My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend [COMPLETED]

by Kira Minoru

Original ONGOING Horror Mystery Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Male Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

“Taketh one for thou team, honorable Dio. Please allow thy fellow wielders of rods to bathe in the windfall thou has been bequeathed by the heavenly order of thots.”

-Some Unsung Hero, Friend of Dio, Friend of Mankind, A Thirsty Bro

Perhaps my life would have turned out differently if it was not for the moron who spouted those nonsensical lines. If I could go back in time and shoot that friend, I probably would if I knew the rabbit hole I’d eventually tumble into.

These days I live my everyday life fearful of my five psychotic exes. What’s even worse, perhaps I inadvertently added a sixth to my list without realizing it. My past love life can only be described as a complete and utter mess and I can only blame that idiot friend of mine who was the spark of it all.

I started with a woman with patricide on her hands. I then landed a contracted killer that used me to eliminate her target. The next was an infamous stalker who literally stalked all her love interests until they committed suicide. A doctor who nursed me back to health, who I later found out ran a business on the darkweb that coordinated illegal human experimentation and clinical trials at the request of her clientele around the world. Then lastly, to top them all, the queen of the underworld who dabbled in billion or even trillion dollar industries revolving around selling illegal drugs, organ trafficking, and human trafficking.

Yeah, I should really never try to fall in love. My luck really isn’t cut out for this shit. Now I’ve got a supposed ghost girl on my hands? No thank you! I don’t believe it. As long as I don’t believe it, it’s not there. It definitely isn’t.

Volume 1 Word Count: 86K (Chapter 1 - Chapter 73 Alternate Volume Exclusive Ending) Available on Amazon

Volume 2 Word Count: 122.5K Available on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited

Volume 1 + 2 Discounted Bundle Available on Amazon

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Kira Minoru

Kira Minoru

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Jack Blank
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99 Problems and all of them are women

Reviewed at: Chapter 34.

Ghost Girlfriend is excellent. Wonderfully suspensful, spooky, and eerily slice-of-life, our boy Dio is just some guy who's trying to find his way in life. Go to school, get a job, get a girl, maybe wife her. Simple, right?


No. Not for Dio. Dio has terrible luck with women, his choices haunting him in his every day life for years now, but it seems the final straw to our man's sanity here will be one not entirfely of his consequence.


My only hope is to see the conclusion of his actions as the tribulations and his shoddy luck carry him forward into the unknown.

  • Overall Score

Dio, our lord savior and absolute madman of a Tank takes on the love, attention, and affection of all them Waifus, so the rest don't have to.

Spoiler: Spoiler


TLDR: Dios life soundtrack is a mixture of its always sunny in phillidelphia, some alternate extremist version of manga Girls Saurus, and something from the looney bin season of american horror story with all the crazy stuff stirred in. A+++ Dio takes more than one for the team.