I turned back to the screen that now listed out classes.

<You may select a sub-class at a later date.
Your primary classes to choose from are Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Healer.
Once you have made your selection, it cannot be undone.>

Mira said to avoid magic. So that left a Warrior or a Rogue. I wasn't sure how the system mechanics worked, but a warrior carried around a shield.

If my past life was any indication, that wasn't likely to bode well. I had enough difficulting carrying around a bag of textbooks.

<Kyra: you have selected rogue. Eventually, you can specialize in archery or dual wield swords.  You will start with two short swords. They provide a +1 attack.>

<Please select a profession.
You may choose from assassin, thief, soldier, farmer, or noble.
This will determine your backstory and starting abilities.>

The buttons flashed before me again. My hand hovered over noble. I'd always been curious about what it would be like to be a part of the nobility. As my hand hovered over the nobility button, Mira leaped forward and slammed my hand down on the soldier button.

<Kyra: you have selected soldier.>

I gawked at Mira.

"That's your starting story. Trust me, everyone you love dies in those other professions." Mira shivered. "Especially for the nobles." I nodded in acceptance.

<Kyra: please select a race.
You may choose from Human, Fae, Demon, or Fauna.
There are sub-races within each. Some can be unlocked immediately, and some will need to be unlocked over time or through special quests.>

Over each button, a person for that race stood suspended in the air.

The human was a female soldier in armor standing proudly. The fae was like Mira, but where Mira wore simple leather boots and a plain tunic and trousers, this fae wore elegantly flowing robes. The demon looked like a vampire, beautiful with deep black eyes and sharp fangs and nails. The fauna was a woman with doe eyes, horse hooves, and tiny antlers parting her fine green hair.

Their appearance didn't tell me anything.

Mira cleared her throat.

"The fae and fauna are the best magic users, but relatively weak with swords and shields. You'll start with lower health and constitution, but higher energy. The demons are great with dark magic and physical strength, but they are the villains. So, if you're born in any other lands besides the demon lands, you're dead. Plus, I'd rather you not choose the race we are trying to defeat. Lastly, there are the humans. Weaker in both body and magic. But, there's something to be said for their resilience. They are the last race with any decent land."

This wasn't really a choice. I never enjoyed playing the villain. And I really needed Mira. I wasn't sure how much she'd help me if I chose the demon race. But, they were definitely the strongest.

Something told me that knowledge would be a more powerful tool than brute strength in this world.

<Kyra: you have selected human.>
The following adjustments have been added to your minor stats based on your selections: + 5 Agility, +5 Dexterity, +5 Endurance, +5 persuasion.
Your final overall stats are 50 HP, 35 Intelligence, and 35 Energy.>

<10 minutes.>

<Kyra: please customize your appearance.>

A screen with every customization possible flashed before me. I selected presets Auburn hair, medium height, and athletic build. I customized my face to be the same as it was in my past life: full lips, strong jaw, and high cheekbones. The only changes I added to my new self we're blue-gray eyes, and I let my hair tumble past my waist.

Once I made my selection, I felt my new form settle around me. Mira's eyes twinkled a bit as she changed the setting from a light brown to a deep chocolate brown for my hair.

<2 minutes remaining. >

<Kyra: We have provided the default items pack for your adventure.
Please select (1) Skill and (1) Special Item.>

<1 minute remaining. >

Mira launched forward and selected for me before I had the chance to read.

<Kyra: you have selected: 'stealth' as your skill and 'Spellbook' as your special item.>

"I'm not a mage, what am I supposed to do with a spellbook?!"

<Welcome to Evandria. We will begin in 10 seconds.>

I'm not ready.


Why am I here?


Is Evandaria as dangerous as Mira says?



"What's my first objective, Mira?"


"Don't die." Mira broke out in a laugh. As my vision started to darken, I realized the noise I thought was a laugh sounded more like a choking sob.


<Kyra's Starting Stats:
Character Traits: Rogue Class, Human Race, and Soldier Profession
HP: 42
Energy: 45
Cunning: 35
Attack: 3
Level: 1
Skill's Acquired: Stealth
Item's Acquired: (1) Starter Pack: rope, knife, rations, healing potion. (2) Basic training gear   +2 Defense (3) Dual swords +2 Attack (4) Spellbook (5) Map (6) 3 gold>

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