Kissing Raj was becoming something of a habit. Might continue to be a habit. It not only closed down the uncomfortable conversation, but Samir was finding the experience itself quite pleasant.

The kiss in the castle had been driven by desperation, Samir needing that physical shock to keep in his own skin. This time it had been a different sort of need. The things Raj had been saying, they were uncomfortable lies that he needed to stop because they were terrifying, and also beautiful promises that touched Samir down to his soul. Samir had to make him stop, because he couldn’t deal with either of those emotions.

Now, though, one of Raj’s hands slid down his back, wrapping around his waist to pull him closer, while the other moves up to cup the base of his skull, holding his head in place. It sent a warmth through Samir, a sense of being pulled in and sheltered. A sense of being safe.

It was a little pathetic how much of a turn-on that was.

God, and he was still stuck in his head. Thinking instead of feeling, instead of immersing himself in the experience.

Raj lifted his head, and that wasn’t at all what Samir wanted. He tried to follow, but Raj’s hand on his head held him still. “This is the second time today you’ve done this. Once again, I can’t help but feel like there are ulterior motives. That you’re not actually overcome by the power of my presence.”

“Is that a problem?” With their bodies pressed together, Samir could feel the very clear evidence of Raj’s arousal against his hip. He wriggled in Raj’s grip, making it clear he’d noticed. “You seem pretty on board.”

“Who wouldn’t be?” He leaned down to nip at the skin just beneath Samir’s jaw. Samir gasped at the sharp, bright, burst of sensation. “You’re gorgeous, sexy, smart.” Another nip, then Varajas’s tongue caressed the spot, soothing it with soft, wet, heat. “I just wonder if you’re with me because you’re with me, or because you’re trying to get away from something else.”

That was an uncomfortably astute observation, which was not at all what Samir wanted. “I’m here. You’re here.” He traced a line down Raj’s spine with one finger, over Raj’s belt, past the hem of his shirt. Raj’s muscles clenched beneath his touch as he continued that line over Raj’s ass. “Are you really going to argue with me about this?” He canted his hips to rub directly against Raj’s erection.

Raj tensed; his arms tightened around Samir and he growled, “Guess not.”

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