Realm of the Stars Volume II: The Endangered Crown

by MasterGhandalf

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead High Fantasy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Ruling Class Space Opera Strong Lead War and Military

The second volume of a space fantasy trilogy inspired by the Arthurian mythos! Sequel to The Unclaimed Crown.

Artakane ast Carann has been crowned queen of the Dozen Stars - but not all are eager to accept her reign. The young queen must now learn to lead as enemies threaten the kingdom's tenuous peace. 

Pakorus ast Orlanes is the son of the kingdom's former regent. Determined to prove his worth, he pursues his own investigation of the assassins who murdered the previous queen - and what he discovers, together with an unlikely ally, will shake the galaxy. 

Darius ast Sakran is the greatest swordsman in the Dozen Stars, but when his father allies with a group of rebellious nobles and their secretive backer, he will find himself forced to choose between loyalty to his family and to his conscience. 

Latharna Dhenloc is an orphan without a past, raised by a mysterious guardian - and she is a brilliantly gifted warrior. When chance brings her to the court of the Dozen Stars, her path will cross with the queen's, and she will find herself catapulted into a world of danger, excitement... and love... 

When the Kingdom is shattered by civil war, it may be left for these four to save it - and if they fail, a tyranny that once held all humanity in its grip may be poised to rise once again... 

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