The Diary of Sophie Dayton (novella)

The Diary of Sophie Dayton (novella)

by VictoriaKellyWrites

An orphaned student, an unexplained expulsion and a mysterious smiling boy…

Sophie Dayton had long come to terms with the death of her parents. Having made it through the UK foster care system, she’s happily settled into her second semester at university. Then one day a bunch of security guards show up at her dorm room and proceed to expel her from campus. The main question circling in her head is: Why?

Taking refuge on a friend’s couch, Sophie attacks the mystery head on and subsequently finds herself wading in parts of her past she’d thought long dead. Narrating the story through her diary entries, Sophie’s account is interspersed with thoughts, lists and humorous observations.

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I started reading this story on a whim and was not disappointed at all.

The story is simple but not in the negative way. The premise is simple, the style and characters are simple but the execution is amazing.

The characters especially are interesting and the format of a journal allows us to follow along with Sophie without awkward narration.

Diaries can be tough to read as a story but thanks to how is it done the story never strays or stall. Diaries are usually condensed and relate only the key moments of the day. This allows the author to write a nice, completed story in 15 chapters without rushing it.

Thanks for the story author, it was great reading it.