Evil Overlord: The Makening

by NotGodot

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy Satire Magic Male Lead Villainous Lead

If evil was easy, everybody would be doing it, and there would be more Dark Lords running around than you could shake a stick at. But the road to Utter Domination isn't easy, smooth or straight, as the boy who will one day become Gar the Pitiless will discover.

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A brilliant start to a new series.

So far, we've been introduced to our future (and suposed) dark lord and taken through the first few years of his life. A few stories have done the whole comedic story about a dark lord's rise, but so far this is my favourite. Our evil overlord is not destined for his eventual rule, nor does he have a inborn skill or apetite for domination. While cunning with very lose morals (and a bit murderous, understandable considering his family), our main character doesn't set out to become an evil overlord, that just seems to be where he ended up in life, he is honestly a little bit pathetic. And it's hilarious (for all of you out there that don't like it when a character starts out like this, do not worry, there's still plenty of murder planning and cunning). This is defiently one of the funnier stories on royal road.

The narrator is our main character telling us the story of his uprising, as well as giving us some advice about how to start our own dark reign. This type of narration would normally annoy me, but here it is great and use for great comedic effect. There's a hilarious bluntness and honesty to how the relavtively dark elements are presented. The story isn't afraid to make the main character the butt of the joke, surprisingly rare in a lot of comedy stories, which gives a lot of fresh jokes and funny moments that aren't just characters dishing out snark as is often the case.

The prose and grammar are aboslutely pefect. This is the kind of writting level and pose I would expect from a published book, so I sincerly hope it becomes more popular (so stop reading this review and go read it, random reader!)

As of writting this, only a few chapters are out, so this review will probaly change later and its clear the author will keep posting (please do, Mr Author!).




A fresh and good story from the perspective of an evil overlord, I mean what do you want more from this. 

Characters are interesting pieces of work, especially the MC. We tag along for his journey of failures, misfortunes and triumphs and see how he became an evil overlord. 

Grammar is immensely good and so is story progression. 

For the style, it is a good mix of dark fantasy and comedy. 

I hope you dear reader, would enjoy this villainous story as much as I do. 


Mc is good, people are actually believable, the way they talk isn't robotic or forced as ether too good or too ass-holish. It's a rare find and a good mix I like this story give it a shot. 


A very fun and compelling "memoir" of THE Evil Overlord

Reviewed at: Chapter Fifteen: My Ax is Sharp Now

This is pure genius. The way this novel is structured, the pacing the author chose, along with the tidbits of information the narrator throws the reader once in a while is well done.

The author chose to tell his story through a subjective point fo view, that of the main character, Gar, reminiscing about his, albeit random, rise to overlordship. The novel is, therefore, a "memoir", in the words of the main character itself.

The author doesn't shy away from using his narrator to make fun of and ridicule the main character. The narrator, Gar the Pitiless, tries to keep the reader entertained, skimming over details like:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 By skimming over, I mean giving the reader the most important details along with the thoughts of current Gar.


The main character doesn't set out on a journey at first, his only objective being that of survival. The rise to evil is just a byproduct of his choices, choices that progressively get more and more immoral, in line with his continuously evolving personality.


Gar the Pitiless, the Gar that is reminiscing as a narrator tries to teach the reader about the proper ways of Utter Dominance, as he likes to call it in the form of random advice at the beginning of every chapter, tidbits of information spread across the paragraphs.



Overall, I think that this novel is not a waste of time, is truly enjoyable and although you do need to get over the fact that the main character is and is going to continue doing amoral things this should be expected, after all, you are reading a book called Evil Overlord: The Makening.


There are a lot of stories that have humorous moments, but it's a lot harder to mingle comedy with serious lessons and not have it fall flat at least some of the time. This story handles it with a grimy, realistic, and violent fantasy backdrop, but then has a hilarious protagonist just telling it straight. It's not that they're cracking jokes, but there's so much deadpan observational humor that it's hard not to like.

Another aspect that's worth mentioning is that this is the growth of an Evil Overlord told as a retrospective and forms a perfect inverse of the hero's journey. The hard beginnings, moments of stability, and valuable lessons that eventually shaped them. Not to mention the inevitable discovery of a path to power. The lessons that he learns are all fundamentally reasonable, with a cynical perspective on power in a medieval society. The protagonist isn't evil and he isn't a misunderstood anti-hero. He's a young man with flexible morals stumbling his way through life. It's a refreshingly open beginning with no clear path already laid for him to follow or overarching antagonist to take down.

If you're looking for a sharp, if somewhat dark, fantasy story to keep you entertained, I highly recommend checking this out. I'm sure there will be comparisons to a Practical Guide to Evil, but this really exists in its own space. Just a regular individual making their own way on the long road to Evil Overlord.


NotGodot has written an enjoyable Evil mastermind novel. You can really emphasise with the MC and end up loving him even though he's 'bad guy'.

Wish there were more RR novels like this out there, cos its AMAZING!


Thanks for the awesome story NoGodot, loving it <3


The evil overlord story I didn't know I needed.

Reviewed at: Chapter Fifteen: My Ax is Sharp Now
Spoiler: Spoiler

 This story is the anti-hero's journey.

Scott Fenton

I have been enjoying the story 14 chapters in. I have high hopes for this story from what I have read so far. 

Comedy in general is difficult to write, and comedy in fantasy exceptionally so. The comedy in "Evil Overlord: The Makening" is both lowkey and clever. Most stories that try to be funny end up forcing it. An advantage that this story has going for it is the main storyline is also interesting. The "evil overlord" angle feels additive, rather than hackneyed. 

The main character, Gar, is a laidback person. It complements the comedic aspect of the story, and makes the death and destruction more believable. One common complaint from "serious" fantasy novels is about how quickly the main character gets over killing people, or doing other immoral acts to survive. Lucky the tone and style of the story make it easy to ignore such aspects of the story. 

The interactions between Gar and the demon is well developed. The author has done a great job with devloping secondary characters and giving them compelling backstories or motivations. You don't really see any 2 demensional characters unless the author intended for them to be that way. 

With the format of the story, it has a lot of room to transition from serious moments to slice of life moments. Right now I can see myself enjoying the laid back nature of the story, and seeing Gar become a man and find his meaning in life. I can also see myself enjoying if the story added more serious elements and Gar develops into a person that takes action and makes the world a "better place".

The conceit of a story like this is that Gar is "evil" when he is actually the hero. From what we saw from the first chapter, the world is not a good place to live in. Even more so after getting a glimpse of the greater world Gar inhabits. There are a lot of different directions that this story can take, and it with the quality seen so far, it is exciting to think how everything develops. 


Blorgh the muppet

there is a reason its rated this well, Its hilarious, simple as that and it doesnt need anymore than that. Read it and youll find youll agree with me.

it has ofcourse tons more, but you want an enticement to read not an explanation. now stop reading here ffs i was done after the first sentence why are you still wasting your time with the rest of this drivel? also somebody spam the author for a patreon to be set up, didnt think he read mine 


A quirky retelling of an overlord's rise to infamy.

Reviewed at: Chapter Nineteen: Dumping Corpses in Her Garden

Evil Overlord: The Makening is narated by the ever-snarky, paranoid, yet cool-headed, pyromantic overlord named Gar retelling his rise to infamy in the style of a memoire. I have thoroughly enjoyed NotGodot's playfulness in describing the shit climb to a less shit-covered life through Gar's struggles and experiences. While short lived given that there are only 19 chapters thus far, I greatly look forward to future releases.

Mild concerns with grammar, story and characters are a bit campy but overall enjoyable.