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Melraka is a mage and librarian working for the University of Halonnes. In order to repair a book with a missing page, she comes to the Vault, a fortress island housing thousands of priceless books, scrolls and magical artefacts. That one of those might be the target of someone less benevolent than a keeper of books did not cross her mind until an alarm goes off.

Some characters in this story are based on art by an artist by the name of Amedrama, who you can find on Twitter as @Amedrama_ or on Patron as /amedrama

This short story is set in the same world as my main story, Tatzelwyrm, but completely unrelated to the plot. This story is being published on Wattpad, Royalroad and Inkitt.

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Seeing as the story only has 2 chapters as of writing this it's a bit difficult to write much on the story, so instead, I'll focus on what we do see.

World-Building: my favourite part of any story, the world of 'A loose page' is well developed, with no exposition dumps and instead, you get small pieces of the world, the use of flux, the existence of war mages, the different organisations etc. A solid 5/5 on world-building.

The characters are a little too new for me to say if I love or hate them, they seem memorable and distinct which is a great start, so 4/5

Grammar / spelling, I didn't see a single mistake - naturally a 5/5.

The pacing is great, you never feel like you're fast-forwarding to the next big action scene, and the story doesn't read like it's in slow-motion either, 5/5

Naturally once there is a story it could be very polarising, but I'll give the story the benefit of the doubt and rate the plot a 4/5, I may go back and correct this number is my view changes.

The story is a great read, with an interesting, vivid world and what as of now seem like good characters.