Parasitic Sword Monarch.

by Shiranui_shukumei

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Cultivators rule the multiverse, this is an indisputable fact, their ability to control the various elements and concepts grant the mightiest among them the right to stand tall above creation, dominating man and beast alike. Countless legends and mighty figures are spread throughout the multiverse, but none of this matters to the young boy born into a slowly declining clan in one of the larger universes. To him, all that matters is the safety of his clan and his family members, to reach that end, he would even wield the world itself as his sword and point the tip right at the throat of the heavens.


(Note, I do not own the rights to the image used as a cover.)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Auxiliary chapter, law tiers. ago
Auxiliary chapter, known cultivation realms. ago
Interlude 1: The broken wolf. (1) ago
Chapter 1: Wolfsoul city, Lang clan. ago
Chapter 2: Yin Long. ago
Chapter 3: Netherworld, Celestial World. ago
Chapter 4: Tang Fen. ago
Chapter 5: The decision is made. ago
Chapter 6: The declaration is made. ago
Chapter 7: Words long engraved. ago
Chapter 8: Duty of silence. ago
Chapter 9: The dragon's eye. ago
Chapter 10: Late night training. ago
Chapter 11: Receiving a mission. ago
Chapter 12: Underearth Forest. ago
Chapter 13: Parasitic Soul. ago
Chapter 14: Might of the crimson blade. ago
Chapter 15: Assassins. ago
Chapter 16: Twin rainbows. ago
Chapter 17: The shadow and the blade. ago
Chapter 18: Throne Seeker's Rite. ago
Chapter 18.1: The dimensions of space. ago
Chapter 18.2: Silent training. ago
Chapter 18.3: Did you? ago
Chapter 18.4: Five years. ago
Chapter 19: The passage of time. ago
Chapter 20: The soul-piercing sword. ago
Chapter 21: Next mission. ago
Chapter 22: Mirror Lake Village. ago
Chapter 23: The black spot. ago
Chapter 24: Netherworld Gate. ago
Chapter 25: The final trump card. ago
Chapter 26: The aftermath. ago
Chapter 27: Betrayal? ago
Chapter 28: Public questioning. ago
Chapter 29: End of the questioning. ago
Chapter 30: The set-up. ago
Chapter 31: Invoking his birthright. ago
Chapter 32: The broken sword. ago
Chapter 33: Lord of the Everburning Trees. ago
Chapter 34: Twin Fangs of the Wolf. ago
Chapter 35: To Sunsong Capital. ago
Chapter 36: Deshi clan group. ago
Chapter 37: The star and the sun. ago
Chapter 38: To bluelord city ago
Chapter 39: Another gate. ago
Chapter 40: Slight complication. ago
Chapter 41: Starblood Province. ago
Chapter 42: 9 Mountains Emperor manual. ago
Chapter 43: Four-Kings Valley. ago
Chapter 44: Fitting for hell. ago
Chapter 45: Xue Qiuling. ago
Chapter 46: Bai Mu. ago
Chapter 47: Questions concerning his parents. ago
Chapter 48: Swan Queen Hall. ago
Chapter 49: Difference in dwellings. ago
Chapter 50: Shove it. ago
Chapter 51: Pagoda's first floor. ago
Chapter 52: Heading for the third floor. ago
Chapter 53: Meeting Bai Mu once more. ago
Chapter 54: Late night chat. ago
Chapter 55: Buddha dances in the rain. ago
Chapter 56: To Four-Kings Valley once more. ago
Chapter 57: Heart-root Tulips. ago
Chapter 58: The dancing axe. ago
Chapter 59: Familial Law. ago
Chapter 60: Awkward situation. ago
Chapter 61: Five taps. ago
Chapter 62: Netherworld Armory. ago
Chapter 63: Your worth. ago
Chapter 64: The wolf's six moves. ago
Chapter 65: Dancing blood. ago
Chapter 66: Cui Senju. ago
Chapter 67: Buy it all. ago
Chapter 68: Accepting all challengers. ago
Chapter 69: The truth in the jade. ago
Chapter 70: The sun's destiny. ago
Chapter 71: Quick and sharp. ago
Chapter 72: Suspiciouns. ago
Chapter 73: Aiming for the breakthrough. ago
Chapter 74: One step further. ago
Chapter 75: Thousand Blades Hall. ago
Chapter 76: Five disciples. ago
Chapter 77: May I join you? ago
Chapter 78: Not good enough. ago
Chapter 79: Life expectancy: 0 ago
Chapter 80: Yin Long. (1) ago
Chapter 81: Yin Long (2) ago
Chapter 82: The moth and the flame. ago
Chapter 83: Swallowed whole. ago
Chapter 84: Crushing light. ago
Chapter 85: To Starblood city. ago
Chapter 86: Late night stalking. ago
Chapter 87: Parts of a whole. ago
Chapter 88: The official start. ago
Chapter 89: Fang Yau. ago
Chapter 90: The first loss. ago
Chapter 91: Emperor Starblood. ago
Chapter 92: Heavenly Doll. ago
Chapter 93: Rank 1, Rank 4. ago
Chapter 94: Xiao Yin Yu. ago
Chapter 95: The Prince of Fallen Leaves' Brilliance. ago
Chapter 96: The parasitic soul. ago
Chapter 97: Goodbye. ago
Chapter 98: One versus four. ago
Chapter 99: Third same as the first. ago

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Badly written, generic Xianxia

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Yin Long.

I've been trying to get past the prologue for a week, but I read a paragraph and I know what's going to happen in the future, I see the structure of the story and I see how it's going to develop, following generic tropes with a twist.

Sentence structure and author wordchoice is by far the worst, it's like descriptions from a 10 yearold child. My mental imaging if I just use his words as a guide picture me such a generic sketch, not even a full picture, >>to the west this, to the east that, orderly city, you would think it would be an opulent city but it's.. (based on what? on assumptions based on previous xianxia reading?)

The Universe composition is without imagination too, 6 dominions, on the southermost dominion , on the third biggest planet, in the easternmost province of 18 provinces, and located at the eastern end of the province is the city of the Lang clan.--> So, the Universe (supposedly part of the MULTIVERSE) is orderly composed of these parts, without any differentiation, purely numerical. This doesn't create a sense of Vastness or wonder or anything whatsoever, this is just exposition for the sake of it. We as readers, would be better served spawning in the mind of the MC lacking any background and any knowledge of anything at all about this Universe, maybe with a few hints to create a sense of mistery or just stay local until the big picture is relevant, then, draw a good picture, this sketch of the Universe and planet is what a 3 year old boy that just wants to run would dump on his mom by teacher orders afterschool.

Then, Demonic beasts that can control of the elements (some, prob), ohh the tropes, and the blandness, anything but an elemental system! anything at all would be better, a tribe of dickslingers laser bwois would be better, even an ancient whatever whatever ruins whatever would be better. Anyways, it may be just me that's tired of the same repeated ad nauseum without twists.

I may have mischaracterized this story since I've read so little, but at this point, after wadding throught the prologue I find it matters little.

Having written 6 or more novels, I would expect the author to be capable enought to describe basic things like a city, or anything in the prologue really, but he is probably too muddled by xianxia tropes to be able to. I get it, if I was able to turn my mind of like I did in the past I would've probably been able to read this and like the little twists author probably has later on over the generic templates. Sorry can't turn of, it's better this way.

At some point, when I amass a great amount of Willpower I may come back to read more and will change this, acordingly.


Calum Griggs

Just for reference the world has a 43 kilometre circumference and the city is half a million kilometres wide????


Edit as of Chapter 32: The grammar continues to improve and the the story brought some of the characters into clear focus and gave them a few moments to shine, moments I really appreciated so I altered my score in response.


So far so good.

There is room for grammatical growth in small errors and sentence structure, while also the prose can be sometimes wonky but that part seems to have been improving as the chapters went along.

The story is in my preference zone so I might be biased but it's a great start to the story with good levels of future proofed world building in both the actual world itself and the cultivation and culture within. The main storyline itself is intriguing and the events are sometimes unexpected in a good way due to it sometimes avoiding the more 'trying' tropes.

The characters so far can be said to be a bit more underdeveloped compared to the world due to both how the events play out and the time skips but they're there and there are sufficient instances of their unique aspects to keep me entertained and looking forward to their growth.


Parasitic Sword Monarch, this is Shiranui's 5th proper book (excluding the Wandering Mage and the others under 300 pages) and like the other 4, it is set in the same big multiverse. So far it has looked really good and the world is quite well described.

The premise is different, but same. Unlike the others, the MC of this story starts in quite a strong Clan (compared to the others) it seems and it looks quite good.

The plot has only just started to kick off. As per my habit with Shiranui's stuff, proper advanced review will drop at ~50 and get updated every 50 chapters hence forth. 


I like the story idea, kid trained by OP elders in the way of the sword, having 2 sisters theyr interactions are solid, time skips were good and skipped most of his 3-20 years period.

But the execution and use of words is like google translated novel i went with it for 30 chapters but it gets way too cringy. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Im pretty sure its worth a skim thro just for the good parts but thats like 5-10% of each chapter so idk, maby a eddit, deleting unnecessary words and itl be good.


Auther was going a long normally enough, but then out of no where decided to cram some SJW BS in your face for some reason.

Good otherwise though, if a bit of a slow start.