Chapter 9. Part 2.

“Master, you’re a virgin who’s never fallen in love before, right?”

“Like you’re one to talk.”

“How rude, I may be a dorky glasses wearing virgin high school girl, but I’ve at least had crushes in the past.”

“You know, if you take off those glasses and put down your hair you’d look a lot more attractive. You’re part vampire now that you are my servant. I’ve been meaning to bring it up, but you’re bringing shame to my race by going around looking like that.”

“Me? Look more attractive? I think you think too highly of your race. Just because I turned part vampire doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to turn into a drop dead gorgeous babe with a bodacious body.”

Hmm. Is that what she thinks?


She hung her head forward over the shogi board.

“What are you doing?! Wait! You can’t take those off, they’re my identity as a glasses girl. If I lose that I’ll lose the very thing that defines my existence!”

Slightly amused, I crushed her glasses in the palm of my hand and with a grin on my face, I cruelly let the shattered glass fragments fall to the ground directly before her eyes. It somehow felt like I was bullying her, but this was for her own good.

Sniff. Sniff.

Her sniffles were immediately followed up by an outburst of tears. “How could you do that!”

“Wait, stop. Why are you crying? They’re just glasses, right?”

“For you they’re just glasses, but they were glasses passed down throughout my family. They were over two hundred years old, you could even say they were a family heirloom.”

“That’s a lie, right?”

“They cost a whole dollar! Give me back my dollar!”

“They aren’t even prescription glasses then!”

“What do you even know about prescription glasses?!”

“Shut up and stay still.”

I undid her braided hair then let her black hair flow down freely behind her back. I cleaned her hair up a bit before I wiped off the dirt on her face. There weren’t any showers or mirrors around on this floor since I, as a vampire, never had any use for them like humans did.

I manipulated the flow of blood in her body such that it gave her cheeks a slightly red blush and added a bit of colour to her pale white face. It was a shame we were vampires and couldn’t see our reflections, so I didn’t really have a way for her to see herself immediately.

Since we couldn’t use a mirror, I summoned my pet, Fluffy Bunny, I had him paint out a portrait of her on the ground. It was a surprising ability I discovered it had and was one of the few reasons I kept it around. It was both something I could vent my frustrations on and it even had a fairly useful ability for vampires as a plus on the side.

After five minutes, I pulled her head over to take a good look at the portrait depicted on the ground.

“Who is that supposed to be a portrait of?”

“This would be you.”

“What?! Are you picking a fight with me? Is this some new form of bullying?”

“Girl, you are now part vampire, this is the very minimum I would expect of my servant.”

“You’re joking, right? You really expect me to believe this beauty is me?”

She touched her face in disbelief and felt about her hair in an attempt to compare it to the portrait on the ground. After a while she opened her eyes wide like she’d just received the biggest shock of her life.

“Isn’t being a vampire a bit too overpowered? Just by being a vampire my charm stat went up that much?”

“Duh, that is a privilege that comes with being a vampire. Be grateful you brat.”

“Why don’t we see how that idiot reacts? Here, change into this.”

I pulled out a beautiful, finely crafted dark red dress I had my pet buy in the city on the 70th floor. It was ornamented with several silver bloodied crimson crosses on the cuffs and skirt portion. Of course, I got rid of her stupid masculin pants and put on some black stockings to emphasize her curves.

“Much better, it’s been bugging me for the last four months now, watching my servant look like a dorky guy has been a real eyesore.”

She spotted a troubled look on her face like she didn’t know how to respond anymore. She just stood there meekly in anxiousness, clearly embarrassed by her present look that was far out of the norm for her.

I snapped my fingers again then we waited patiently. In the meantime we played another game of shogi, but even after thirty minutes, that no good, mobile fortress of food of mine didn’t show up. With a frown I scanned the dungeon and found he was presently squatting on the ground a kilometer away blatantly ignoring my summons. He is really getting quite cocky despite just being my food.

“Uh, maybe he’s just busy? Anyways, it’s too embarrassing to show myself in front of him like this. Just let me change back already.”

“Absolutely not, this is a command, go bring my food to me.”

“I don’t want to!”

She said that, but against her will, in a docile manner, she exited the room and headed towards the direction he was presently located at. As my servant, she had no way to disobey my command like how that brain dead disobedient food of mine had.

(POV 45th Summoned Hero)

Uuuuu. This is the worst. In a dress that definitely didn’t suit me, I was forced to appear in front of my self proclaimed rival. What’s with this strange and unusual form of harassment?

“Oh? Who are you?”

Eh? He didn’t recognize who I was? Did I really look that different?

“Are you another one of her servants?”

I tried to make my voice more high pitched and sound more girly since I felt too embarrassed to say it was me.

“Yes, I’m one of her servants.”

“Oh, this is the first time I’m seeing you around here. It’s pretty rare to see anyone related to Yueliang. Were you on an extended errand or something?”


“Anyways, tell her I’m not going. If she wants to see me, she should come and see me herself. Does she really think I will come and go at her beck and call? She’ll suck my blood when she’s hungry and then violently toss me away like an unwanted condom after she’s had her way with me?”

Uh... it does sound pretty bad when you say it like that.

“Master’s not that bad though. She doesn’t really seem to be a bad person. It just seems like she doesn’t really understand how to interact with others that well.”

“Of course I know that, which is why I’m rebelling this time.”

“She’s got to learn how to be thankful for a meal. I get she’s a vampire and in her eyes I’m on the same level as food to her, but we’re both immortals damn it. Where’s the equality here?”

“Yeah, she really is a bit troublesome sometimes.”


“But you have no tact or delicacy either.”

“What?! How would you know that? This is the first time we’re meeting, right?”

“Hmmp! None of your business.”

“Anyways, she commanded me to bring you to her.”

“Oh? She did? Then here you go.”

He cut off his middle finger and handed it over to me.

“If you bring that to her, that should count as fulfilling her command, right?”

Ah. So there were loopholes in her commands like this that can be taken advantage of? What if I couldn’t hear or understand her commands to begin with? What if I misinterpreted her commands to mean what I want it to mean? Would any of those options work in the same manner?

“It somehow looks like a whole new world has just opened up to you.”

“It does?”

“Yeah, it really does. By the way, you’re quite the beauty, it’s a shame we’re only meeting now.”

“Eh? M-Me? A b-beauty?”

“You’re getting pretty flustered just from that, huh? Are you the pure type?”

Pure your mother!

“Sorry, you just caught me a bit off guard with the compliment out of nowhere. I don’t really get compliments like that very often.”

“Yeah, you’re way better than a certain somebody I know. That girl has absolutely no sense of fashion. A completely unfashionable girl without not an ounce of sex appeal. We’ve been out adventuring for the last four months and being around her is like watching paint dry. If it was you I was adventuring around with, it probably wouldn’t be so boring.”

Well sorry for being a boring dork with no looks! How I look is my choice though you jerk!

Hmmp! How about I lead him around by the nose a bit then give him a big surprise in the future? He deserves it, right? Ah, but how do I do that? Like he mentioned I had no idea how to use sex appeal to my advantage. If I did, would I have been forced to remain a virgin for the last five years while with those traitors I once thought of as comrades?

Ugh. Just remembering them puts me in a foul mood.

“Hey, have you ever been betrayed before?”

“Me? Where’d that come from all of the sudden?”

“Just answer the question.”

“Well, I suppose you can say I have been on both sides. I’ve been both betrayed and I have betrayed others in the past.”

“Then you’re definitely someone I’ll never get along with. I hate people who betray others the most.”

“Not all times are those who have betrayed you those with bad intentions though. Sometimes they are helpless and can only choose the path of betrayal.”


I wanted to say something back, but he did have a point.

“Who did you betray then?”

“Well, you could say one time I betrayed an entire country. As a result of my betrayal countless people died. Whether I betrayed or didn’t betray though, people would have still died. The only difference between the two options was the number of people that would have inevitably died.”

“You’re the worst after all.”

“Yeah, I am. I’m no saint or buddha, I’m only one man. A simple man without any grand aspirations to speak of, nor any accomplishments to be proud of.”

“Stop trying to act cool, it’s obnoxious.”

“Tch. You’re tougher than I thought, I was sure that line would get me at least a few points.”

“Hahaha, yeah right. You’re the last person I’d ever give positive points. You’re already far in the red in my books.”

“What did I ever do to you? Do I owe you money or something?”

“Hmmp! It’s a secret.”

“You know, now that I take a closer look at you, you sort of remind me of someone.”

“It must be your imagination, we’ve never met before.”


“Yes, really.”

“Oh by the way, I never got your name. My name is, well, you probably know what she calls me.”

“Yeah, I know it, Chi Kaban.”

My name though? Should I give him my real name and see if he catches on?

“Anyways my name is Kana Shujinko.”

“What a weird name.”

That’s about the reaction I expected.

“It’s a weird name, but it kind of feels like it fits you.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah I get my name feels like the secret punchline to a joke, but that’s my real name! Really though? My name didn’t ring any bells with him at all? Just how little did he notice my existence back on Earth?

Whatever, there’s no point dwelling on it, we’re in the same boat being bossed around by that tyrant master of mine.

After saying a few parting words I returned to my master’s humble abode. When I say humble, I really mean humble, the only thing in her room or should I say open area with no walls, was her shogi board and coffin on the ground.

It seems she kept the majority of her things inside a storage ring and didn’t like leaving them out. It was almost like she was worried that someone might steal them. She was a pretty cautious and thrifty person when I considered she was a noble vampire. I wanted to ask her about it, but I didn’t know how to bring it up fearing I might offend her somehow. In all seriousness though, realistically speaking, who in the hell is strong enough to reach this floor and even have the guts to steal your possessions?

“Well, where is he?”

I innocently handed over the middle finger he gave me and placed it in the palm of her hand.

“What is this?”

“His middle finger.”

“And why did you bring only his middle finger here?”

“You just said to bring your food to you, right?”

“I know I definitely said that, so where is he?”

“Well, there’s some blood remaining in his finger, right? Isn’t that the food you were referring to?”

“Are you trying to play smart with me right now?”

“Of course not.”

“Fine, whatever it may be, let’s forget about the matters concerning your subpar intelligence. How did he react?”

Subpar intelligence?! Breathe girl, breathe. Just let it go. You are playing dumb after all.

With a forced smile I could only respond, “he didn’t even recognize me, but did call me a beauty.”

“See? I told you. You don’t need to believe in your beauty. Believe in the people around you that believe in the you that is beautiful.”

What even is this cheesy rip off line? It actually felt like ants had crawled under my skin when I heard it.

“Uh, where did you hear that line from?” It’s far too cringy, please never use that line again.

“Oh that? Chi Kaban mentioned a similar line to me before that I kind of liked, so I used it as a reference.”

“It’s a cool line, right?”

“Pfft. I can’t, I’m sorry. I really can’t right now. Please don’t say that with a dead serious face.” I’ve come to conclude my master has some very strange tastes. Maybe it’s because she’s a vampire who’s been in isolation for so long. Yeah, it’s probably just a cultural gap.

“For a servant, you really don’t know how to appreciate your master’s kindness and words of wisdom.”


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