A Mermaid's Responsibility

by lucy12

Original HIATUS
A mermaid is captured and her voice stolen. I'm sure this tale sounds familiar to many of you, but this particular mermaid is half-human, a warrior in both tail and leg form, and has some powers that aren't linked to her voice.

Warning: I'm writing this as a completely unrelated side story to my comedy, A Bored Immortal's Adventure With Reincarnation, so updates may or may not be sporadic, though I'll try to get at least one chapter a week uploaded.
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A story that uses usual themes in an unusual, humourous and epic way.


It's a story about a king who has to find his bride in a ball. "Classic" you spat in annoyance? "Cliché!" you scream in disgust? "Unoriginal!!" you vomit in outrage?


But what the princess really didn't care for the king and just wanted to beat the crap out of that other girl who stole her voice? What if that princess kicked more asses than any prince? What if that princess was a mage swordswoman mermaid?


No, I'm talking nonesense, but really, read it. It's awesome.

Amethyst Dragunir

The plot is a little recycled in the beginning that screams little mermaid, but then it flips you around and becomes something you cant even relate to the Disney flick. The characters are amazingly fleshed out, which is amazing considering the small amount of chapters. The transitions are near perfect as well, with the POV transitions clear and precise.


This story, has become one of my new favorites or my personal top 10, despite it not even having my favorite genre. I highly recommend reading this fiction, you'll love it. 


I really like this story. It is well written and the main character is hilarious. I enjoy reading each chapter, and look forward to the next. Thanks for the read and keep it up :P 


Always waiting for more

I don't really know what to say about this story except that I absolutely love it. I don't know why exactly but it just has this charm. A mermaid story that isn't about a damsel in distress and has to be protected but also not a vicious monster. No. It's about someone capable protecting herself but with a warm heart.

And in contrast to some other stories on this site it seems to have a really wel thought out plot with well developed characters. Especially the MC.

It's a cliché theme but an (very) unusual, fun, interesting en well done execution.

As of the moment I read the first chapters it earned a place in my top 10 stories I've read so far on RRL.


Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more!

Fantasy Ocean

What The Little Mermaid SHOULD Have Been

I will admit, when viewing this story's synopsis, I nearly fell into the same trap many others probably did, thinking it sounded a bit too much like yet another retelling of The Little Mermaid, a plot so overused it's become drier than cracked desert earth, and was never super great to begin with. I decided to take a peek anyways, and am certainly glad I did. Not only was I awarded with a plot that quickly turns far from the typical 'mermaid falls in love and goes onto land to win her lover after selling her voice' idea, but this tale is stocked to the nines with well rounded characters, witty and sarcastic humor, amazingly thought out action scenes, and perfect spacing and timing so that there's never a dull moment to speak of.

I binged all this story has to offer in a single night, and eagerly sit on the edge of my seat, hopeful that a new chapter may still come my way despite the length of time stretching since the last update. Regardless of it's unfinished nature, this story definitely deserves a read through.

Thank you for making a plot about a mermaid on land finally interesting and rewarding. There needs to be many more stories like this.