From Winter's Ashes

by RochefortWrites

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Tragedy
A Detective with nothing left to lose, against a Necromancer with the world to gain.

In a world where everyone wields magic, you need a detective as quick with a spell as she is with her wits.

A necromancer forced Detective Heather Blackthorne to watch as he butchered her husband and son, and then stole their bones. She thought it was the worst moment of her life. She was wrong.

It's a year later, with her life shattered and her career in ruins, her last shot at redemption has gone terribly wrong. Heather is sent in disgrace to the high North by the Church she serves. And what peace is to be found in that quiet arctic outpost is all too quickly broken, as her past comes hunting for far more than her, this time.

Warning: Tagged 17+ for some graphic violence and gore.

Written by Patrick Rochefort and Keith Aksland

You can follow the tale here on Royal Road, or directly on the From Winter's Ashes website at
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1.0 - Recrimination ago
Chapter 1.1 - Recrimination ago
Chapter 1.2 - Recrimination ago
Chapter 1.3 - Recrimination ago
Interstitial 1: Selected Readings ago
Chapter 2.0 - Examination ago
Chapter 2.1 - Examination ago
Chapter 2.2 - Examination ago
Chapter 2.3 - Examination ago
Chapter 2.4 - Examination ago
Interstitial 2: Spirits, Miracles, Faith, and Relics ago
Chapter 3.0 - Witness ago
Chapter 3.1 - Witness ago
Chapter 3.2 - Witness ago
Chapter 3.3 - Witness ago
Interstitial 3: Pillars of Northern Magic ago
Chapter 4.0 - Prosecution ago
Chapter 4.1 - Prosecution ago
Chapter 4.2 - Prosecution ago
Chapter 4.3 - Prosecution ago
Interstitial 4: Rise of a Pope, Part 1 ago
Chapter 5.0 - Cross-Examination ago
Chapter 5.1 - Cross-Examination ago
Chapter 5.2 - Cross-Examination ago
Chapter 5.3 - Cross-Examination ago
Interstitial 5: A Seed of Grief ago
Chapter 6.0 - Red-Handed ago
Chapter 6.1 - Red-Handed ago
Chapter 6.2 - Red-Handed ago
Chapter 6.3 - Red-Handed ago
Chapter 7.0 - Ad Hominem ago
Chapter 7.1 - Ad Hominem ago
Chapter 7.2 - Ad Hominem ago
Chapter 7.3 - Ad Hominem ago
Interstitial 6: Rise of a Pope, Part 2 ago
Interstitial 7: Offshore Accounts, Part 1 ago
Chapter 8.0 - Verdict ago
Chapter 8.1 - Verdict ago
Chapter 8.2 - Verdict ago
Chapter 8.3 - Verdict ago
Interstitial 8: Offshore Accounts, Part 2 ago
Chapter 9.0 - Sentence ago
Chapter 9.1 - Sentence ago
Chapter 9.2 - Sentence ago
Chapter 9.3 - Sentence ago

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  • Overall Score

I must say that it is rare to see on this site a novel such as this one. The chapters are actually chapters, not just a page worth of words. And, the plot and description are worthy of a published novel. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that this work is not viewed or known on this site (as of now there is only 34 average views). What succeeds on this site are the story equivalents of potato chips: fast releases and an  overpowered main character.  The kind of thing that is fun to read on the go simply to feel good and happy and to procrastinate.

Anyway, future readers, please do know that the magical mechanics of this fiction as well as the emotional baggage of this novel is on a different level than your typical RR fiction. For those who want something new and well constructed, not a another reincarnation or virtual reality story, then this is for you.

As for the writer, really good job. It's a shame that your fiction isn't getting the attention it deserves.

  • Overall Score

I have to rate it high because compared to royalroadl norm, it is indeed good. But this is like an actual novel, something that really doesn't thrive on this site. People that come here want stuff that they don't get in actual novels. Stuff like OP MC, 1 POV, weird settings/plot, a lot of action or fast pace. It is good but it's out of place. They guy above says it won't get the attention it deserves, but if you try selling good pork to jews and telling them they aren't giving it its worth.

  • Overall Score

If youre a true reader you would really love this novel. Definitely worth your time.

If youre  a true bookworm then please read it.

If youre a typical rr reader thoss who love those OP MCs fast paced story then this is not for you.




I really really love this story. This can be top 10 on topwebfictions