Seer Walks Out

Seer Walks Out

by Adge

Seer and two friends go on a quest for power - and find something completely different: a new world, a world they had never known existed, yet only a few days' journey from their tribe. They need to learn fast how to survive in this strange new world - and their friendships may have to be part of the price of survival.

The book is set in a postapocalyptic South Wales

All finished now - and the sequel - "Seer's Cauldron" has started!

And thank you to "Mildegard" for permission to use the cover art!


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Olga McArrow

I was lucky to read this book before the author decided to publish it here, on Royal Road and I assure you, it's worth reading!

What I liked most about it were the characters, they are very well written, male and female characters both. They grow up a lot during their journey, they make mistakes and reap the consequences, they fail, they succeed, they learn, they change. This is some A+ character development here.

The book is marked as "fantasy" but there is no magic and Seer, the main character, a shaman, is quite sceptical about the existence of spirits, the very thing her profession relies on. Intriguing, right? Read on and see for yourself where this journey leads you :)



I found this story with the "Surprise Me!" button, and I've enjoyed it. Just finished up and will be reading the next story in the series. I'll also be using the "Surprise Me!" button more, if it leads me to little gems like this one. The ending was a little abrupt, but I'm guessing that the next story is a continuation of this plot.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It's clean cut and well edited too boot.

The author has created a great wee world for us to explore and populated it with interesting young characters who have to grow up and learn to be who they are. This is accomplished well and gives us a few laughs along the way as well as adventures to entertain us.

The author describes his world eloquently and this gives a depth to the story which adds to the enjoyment. I for one look forward to reading more now I've completed it and hope what comes next is just as good.