Some part of me would have preferred the dark, creepy castle to this sterile room. 

I've definitely gone crazy, and it's not just the white room, making me feel that way. Yea, I pinched myself. And, no, the image didn't go away. I was decidedly not okay.

"Can you get a move on before you're completely screwed in the first fight?" A sassy voice erupted in the room that was previously devoid of life.

I glanced behind me to see a shimmering figure hovering a few inches above the platform. She--this figure--was different than the spirit.

"Welcome to Evandria." The figure said with a flourish and a bow of her head. "Now, get a move on." Upon closer inspection, I noticed she had white hair, pointy ears, feline eyes, and a thin, delicate face. 

"You're an elf." I blurted.

The 'elf' in question sniffed. 

"I am not an elf. I'm a fae." Her smile turned vicious. "You just wasted five minutes on that cinematic, and you don't know what a fae is? Get it right, or you might accidentally offend someone here." The fae tsked. 

"Again, I can't stress enough: you are going to be a very dead pincushion filled with arrows if you don't finish the registration. Now." She crossed her arms and bared her teeth.

"Why am I here? I was at my desk and now.." I looked around.

"How did they make me the guide of the one human whose mind they didn't wipe?" The question was purely rhetorical. The fae placed her head in her open palms and let out a sigh. Then her face popped up, and she looked shrewdly at the timer.
<24 minutes.>

"Let's just say your soul has left your body, and you now exist in Evandria." My guide said. "Or you will once you create your character."

"So... I'm dead?" I asked in fear. 

"Well, you aren't dead… perse. Your soul is very much alive, but your old life is gone." The fae guide tapped her foot. "We really don't have time for this. There are only two things you should care about." She held up one finger. "You don't have a body and need to choose one in the next 24 minutes." Then she held up a second finger "The default options the magic system will give you will get you killed. Immediately."

So this was reincarnation. Kind of. 

I was only 18, what did I die of? Why do I need to create my character? Why was I transported into Evandaria?

"Okay. Two questions then. If I die, do I start back here? And, why is the system calling me' player'?" I asked as the timer continued to tick down. Hopefully, I could start over if I made a mistake. 

<Player: You have 23 minutes remaining. Please finish creating your character.>

"Evandria is different than most worlds. There is this system that tracks your abilities and the objectives you need to complete to survive in this world." The fae held up a hand displaying razor-sharp nails. "And before you ask, you were brought here in hopes that you'll save this world. But remember, who you become is ultimately your choice."

I stared down at the screen and began to press the letters for my old name. I wasn't really creative. 

"Heh. You still choose to be a woman in this world." The fae laughed. "The good news is, besides a few gems," the word 'gems' was stated with dripping sarcasm, "this world doesn't differentiate much between men and women. We are all equally struggling."

<Kyra: you have selected this name. Your character will be female.>

<Please select a class.>

"Why me?" I asked tentatively.

"I can't tell you. But I will say, please don't select the demon race or a magic class. And never select to start as a townsperson. They never end well." Mira stared urgently at the timer. "Please finish your character. You only have twenty-one minutes left. I'll explain everything later."

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