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Duty to the clan is the first lesson every Serpent child learns. Yeijiro, born with no gifts and lacking the skills most valued by the Serpent, has turned his back on that duty, joining the Imperial Marshals to offer direct service to the Emperor herself.

As daughter of the Prime Minister of the Dragon clan, Corinne knows her duty as well, but when a fight with a demon puts Corinne on leave from her beloved Phoenix Guard, her mother takes that opportunity to drag Corinne into the political landscape Corinne has worked all her life to avoid.

A conspiracy against the life of the Emperor sees Corinne and Yeijiro working together, both thrown into the deep end of the Imperial Court, a world of intrigue and sex where all five clans vie for power. Yeijiro’s loyalties are put into question as he must now prove himself to both the Lord Marshal and to Miyōshi Tōru, lord of the clan Yeijiro renounced. While Corinne is drawn into a world of desire and decadence by a mysterious patron who is quite certainly more dangerous than she appears. 

Yeijiro and Corinne must find a way to balance the duty they owe their clans against the growing desires of their hearts, or risk not only their own lives, but the life of the Emperor herself.

READ THIS BOOK IF YOU WANT: BL; yuri; lots of hot, steamy sex embedded in an exciting space opera story; epic stories with many points of view; romances that play out over years, with all the ups and downs you'd expect; a rich, complex fantasy world of intrigue and adventure; fancy clothes; swordfights; demons; sex parties

Updates every Wednesday.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Dragon Fortress, Pax ago
Chapter 2: Yeijiro ago
Chapter 3: The Imperial Suite ago
Chapter 4: The Dragon Fortress and the Skies Above ago
Chapter 5: Corinne ago
Chapter 6: The Dragon Fortress, the next day ago
Chapter 7: Yeijiro ago
Chapter 8: Corinne ago
Chapter 9: Tapti ago
Chapter 10: The Dragon Fortress ago
Chapter 11: Darkspace, 12 Hours Earlier ago
Chapter 12: Bulwark ago
Chapter 13: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 14: Terris, the Imperial Estate in the City of Lights ago
Chapter 15: Alexia ago
Chapter 16: Pax ago
Chapter 17: Corinne ago
Chapter 18: Tapti, One Month Prior ago
Chapter 19: Corinne ago
Chapter 20: The Imperial Estate in the City of Lights ago
Chapter 21: Bulwark, Castle Faust ago
Chapter 22: Roman ago
Chapter 23: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 24: Yeijiro ago
Chapter 25: The Golden City ago
Chapter 26: Pax ago
Chapter 27: Corinne ago
Chapter 28: Shadow Court, three days before the attack ago
Chapter 29: Corinne ago
Chapter 30: Corinne ago
Chapter 31: The Dragon Fortress ago
Chapter 32: Corinne ago
Chapter 33: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 34: Alexia ago
Chapter 35: Castle Faust and Darkspace ago
Chapter 36: Roman ago
Chapter 37: Roman ago
Chapter 38: Pax ago
Chapter 39: Corinne ago
Chapter 40: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 41: Elsewhere in the Golden Palace ago
Chapter 42: Yeijiro ago
Chapter 43: Pax ago
Chapter 44: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 45: Alexia ago
Chapter 46: Pax and Terris ago
Chapter 47: Alexia ago
Chapter 48: Castle Faust ago
Chapter 49: The Golden City ago
Chapter 50: Corinne ago
Chapter 51: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 52: Yeijiro ago
Chapter 53: The Emperor's Private Suite ago
Chapter 54: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 55: The Palace Gardens ago
Chapter 56: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 57: Yeijiro ago
Chapter 58: The Golden City ago
Chapter 59: Soon-mi's Estate ago
Chapter 60: Corinne ago
Chapter 61: Soon-mi's Estate, That Evening ago
Chapter 62: Corinne ago
Chapter 63: The City of Lights ago
Chapter 64: Soon-mi's Estate ago
Chapter 65: The Emperor's Estate ago
Chapter 66: Bulwark ago
Chapter 67: The Emperor's Estate ago
Chapter 68: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 69: Pax ago
Chapter 70: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 71: Tacitus ago
Chapter 72: Roman ago
Chapter 73: Satsu ago
Chapter 74: Roman ago
Chapter 75: The García Mansion ago
Chapter 76: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 77: The Dark World ago
Chapter 78: Cradle ago
Chapter 79: Tafari ago
Chapter 80: The Hub ago
Chapter 81: Satsu ago
Chapter 82: Terris, the Golden Palace ago
Chapter 83: Tōru ago
Chapter 84: Cradle ago
Chapter 85: Satsu ago
Chapter 86: The Golden Palace ago
87: Vin ago
88: The Golden Palace ago
89: Roderich ago
90: Cradle ago
91: Tafari ago
Chapter 92: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 93: Roderich ago
Chapter 94: Cradle ago
Chapter 95: Tafari ago
Chapter 96: The Golden Palace ago
Chapter 97: Vin ago
Chapter 98: Cradle ago
Chapter 99: Satsu ago
100: Terris ago
101: Yeijiro ago
102: Darkspace ago
103: Roman ago
104: Cradle ago
105: Tafari ago
106: Satsu ago
107: Orbit around Terris ago
108: The Golden Palace ago
109: Tōru ago

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Tana Nari

Fast paced sci-fantasy epic full of action and intrigue. With some romance.

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: Tapti, One Month Prior

If you can't tell by the score, this is a damn good story.

It starts strong, with the first chapter involving a crashing airship and plots against the emperor. Both classics, and for good reason.

The story itself is a magitech hybrid setting, with machines powered by magical spirits (though the story doesn't call them that, it's what they are) and fun with warp space. It's well-trodden ground, but still, our author finds new ways to play with old ideas.

And the character interplay is great. Each notable character in the story is complex and has numerous motivations ranging from mundane to grand, and petty to selfless. One of the emperor's first lines is “My dear boy, if we put dinner on hold every time a new plot was hatched, we’d starve.” That sort of dry humor is sprinkled throughout, and adds a bit of welcome levity to an otherwise intense story.

Grammar: better than most professional works. 

The only things that was off-putting was a number of truncated sentences where the author went with a full stop instead of a semicolon or comma as would have been appropriate, and the adverbs. Fun little life-hack for writers: when you're done with a chapter, use cntrl+f to search for 'ly'. You can (probably) delete all of those words and make your story stronger for it.

(Fortunately) if that's the worst I can say, you know it's good. I recommend it to any and all fans of fantasy or science fiction. Which seems to be everyone here, so have at.


This is all going too quickly for me.

Reviewed at: Chapter 42: Yeijiro

I like this story. I also hate this story.

The world building and overarching plot are excellent and every chapter is a revelation big or small. Which is very exciting to read. On the other hand the sex reads like something out of a trashy barnes and noble book and that's okay because I have read and enjoyed plenty of those. However things get a little to abusive or submissive for my tastes.

I would like to leave a good review but I'm holding myself back from leaving an angry review because

Spoiler: Spoiler

 The characters are infuriating but this story deserves a good overall score because it is so well put together and exciting to read, even if I dislike some parts.