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To Enter Five Peaks Magical Academy you must have a familiar. Abigail hoped for a bird, maybe an owl like her best friend's, or a cuddly cat or loyal hound. She would have been happy with a particularly smart toad, even.


Instead she got you.

Cover art by: Zoufii

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It's a reader's choice, second person point of view, slice-of-life with the cliche plot of imperfect ritual goes horribly right, misunderstandings and hijinks ensue. Depsite that, it's worth a read.

The main character, i.e. you, is the basic archetype necessary for this kind of plot to work. The plot and pacing is a bit disjointed because it's reader's choice.

And I just don't like second person narratives, but I'm sure some people do.

Still, give it a try, it's a nice comedy story. As long as you don't expect a serious delve into magic and eldritch horrors, you'll enjoy it.

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I Am Empathizing With An Eldritch Horror -- Well Done

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirty-Six

I'm not going to do my usual listing style review. I try to read stories, especially when they hit trending, and put a good word on them if I can. The title, synopsis, and cover really pulled me in. Usually, it's just one of the three, but the combination made me think that this work was probably... terrible. Some sort of tease where I'd get into chapter two or three and find something really unpleasant.


After I binged to the most recent chapter, I realized I'd read it all in one go and had found myself clicking my tongue because there was no more. The author delivered an adorable little, what is this? Slice of Life inspired by someone who felt the influences of Lovecraft and also the Powder Puff Girls?



Deserves a great rate and a try for anyone with a dry sense of humor. The author could have attracted the attention of any wayward reader. The author got you.

  • Overall Score

Oh, the joy when you, the unfathomable cosmic entity of the void, discover the pleasures of food, theft and cuddles.

the story addresses the reader as 'you' and that may bother some people. The tone of the story is light but the topics addressed are heavy. There is distinct Adams family kind of humor mixed with the fun part of the cosmic horror adjusting to steampunk society. It's a fun read and I recommend it. 

  • Overall Score

Strange and otherworldly with tentacle puns

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirty-Five

It's tentacle monster loli and otherworldly powers all in one tiny flesh suit. A bit jaring in some parts decent pace and so far hasn't turned hugs to hentai and it's already 35 chapters in. Does that whole idk whats goin on i'm a space monster from another dimension thing pretty well. 4/5 would recomend. 

  • Overall Score

This story amuses me to no end. Super fun and makes me laugh almost every chapter. Definitely worth a look.

  • Overall Score

A story about the cutest smartest and bestes lovecraftian abomination to ever adopt a human!  Just try it, it wont bite....probably!

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This is a very nice slice of life kind of story which is light enjoyable and fun with a little Lovecraft thrown in. I am making this at chapter 51 I would very much recommend reading the story.   

  • Overall Score

For what it is, it's ok. The nature of it being a reader-interactive quest makes it a little disjointed in terms of larger narrative. If you want something cute, sure, it's good. Don't expect it to go anywhere, though.

  • Overall Score

Terrifying but adorable

Reviewed at: Chapter Six

This is definitely worth taking a look at. The title is clever and it starts off strong from the very first chapter. Laws of reality get bent, tentacles happen, and hugs are given. 

  • Overall Score

Little girl summons an eldritch horror

Reviewed at: Chapter Nine

... Uh... Yeah. 's more to it than that, it being a requirement for students at the school to require a familiar but... Yeah. Little bundle of positive energy girl summons an Eldritch Horror and then hugs it in short order. And the Eldritch Horror actually hugs back........ and acts a whole lot like a little kid itself come to think of it.... then again so do most cultivators so I suppose immortality/lack of a biological time limit really brings out the child in everyone.

... I'll be honest, you just sortof have to keep reading after that.

.... yeah the title is a profoundly accurate fit. It really is.

Right, other than that... narrative's coherent and believable in context so far and I haven't seen any typos yet.