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Each human contains a spark of divinity. Only a few learn to access it, but for those few a reward awaits them in the afterlife.

Meet Karlus, a 26-year old construction manager who managed to access his spark. Join him on a journey of discovery as he explores a new world and new powers and meets new friends and ancient heroes to help him along on his journey.

A western-style Xianxia with a few other tropes.

*Note: I started this on a whim and updates will be sporadic and slow. I'm mainly posting here to allow my friends easier access for proofreading, but if anybody else wants to read and comment then I'd welcome your criticism as well.

No romance. Language. Drug Use (kinda). Gore.

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i am not really one for the wuxia/xianxia stuff, been burned too many times by terrible writing and worse power fantasies, but this? yeah, this is fine.

the intro is well balanced and paced, engaging and well thought out, everybody is fairly reasonable in their reactions (a rarity for wuxia) while still sticking to the core systems.

The Mc is likable, the world, while having not being fleshed out in story yet, has some appeal and is overall definitely something to keep an eye on.

Keep it up!



New stories are always hit or miss, but I think this one is far enough along to get a good feel for it. The main character, Karlus, is your textbook salt-of-the-earth type. Farm-raised followed by city living, he makes for a compelling character in that he's calm, stable, and comes off as an all-around decent guy. The story follows his transition from Earth and new life learning how to handle the powers of the world he now resides in. It's not a bloodthirsty cultivation story, though there is blood, and the teacher he gains breaks away from a lot of anticipated wuxia tropes. He's the quintessential no-nonsense instructor, both that's laid back and encouraging.

It's still an early stage for the story but it has a lot going for it. The magic/cultivation system is interesting and well-balanced, the world full of interesting creatures and items, and most of all, the characters aren't cardboard cutouts or caricatures of traits. It's indicated that the world will find itself in need of a hero at some point, but I like that the starting sequence is more of a training/learning slice-of-life, rather than an instant introduction of the big bad evil that someone (wink wink nudge nudge) is going to have to go on a grand adventure to deal with.

All in all, I have to say that this is worth following if nothing else. For those who have been burned by cultivation novels before, this steps wide of the traditional tropes and makes for a very satisfying introduction into a new world.


So far as of chapter 14 I like everything about this book, them mc isn't stupid and when he makes mistakes it's understandable ones. The grammar is great and I love the slow training we have now. Keep the good job up!


A Mary Poppins painting you step into.

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - She's Got the Look

I dont often write reviews but I just had to for this, tastefully written work of art that is this books world building and for one singular ability so far. To immerse, to make you really feel as if you are there, breathing in the scents of this world, or feeling the crisp air against your skin like this is you preparing for the greatest journey of your life. It just pulls you in and doesn't let go. Granted I loled the base aspects of this story, magic, alternate realities, and all that fun fun, but it's how he paints the picture that really gets me. Keep up the good work my author, I will be eagerly watching, give me a rollercaoster I won't forget.


A very solid, grounded, and interesting take on the xianxia world. Can't really say much besides the quality being top tier. You won't regret giving it a read for sure



I got 20% through what the author has written before I gave up.  The first chapter does an excellent job of preparing the transition, but the next two chapters are spent wasting words for little return.  By chapter 4 I was mostly done, but since I was finally through the setup I wanted to give the story one last shot.  To my frustration, after 4 chapters I was still yet to see anything but an extended prologue.


The writing isn't bad, though the dialogue is stilted and frequently broken up by tangents.  Sometimes that works to quickly establish some characterization, but mostly it just caused the story's flow to crawl.  The characterization is likewise workable, though a bit lackluster once past chapter one.  Syle wise I'm not a huge fan of the mid-conversation tangents, I don't feel they add much to the story to compensate for what they detract.


All together I found myself getting bored while reading.  Perhaps if the opening narrative hook was really solid I'd be willing to slog through the long setup, but lacking that I found my time better spent elsewhere.  If the slow start isn't an issue, then this might be an interesting stroy.  Just because I wandered off before getting to that point doesn't mean that the same is true for every reader.

Redeyes Eclipse

I love reading your work thank you for this exciting story

Lorraine V

Not my usual sort of story... 

Yet well written and very enjoyable 

Easy, fun, happy read

hakatri gin

So far (chapter 15) the story is still laying the groundwork and it has enough personality to distunguish itself, at this point is mostly the training part but is a right mix of detail and progress to not become stale

If the story develops a big plot it will become really good because irrelevant arcs are the weakness of most xianxias, worth tracking


Ecxellent writing, a protagonst that isn't an insane murder-hobo, and a setting that makes sense. The only negative is that there is relatively little plot in the first few chapters, just a setup for the characters/setting.