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Chapter 63 All that you are


A note from Raelik

Ended up going with something that had a bit of each of the options given in the last chapter's poll.

"I fear your education on the nature of sacrifice is lacking," Freya said condescendingly when she materialized inches from Lynn's side. At least Lynn hoped it was Freya.

Lynn swayed with blood loss then leaned heavily against the altar to blink at the naked human-shaped Goddess who looked down on her through her long shimmering golden hair.

"What?" Lynn asked through squinted eyes.

"It's simple really, a sacrifice has to be something that holds value to you and the people you represent. This poor woman you soiled my altar with meant nothing to you," Freya continued.

"Did you ever wonder why when one of the callous ritual leaders conducts the ceremony the resulting effect is significantly inferior?"

Lynn tilted her head and scrunched her brows before dipping her head forward in a slow nod.

"They. Don't. Care." Freya enunciated each word with a sharp jerk of her hand, her perfect breasts jumping in a mesmerizing counterpoint.

Lynn had never seen a human so confident while completely nude before.

"Whatever possessed you to think I wanted an infertile prospective-Priestess to sacrifice a robustly fertile woman and rob the world of her issue? What good does that do me? If it were a man it may be less egregious but how is she to bear children if she's dead? It would've been better for you to keep her as a pet and then encouraged her to adopt my faith and pass it on to her children. That, at least, would be a real sacrifice of time and resources on your part."

Lynn felt herself fading further, Freya's words coming and going like fluttering butterflies. I'm infertile? Lynn latched on to the revelation and felt the bottom of her world fall out further.

"You didn't know?" Freya stopped her lecture and tilted her head. "Oh, my dear girl, someone magically sterilized you and removed your capacity for carnal attraction recently."

"That's not…" Lynn began, then thought about it, struggling through a fog to focus. She objectively knew people were attractive like Chess or the soldier Caldur's men liked to tease, but she hadn't been interested in anyone like that in well over a year. Not since… She throttled the thought. She just thought it was because she was still mourning but...

"Can you fix it?" She asked faintly.

"I can, for a price. Don't worry, I won't demand the life of your firstborn." Freya made a placating gesture. "Human sacrifice is so last millennium, there is more power in other things. That's more true here than back on earth.

"Take this core for instance." Freya spun the spinnerette core on one elegant finger, its white pearlescent shell casting rays of light dancing around them. "It took countless successful generations to reach this form. Get that? Countless Generations! How much power do you suppose it holds? I'll tell you, it's far more than I'd get if I continue to let you bleed out all over this poor woman. Far more.

"In fact, the magic of your realm has the wonderful habit of crystallizing most of the power held in a person into that beautiful stuff you call Pyth. Kind of invalidates sacrificing people now, doesn't it?

"On top of that, you treasure this thing and what it could mean for your future. There is true power in that."

"Do you understand why I'm telling you this?" Freya prompted.

Lynn clenched her jaw but managed a grudging nod before her lightheadedness could topple her. Oh please hurry.

"Good," Freya said and crossed her arms.

"It took me a decent surge of power to cleanse and send her soul on to Helgrew like a bloody bride's gift. He was less than pleased, and I'm not paying for that mess, let me tell you. I'm trying to be accepted here, not start a war when I have barely a handful of followers in your messed up world."

"Call it tribute then," Lynn groaned weakly and finally lost the battle, falling on her ass in a boneless slump.

Freya scoffed down at her and put her hands on her hips. "Not likely."

"In fact, I'm taking all your current levels as recompense. Now that is a proper sacrifice, don't you agree?"

"What! You ca…"

Freya cut her off with a simple raising of her eyebrow. "All that you are and own, remember?"

"Yeah," Lynn mumbled as the blackness closed in on her vision.

"The only reason I'm still here talking to you now is that my true agents need you. And you've proven resourceful and trustworthy thus far."

The world faded and Lynn fell into the void.


"Hey!" Fingers snapped in front of Lynn's face and her vision expanded again in a blink that had her heart racing and her mind clearing. "Are you even listening?"

Lynn managed a weak nod as her brain seemed to hiccup.

"Good. Still following me?"

Lynn swallowed and bowed her head. "Yes, mistress."

She mentally kicked herself. Now that Freya mentioned it, it was all obvious. The temples treated their groomed sacrifices with care. Cared deeply for them in some cases. Spent large sums in grooming them and keeping them pure. Plus she hadn't been thinking properly about Freya's other aspects.

"That's better, we'll let it serve as an opportunity for you to grow into your new faith. If we can come to an agreement that is."

"Yes, your holiness," Lynn said more firmly as she felt energy slowly returning. With the energy came a round of intense burning as blood returned to her limbs.

"Now, the blood of enemy warriors that fell in battle? That's a decent tribute. Though dedicating their souls was an empty promise. In the future, if you dedicate them before the fight it'll give me a little more juice as the kids say. I may even be able to harvest a few of the worthy among the less devout once Ashley grows and learns her duties properly."

Lynn was pretty sure kids didn't say that but decided her best course was to keep her mouth firmly shut.

She was very aware that Freya's lesson was being powered by the sacrifices she'd made. The ones she accepted at the very least, and she didn't want to have it dragged out longer than necessary.

At least she was pretty sure Freya wasn't going to let her die now. She wouldn't be giving lessons if she intended to. Then again gods...

"Now, I'm not exactly in the market for a Priestess. Never was quite my style to have designated clergy, though it did become popular in the last century. So, we need to make a class for you.

"How about Blót Maiden? No, doesn't suit you. You're not Valkyrie material, yet.

"You know what? I'll steal a Christian term and call you a Paladin. That'll really stick in his craw.

"Now, we need a name that sounds as pretentious, err, impressive, as possible. Can't be outdone by the locals, now can we?"

Freya snapped her fingers. "Oh, I know; Paladin of Golden Tears of Blood Frozen in Amber. What do you think?" She asked with a pleased clap.

Lynn cringed then said, "Paladin of Amber Tears?" as a compromise. What in-the-name-of-all-the-hells is a paladin? No, just get through this alive and with a working class and I'll call it a win.

"Good! Now for the big decision," Freya said as the core still spinning on her fingertip visibly dimmed and a surge of warmth enveloped her head. When Lynn sought its window, it had been reduced from rank three to two. She suppressed a twinge in her belly.

"That wasn't the big one?" Lynn asked in dismay as she focused on the reduced core. The rest of the offerings had long been turned to ash around the body of her sacrificial victim.

Lynn wondered why the body remained.

"Afraid not, see I kind of promised Helgrew that I would uh—let you die—in exchange for leniency at a future time."

"So, I kind of have to let you die," Freya said rubbing the back of her head with her free hand. "I can't go breaking any promises now can I? Not when I can't afford the power hit."

"What was the point of all this then?!" Lynn snapped.

Freya tsked then continued, ignoring the outburst. "Now, we still have a few options. And this can be an opportunity if we're creative. I told him I'd make sure your soul moved on from this life. Which is more than vague enough for our needs. Especially with the power you've given me to work with. I mean you did offer all of yourself," she explained. "Still, I'll let you choose. Don't go saying I'm not benevolent." She gave Lynn a winning smile.

Lynn wasn't reassured.

"First and simplest, I can let you die as I promised and you can hope Ashley decides to use her ability on your body instead of Sergeant Hilkan,” Freya offered with an unimpressed shrug.

Lynn shook her head emphatically. Don't want to be a bloody golem.

"Didn't think so," Freya snorted.

"Second, we discuss other sacrifices, and I use that power to change your form—slightly. It will use up what's left of your offerings, the perk you gained, as well as at least a handful of skills you value. Maybe some stats too. Changes like that aren't exactly my purview. If you were to become a cat or boar, maybe I can make it cheaper. But the change would have to be significant enough that you could be considered someone else. And you're a pure-blood so there is nothing innate to work from. Would have to remove your soul for the process too. Need you to move on."

"On top of all that we'd have to fix your fertility problem. And since they burned out most of the relevant organs I'd have to start from scratch. My blessing can't do anything if there's nothing to work with."

"And the third?" Lynn asked, not really liking either choice but dreading what else Freya would offer.

Freya turned to look significantly at the body on the altar and Lynn followed her gaze.

“No... You can’t be serious,” Lynn said in denial. “Those are my only options?” She prodded.

“Well... I could put you into one of the female Heliwr. They are such wonderful creatures with aspects of cats and falcons. I do hope you people can make them one of my Totem creatures. Wouldn't cost a thing,” Freya gushed.

“No. Not happening,” Lynn said flatly.

“Well, that leaves...” Freya looked back at the body.

“You want me to be a human? You want me to wear the body of someone I killed?” Lynn asked, more than a little unsettled by the idea.

“She's not even half-human but we can't be picky; it's what we have to work with,” Freya admonished.

“She doesn't have a tail!” Lynn complained.

“You’d adjust,” Freya waved it off dismissively.

"Right," Lynn said. She also didn't know how she felt about having the outrageous breasts human females had. They always looked top-heavy to her. Like they'd topple over at any moment.

“Hear me out?” Freya continued.

Lynn nodded once, reluctantly.

Then she studied the woman's body closer. She wasn't bad looking for a human mix and it would mean a clean break from the temple and Sholer's scrutiny. Lynn Plinder could've easily died in this forest with the rest of Caldur’s men. She forced herself to admit the idea had merit. At least on that front.

She was not looking forward to confronting the Abbess now that Luminous had cast her out. The potential punishment awaiting her terrified her. That they'd sterilized her was also building a simmering ball of rage in her belly.

To her, the damage to the body seemed a significant obstacle, however. Wounded hearts couldn't be healed with magic.

“I stabbed her in the heart and drained her of blood. How is this even a possibility? I know even you gods are limited to very specific cases when it comes to resurrection, and this seems beyond even that,” Lynn said before Freya spoke.

“Medicine on Earth has made wonderful advances due to its lack of magic,” Freya said. “Most notably, for our case, that no matter the damage to the body, if the brain is untouched it actually takes a few minutes for a person to fully die. So, she’s not dead yet but her soul has moved on so we have an empty shell, as it were. Plus, you’re still very much alive even though you’ll likely die as soon as I stop circulating the little blood left in your body for you.

“The rest seems straightforward then doesn't it? Interestingly, most of the sentient races on Astra share a distant ancestor, which might explain how you can all interbreed, so, we just need a working heart and a little blood. The rest is a flesh wound. You've already supplied the blood...luckily you have the same blood type; O-negative. So, that leaves the heart.” Freya smirked and gestured at the pool of Lynn’s blood that had collected in the woman's ruined chest.

“Blood type?” Lynn asked.

“Ask Chess about it sometime,” Freya suggested.

“As for the heart, yours will work wonderfully,” Freya gestured at Lynn’s chest. “Transferring your mind and soul will be minor afterward.”

“Uh,” the idea left Lynn more than a little squeamish, but if it worked...

“Don't worry, I didn't do too badly when I turned Chester into a woman. She has no discernible dysmorphia. I can only do better the second time around, don't you think?” Freya gave her a cheery smile.

“What's dysmorphia?” Lynn asked. Chester? Does she mean Chess!?

“The feeling of being in or having the wrong body. Could be problematic, no?” Freya explained.

“Yeah,” Lynn mumbled, feeling more and more off-balance from the naked Goddess’s cheerful attitude.

She looked at the body again. The woman had clearly been a warrior of one form or another, one with a manipulation ability to back it up. She was beautiful, fit, and looked strong. Far stronger than Lynn, who’d spent a lot of time on other more scholarly pursuits.

“Great! Let’s get started then.” Freya clapped once and bounced on her toes.

Freya flicked the core from her finger and it landed in the woman’s mouth with a plop. Then she gestured for Lynn to step closer.

An intense red glow enveloped Freya’s hand in a nimbus of spell mandalas before she plunged it into Lynn’s chest without warning and tore her still-beating heart out in one quick motion.

Lynn caught in an infinite moment of world-shattering pain as she watched her heart beat once in the Goddess’s hand then in the next blink Lynn’s world tilted.

Another blink and she found herself floating over Freya's shoulder, free of pain, watching the Goddess spin magic. The injuries on the woman's body were quickly knitting closed, and the pulverized shoulder moved back into its proper position.

A complex array of blue and red magical circles had formed over Lynn’s and the woman’s heads, spinning rapidly for long moments before Lynn felt her very being drawn forward into the gestalt.

Another blink and a rush of disorientation later and she regained her bearings, staring at the ceiling from the flat of her back.

“Ugh,” she groaned at the mind-numbing headache. It also felt like a giant was sitting on her chest.

“Give it a moment.” She heard Freya through the fog. With her voice, the pain and discomfort subsided like a gentle breeze.

“What?” Lynn asked, trying to shake off her confusion.

“This worked well, she took much better care of her body than you ever did. Combined with your mind, I think you’ll be more than pleased,” Freya said. “Since your soul is 18, your new body should adjust to reflect this with time.”

A world window popped up flashing for Lynn’s attention.

Please choose a name.

“Can’t I keep my old one?” Lynn asked.

Please choose a new name.

"I wouldn't suggest it," Freya said.

“Fine. I don’t know... Amber Lynn?”

Please Confirm: Amber Lynn

Lynn sighed. “Yes.”

Then another deluge of windows obscured her view.



Name: Amber Lynn

Age: 18

Race: ⅜ human ¼ Cat-kin (Subrace: Arctic Tiger) ⅛ Deepsea elf ⅛ Blackbear kin ⅛ Other.

Sex: Female

Level: 1

Exp: 0/10,000

Class: Paladin of Amber Tears

Subclass: N/A

Unspent Stats points: 0

Unspent Skill points: 5

Profession 1 Healer: High Journeyman

Profession 2 Delver: Low Journeyman

Pith and Gems: 0/4 Free slots filled. 4/4 Heritage slots filled.

Freya’s lesser Blessing. +2 Char, +1 Agi, +1 Dex. Increased Fertility and +3 Animal handling: Cats


Class (Rare): Greater Body Awareness. Grants an improved sense of your own body, making you consciously aware of existing and potential problems.



16 (3)


14 (2)


16 (3)


15 (2)


15 (2)


17 (3)


18 (4)


16 (3)


10 (N/A)


10 (N/A)



Ritual Magic
























Ride: Horses/mules/donkeys


Animal handling: Cats




Animal handling: horses




















Mana vision










Medium Armor


Heavy Armor


Light armor














Maces and Clubs






Identify traps


Delvers sign language










Mana Manipulation


Light Manipulation


House Cleaning






Noble Heraldry








Noble House Management


Slave Management


Delver Team Management


Language: Dryad’s Rest Muskrat-kin


Language: Eastern Seas Sailors tongue


Language: Wood Elven


Language: Gynion


Language: Eastern Tiger kin


Language: South-Steppe Desert Elvish


Language: Brastian


Language: Kaisyn Gnomish


Language (Understand only): Deepsea elven.


Language: Common Cat-kin


Writing: Brastian


Writing: Kaisyn Gnomish


Paladin of Amber Tears

Synergy with Armor and Shield (Ld), Weapon (Ra), Healing (Ra), War (Un), Faith (Un), and Social (Co) aspect Pyth, Cores, and Gems.

+ All Weapon, Healing, Armor, Military movement, and Faith, skill growth


Sense Emotions Pyth: Rank 6 Uncommon

Passive 1: Makes you more sensitive to the emotions of those around you by Rank x Char(mod) percent. [Current 24%]

Passive 2: Increase your resistance to unnatural emotion-based effects and magic by Rank x Will(mod) percent. [Current 12%]

Mend Flesh Pyth: Rank 4 Uncommon

Heals a target area of no more than Mind(mod) x Rank cubic inches; [Current 12 cubic inches] for the equivalent of Rank days upon touch. It can be used Rank times in 24 hours but not on the same injury. It doesn't set bones or prevent scarring. Doesn’t stack with ongoing healing effects.

Passive: Reduce the development of scar tissue when you are wounded by Rank x Con (mod) percent. [Current 8%]

Vascular Core: Rank 1 Unique

Control your heart rate: slowing or speeding it by up to Rank x Con (mod) x Will (mod) percent. Maximum 90% when slowing and maximum 180% when speeding. [Current 4%] For Rank minutes [Current 1 minute]. Rank x Con (mod) times a day. [Current 2 times]

Passive 1: Reduce the flow of blood out from damaged blood vessels and/or arteries by 2 x Rank x Con(mod) percent max 80% [Current 4%]. The strength and elasticity of vessels and arteries are increased by an equal percentage. The effect can be toggled on or off.

Passive 2: Increase the efficiency and efficacy of white blood cells, platelets, and proteins in your blood by Rank x Con(mod) percent. [Current 2%]

Passive 3: Increase the oxygen capacity of red blood cells by Rank x Con(mod) percent. [Current 2%]

Shield Pyth: Rank 4 Common

Active: For 2 x Rank x Con (mod) seconds distribute the force of any blows you receive equally between nearby allied shield holders within Rank meters. [Current 8 seconds]

Passive: Reduce the force of any blow taken on your shield by Rank x Con (Mod). [Current: 8%]


Please Choose Two

Greater Detect Lies (Vascular, Sense Emotions)

Detect Life (Sense Emotions, Vascular)

Lay on Hands (Vascular, Mend Flesh)

Mental Ward (Sense Emotions, Shield)

Harden Flesh (Shield, Vascular, Mend Flesh)

Crystalized Blood Shield (Shield, Vascular, Mend Flesh)

Exsanguinate (Vascular, Mend Flesh, Sense Emotions, Shield)

Blood Share (Shield, Vascular, Mend Flesh, Sense Emotions) Requires O-Negative blood.

"Hey, I don't know some of these languages... didn’t," Lynn observed after a quick reading. She dismissed her choices for the moment wanting to take time to consider them later. "And what happened to my Pyths? Only two of these are mine. What happened to my free ones?" She added in a rush. Then, "what's a blood cell?"

"The pathways for the languages were in her head, so I left them. I believe she was better at dodging, tumbling, some weapons, along with some less savory skills than you were also. So I left those too. Same with her motor control and all that basic body control stuff. As for the pyths, think of it as a fresh start or the cost of the core, if you prefer. Ask Chess about the blood cells," Freya explained.

“Why?” Lynn asked, actually thankful for the unexpected bonuses.

"There was no reason not to. I own you now. No amount of heretical thought can change that. Oh, speaking of which, a parting gift." Freya waved a hand and Lynn felt a tingling around her new neck and below her left eye. Freya gave her another of her winning smiles.

"What did you do?" Lynn felt her new throat go dry at the implications of what Freya had said. She had given herself as a sacrifice to the Goddess.

"You'll have to find out for yourself. We're out of power. Do take care of my Chosen.

“Until next time, toots." With a cheery wave, Freya disappeared in a puff of magic.

Lynn felt the command settle over her like an immense weight before it gradually faded to background noise. She intended to look after her new friends regardless. Though she suspected the phantom burden would increase if that ever changed.

Lynn felt the whole encounter would leave her with a serious headache later. She was just thankful to be alive in some capacity. That was officially the stupidest thing I've ever done, she decided. Now to live with the consequences.

Freya’s dome collapsed a second later, and Lynn's old body tumbled lifelessly to the side with a skull-cracking crunch against the stone floor.

"Lynn!" Both Chess and Ashley cried in anguish and rushed to her old body.

Lynn winced then realized Freya had left her to explain everything on her own. No, I can't blame her. I started this mess.

She laid very still for a handful of breaths while her friends pawed at her old body.

"She's gone!" Chess declared with a choked sob.

"No, Freya wouldn't kill her!" Ashley protested.

Lynn cleared her throat softly.

"She killed herself, you saw it. She slit her own fucking wrists and offered herself as a sacrificial lamb. The fucking idiot," Chess hit something hard making a muffled thump sound out.

Lynn cleared her throat more loudly.

“Your ability! Try your ability!” Chess insisted.

“Right!" Ashley said and a deep red glow encompassed the area.

"There is no soul to contact," Ashley said despondently a few seconds later.

“No...” Chess whispered.

Lynn licked her lips, coughed, and tried again; “Uh, hey?”

Chess moved and in a blink, Lynn felt herself being hauled up roughly, altar and all, to stare into Chess' face from less than an inch away.

"What happened to my friend!" Chess demanded, spittle flying as she yelled.

“Wait!” Lynn croaked out trying to wrest her arms from her restraints. The elf's strength surprised her.

“Let me speak, please,” Lynn begged, still pulling futilely at the silk cords.

Chess set her on her feet. The stools fell away, and the weight of the makeshift altar's vines threatened to topple her over backward. Lynn set herself and leaned forward against the pull.

Chess remained close, her warm breath tickling the end of Lynn's new thin whiskers.

"Speak," Chess said icily, holding Lynn in place by her arms.

There was an intense moment of silence as Chess studied Lynn’s face intently from less than a handbreadth away while Lynn tried to gather a convincing explanation.

Then Lynn caught a whiff of desire from Chess, and couldn't help the impulsive urge it engendered in her. Plus it had been a long time since she had to resist the feedback effects of her Sense Emotions Pyth.

Lynn kissed Chess.

Her lips were delectably soft and warm.

Chess froze stiff for a long moment against her lips before she broke off and stepped back.

Chess had a baffled look on her face as she seemed to process what had happened then she hauled off and slapped Lynn across the face, hard.

Lynn fell, with bruising force, in a tumble of vines and busting stools.

Lynn laughed and winced as she dragged herself up to the best sitting position she could manage with a sardonic grin.

"You, you!" Chess spluttered, stepping forward.

"I'm glad you're not too mad at me for what I did, Chess. You were right," Lynn said somberly and grimaced.

"What?" Chess asked, her brows drew together as she took a step away.

"Wait, how do you know my name!?" Chess demanded taking a step closer again.

"It's me... Lynn," Lynn murmured. "Well, technically it's Amber now. Amber Lynn," she added a little louder.

“You can’t be, Lynn’s right here,” Ashley said indignantly, cradling Lynn’s corpse.

"No..." Chess shook her head in denial, glancing at the body Ashley held as though to confirm it was still there.

Lynn rolled her eyes. Now she suspected she knew why Freya had told her Chess's secret.

"Why didn't you ever mention you used to be a man, Ches-ter?" She asked, deliberately splitting the name in two.

Chess took a stumbling step back, her mouth falling open in shock.

"Chess’ not a man, that's stupid," Ashley scoffed.

"How? What?... Lynn?" Chess squinted at her like it would help verify her claims. "What did Freya do to you?" She asked in a whisper.

Lynn laughed. "I did this to myself, it was the only real choice she gave me. She seemed rather keen on keeping my true sacrifice."

"You kissed me!" Chess accused.

"It worked, didn’t it?" Lynn shrugged, giving Chess a deliberate look.

"Not exactly," Chess snorted, eyeing the tangle of vines and silk Lynn was wrapped in.

"I think you'll need to explain it better than that!" Ashley said studying Lynn's new look closely from behind Chess. "Wait, are you getting younger!?" Ashley squeaked.

"Mind helping me up first?" Lynn asked.

Everyone remained silent for a time after Chess helped her get untangled and free of the restraints.

Lynn grew increasingly uncomfortable under Chess's frank appraisal of her naked body, and she found herself covering up with her hands.

"I like the torc and the scars are sexy in a kickass Xena-Warrior-Princess kinda way. The heart scar screams don't fuck with me. What's on your face, is that a tear?" Chess asked with a tilt of her head before hesitantly reaching for Lynn’s face.

Lynn brushed away Chess’s hand and reached up to touch both below her left eye and her neck. "I don't know? What scars? What Torc?...Oh."

“Who is Xena the warrior princess?” Ashley asked.

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Which two should Lynn choose?
Greater Detect Lies (Vascular, Sense Emotions)
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Detect Life (Sense Emotions, Vascular)
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Lay on Hands (Vascular, Mend Flesh)
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Mental Ward (Sense Emotions, Shield)
8.37% 8.37% of votes
Harden Flesh (Shield, Vascular, Mend Flesh)
7.46% 7.46% of votes
Reinforced Blood Shield (Shield, Vascular, Mend Flesh)
10.05% 10.05% of votes
Exsanguinate (Vascular, Mend Flesh, Sense Emotions, Shield)
15.68% 15.68% of votes
Blood Share (Shield, Vascular, Mend Flesh, Sense Emotions, O-Negative blood)
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Bohnenpflanzer ago

Begun, the Ship Wars have. Good job "Amber".

    Raelik ago

    Lol, though I think she's likely to stick with her now last name. Plus less confusing for my readers that want to wait to make sure people survive certain archs

      Ayashi ago

      I'd argue that if a significant part of her choosing this option was to avoid the notice of the church then she really really should go with Amber rather than Lynn. Seriously, group disappears with Lynn and comes out with a "different" Lynn? Pull the other one, it has bells on it...

      You can even have some fun with her having to deal with her new name, such a awnsering to the wrong name or having to develop a new written signature and probably also working at making sure her handwriting isn't a dead giveaway...

      Raelik ago

      Nice thoughts. Would be a fun character building option.

Banarok Lionrage ago

i feel her stats are slightly inflated (especially since she level 1'd) with how people reacted to chess's stats formerly (i know you did a stat rebalance so i might have to check back on it), sad to see Lynn lose her body, mainly because it was nice to have the whole spectra represented (Humanish - Chess > Catgirl - Ashley > Furry - Lynn).

I have no idea why Freya would share Chesters "private information" like that, that seems not the way to make friends with your chosen, not that gods care much for privacy but more for the reason having your god share your secrets kind of don't make the god more popular you know.

about the skills, Mental ward is the obvious choice because nobody like mind fuckery, and then detect life is the obvious choice due to their current situation, but lay on hands and greater lie detection are both good too.

    Raelik ago

    I may rebalance her stats a bit in the future. Though note they include Freya's blessing and are a reflection of the dead woman's physical stats and Lynn's mental. But Im gonna remove the free stat saying Lynn already spent it.

    Raelik ago

    Maybe Freya figures Chess needs to trust those that have become close to her. And gave this not subtle punch in the gut to get things sorted.

    As for furry we have one coming :P

Soldieratarms ago

I picked different options, those I felt we're good general ones, but mental ward would be really good as a plot point( rest of the team gets mind jacked) and lay on hands and blood share are more healer options, only needed if Ashley doesn't go that route, though her acting as a more dedicated healer would be a great boon to the team.

cheuk4 ago

I really liked how you solved the whole sacrifice issue thing. Great direction for the story to go, and keeps the future interesting!

SomeNerd ago

I picked Exsanguinate and Blood Share. They have the strictest requirements, but at the same time, it feels like they'd have a lot of synergy, especially if Blood Share can be used in both directions. Tear out an enemy's blood, absorb it, and pass it on to someone else. Even leaving aside the fact that Blood Share would let her share her enhanced white blood cells with someone, acting as an ad-hoc boost to disease resistance.

I doubt she needs detect lies if she already has sense emotions; she should be able to tell when someone is being deceptive just by leveraging that pyth. Lay on Hands is redundant, harden flesh and blood shield are also redundant with the amber. Detect Life is a somewhat useful scouting ability, but it probably only hits traditional organic life, not stuff like undead, golems, elementals, etc, so probably best to just scout normally. Good against invisibility though, so it might be a decent third pick. Mental Ward... I could see an argument for it, but I doubt it's strong enough right off the bat to counter slave collars. Although I kind of expect Lynn to pick it, due to having her mind fucked with by the collar, and apparently having been brainwashed due to being a lesbian/bisexual. She might actually be outright immune to that kind of brainwashing now anyway though, since nobody would be able to override Freya's intentions for her. Again, a decent third pick.

Unmaker ago

For all that went away, Lynn lucked out - the combination of her skills and the woman's makes her one of the strongest level ones out there. Since she is well-covered by regular combat skills, I went with Greater Detect Lies to cover social aspects and Blood Share, which is hopefully a heal+. A backup healer in the party is a good idea considering how often they get injured.

    Raelik ago

    Thinking shes the primary healer. Ashley doesn't seem keen in that way though her taking lay on hands was needed at the time. I'm just glad i could finally get out some of the limitations on healing in general this chapter.

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