Chapter 7. Part 2.

“Hey, when specifically did you get transported here according to our timeline?”

“Why are you suddenly changing the subject?”

“Just tell me, it’s important.”

“It was the beginning of May in 2019.”

“What day specifically?”

“What’s with all the questions all of a sudden?”

“According to the timeline in our world I was summoned to this world on May 9th of 2019.” I explained to her.

“What?! How is that possible? It was the 4th of May when I came to this world!”

“Actually, wait. One moment. Doesn’t that suddenly make me your senpai? Aren’t I actually five years older than you now? Shouldn’t you show respect to your elders kid?”

“Hahaha, you really think you’re older than me? I’ll have you know I’ve repeated high school quite a few times. I’m what they call a repeater, although some may call me a beater in a sense. Don’t underestimate my age, you little 23 year old brat.”

“What? You’re just making stuff up now like an immature brat because you don’t want to respect your elders, right?”

“Please, get on my level little girl. I’ll have you know I’m over two thousand years old.”

“Hah?! Do you think I’m stupid or something? Do you have eighth grader syndrome? Only a kid would buy into something like that.”

“It’s true though, I’ll have you know, I was born in ancient Egypt over two thousand years ago inside the first constructed pyramid.”

“Whatever. Like I’d ever believe that. Can you please stop messing around and making stuff up?”

“I’m not messing around, I’m 100% serious.”

“Do I really look that gullible? If you’re serious, then prove it.”

“And how am I supposed to prove that?”

“Tell me something only a person who’s really lived that long would know.”

Finally we’re talking the same language here.

“Deal. You know Akechi Mitsuhide, one of the biggest traitors in Japan’s history, nicknamed Jubei, right?”

“Yeah. What about him?”

“Well, he was actually a good drinking buddy of mine. Back then when we were drinking I casually mentioned how beautiful fireworks were at the time. We then lit a few up outside and shot them up in the air with flaming arrows. We ended up lighting Honnō-ji Temple on fire by accident. Thanks to that there was a giant misunderstanding and history was falsified to cover up the shameful embarrassing story of how we accidentally killed his big shot boss.”

“Hah?! Are you taking me for a fool?! Do you really think anyone would believe something absurd like that?!”

“Tch. It’s a true story though. Fine, fine. You know the letter Hideyoshi sent regarding slavery in the past? I only survived that whole flaming temple betrayal ordeal thanks to bringing the matter of slavery up to him. I delivered the letter personally back then to redeem myself for the sin of being too drunk and inadvertently making his boss commit suicide.”

Her expression told me she was not the slightest bit impressed with my stories so I figured I’d have to go to something more recent. I figured I’d try with a World War II story.

“Okay, okay, fine then. You’ve learned about World War II right? You know about all the conspiracy theories claiming Hitler somehow escaped and lived, right?”

“Yeah I do. What of them?”

“I can tell you for certain he died, after all, I was the one who really killed him. The Russians claimed Hitler committed suicide and the SS soldiers burnt his body, but in reality, it was not suicide. I infiltrated their ranks and after extensive reconnaissance I knew where his underground bunker was before hand. When he finally showed up, disguised as one of their soldiers, I passed him a shot which had dissolved cyanide pills. Afterwards I shot him in the head. I fabricated written instructions before hand to have his body burned upon his death in his last will and testament.”

“As if!”

“Tch. At least let me at least finish my story.”

“In reality Hitler definitely did intend to commit suicide, however it was not as simple as one may believe. Have you not ever wondered why it was an underground bunker he chose to go to in his last hours with his back against the wall along with his wife? There were far better last sights they could share together rather than inside a stuffy underground bunker.”

“In the end, it wasn’t to simply take his life, it was to wait for the opposing forces to surround them and finally take everyone with him. At that time, it was the one thing the world was most fearful of. A world where the Germans successfully created an atomic bomb first. What the world didn’t know was the Germans hadn’t failed in the arms race like they presumed. In reality they successfully created the first atomic bomb.”

“It was absolutely top secret and it could be counted on one hand the number of people aware of this fact at that time. It was Hitler’s absolute last resort when pushed into a corner. His nefarious plot was simple. Mercilessly drag all the heretics that banded against him down to the nine gates of hell along with him in this final ploy.”

“The reason Japan undertook the mission to assassinate him secretly was to take control of those atomic bombs. The reason Japan refused to surrender after Hitler’s death was in hopes intel would be returned to them regarding the whereabouts of those atomic bombs. They naively believed they could use them to turn the tides of war. The Japanese desired that sort of destructive power back then. They believed they could use the threat of such destructive force to make the world not dare to approach or lay a hand on them in the event Germany fell.”

“Just as there were radical kamikazes that would go out with a bang, there were those in the military that wished to go down in history like their Samurai ancestors back in the day with the biggest bang known to mankind. It was only after they experienced first hand the horror of an atomic bomb after Hitler died that they wished that such weapons would never see the light of day again.”


She appeared somewhat speechless when I paused. It felt like she couldn’t find it in herself to say anything with how absurd the story sounded. It was a natural reaction though, history was written by the winners. Whether what I said was true or not, as far as society was concerned I was a liar.

“In the end, I betrayed Japan back then and chose not to bring back the intel related to the bombs. I vaguely understood the horror of those weapons after I witnessed their immense power first hand at a test detonation for one of them. It was a top secret infiltration mission with only one man to prevent any leaks. I just so happened to be that unfortunate man that got dragged into it.”

“As for why I had Hitler’s body burned, it was in fear that Hitler had hidden some sort of clues I was unaware of on him or even inside his body that would lead other nations discovering the whereabouts of those terrifying weapons of mass destruction he had hidden away.”

“I naturally also faked my death and started another life under a new identity afterwards. It was my oversight that Japan stubbornly held out and refused to surrender in hopes of gaining the power to retaliate and turn the tables on the allied forces. If I returned and informed them the mission had failed, I would have been killed then and there. Perhaps they would have then surrendered. In the end the decision I made resulted in me bearing the sin, the full weight of having a nuclear bomb detonate and killing countless people. Many lives were lost and many lives were ruined thanks to my selfishness. I would probably be labeled Japan’s biggest traitor in history if this was known.”

“But to this day, those weapons, the only person remaining who knows of their existence is me. The detonator was hidden far beneath the earth, below the underground bunker Hitler holed up in. The bombs were hidden in various locations throughout Germany where the allied forces would have positioned themselves to surround the axis forces. Hitler planned to hold out in his underground bunker and eventually fake his suicide with body doubles prepared before hand. He would have then pulled off the greatest escape, one that would have never been seen before in history. One that put even Houdini himself to shame.”

“However that was all foiled thanks to my interference.”

“Sorry, your story is too ludicrous to be true. It’s too far fetched. There’s no way any of that could be possible. It sounds like an interesting story, but it just sounds like another absurd conspiracy theory.”

“Little girl, there are many events in history that were covered up and altered to make them appear more beautiful and moving. Humans are creatures that like to do things like that all the time, simply to suit their tastes. The winners write history after all. Whether you believe it or not, it really doesn’t matter. As one who was taught throughout your entire life to believe that the books only contain historical ‘documented’ facts, perhaps you will never believe in anything else. You should only believe what you see with your own two eyes. What you perceive to be the truth may not be the truth at all. It may just be a truth that others want you to believe for the sake of saving face.”

“You should understand well how mass media works. It’s all to control the people. It’s all for the sake of maintaining the status quo and peace.”

“If Hitler’s final plot was made known to the world after having been foiled, what would have happened to the innocent people who lived within Germany? Would they not be ostracized, condemned and looked down upon for as long as they lived? Hitler was one man, but if he personally pulled the trigger and detonated those atomic bombs, just how would the image the world fostered towards Germans turn out? They would have definitely suffered through utmost seething rage from all sides of the world, far worse than what they ended up suffering through when the war ended. Whether a civilian was innocent or guilty, hate did not discriminate after all.”

“Enough. Enough of this nonsense. This doesn’t serve as proof of anything.”

“Well you’re right, you can just consider it the rambling delusions of a naive high schooler. However, it is a fact that I’m over two thousand years old.”

Of course a bit of the information I told her was a lie. The story was true, however, it’s rather shameful of me to say it, but I made a mistake back then. I underestimated Hitler’s insanity. Hitler inscribed the information pertaining to the nuclear weapons on his jaw bone through an encrypted message. The Russians got ahold of his jaw bone, but never allowed anyone to examine it until 2017. The reason they finally allowed for it to be examined was that they had finally cracked the code and acquired the intel on the atomic bombs from all those years ago. Afterwards, they erased all traces of the encrypted message on the jaw bone and finally allowed others to examine it. That finally brought a close to the conspiracy theories that claimed Hitler was still alive.

Even now Russia was secretly trying to get their hands on those atomic bombs. The final stage of their plan started in May of 2018 with the preparatory work towards building Nord Stream 2. The entire development of the German Russian pipeline, Nord Stream, was all a distraction for their true hidden motives to dig around underground to discreetly investigate for clues.

I actually found it was a bit humorous, kind of like an inside joke Russia came up with. Nord meant north in Russian while stream translated to strom in German. Strom could be interpreted as power. It was a bit ironic with it’s double meaning, power to the north or northern power. They are selling power to Germans, but that process of being the supplier of power to Germany ironically gave them more power over them.

Russians likely gained some early understanding behind the intel left behind by Hitler and set up the preparatory work with the first Nord Stream pipeline. It likely wasn’t until 2017 that they fully cracked the encrypted message where they planned the secondary phase of Nord Stream 2. With this secondary pipeline it gave them more opportunities to dig about secretly in Germany in search of those ancient relics of war.

Of course, as far as I was concerned it had nothing to do with me any longer. There was no point bringing it up with this little girl who was still wet behind the ears.

Well, enough of the history lesson. It was about time for me to get to work.

I picked up my hand she dropped on the ground, left her behind and immediately started practicing. She didn’t bother to follow me or say anything more. She just stood in place with a deep frown on her face and annoyance in her eyes like she’d been forced to listen to her grandfather ramble on for hours about fake nonsensical war stories.

There wasn’t any point in trying to convince her of a pointless long forgotten history in our previous world that had already been buried by the sands of time. It was now completely unrelated to us after all. Even if she believed it, it didn’t affect anything.

It was best to just treat my words as the ramblings of a lunatic with a bloated ego that lost a few screws. Hell, maybe I was crazy and I just wasn’t conscious of it myself. I wouldn’t even be surprised if that turned out to be the case. When you’d lived for too long and seen too much, your perception of reality became skewed, twisted and warped. I might have just convinced myself at some point that everything I believed was the truth when it was all a fabrication in my head.


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