of these storys where someone gets sent to a medevil world.

     The main charachter is my favorite part though, he is rightfully a criminal in our world, but in this world his aggresion and bouts of barbaracy help him out greatly. When he acts wrongly he recognises this and trys to imrpove, and he loses him temper like a normal person would. Becuase of this, this has become one of my favorite storys on this site.


kaoz mlbb pro
  • Overall Score

Best kingdom buildin novel online

Reviewed at: Chapter XVIII

 This is one of the best kingdom building novels i have read so far online. Honestly i thinks its better than #Reincarnated lord and #Release the witch. It has a beetter plot and much more indepth than other novels. Instead  of 1-2k of word on usual  releases this author actually gies us around 4k of words. Wich i really appreciate. Jusy wish more people could support him so he could release everyday. My personal opinion this is a must read!

Ps. Smash the like button

  • Overall Score

It was enjoyable and engaging. I like the mc personality although he was quite rough dealing with people he has still some decency. There's not much to the story yet. 

Give it a try.