"Where am I?"


<Player: State your name.>


I was sleeping at a desk, and now I'm in a white room. No matter how far I walk, I never really seem to move anywhere.

Everything is exactly the same.




The sound reverberated in my ears, and a blue screen jumped to life before me.


<Player: Please state or input your name.>


Large letters flashed before me. As I stared at it in confusion, a timer sprung to life in thin air, causing me to yelp and jump out of the way.


<30 minutes remaining. >


It pulsed with each second it decreased.


<Player: thirty minutes are remaining. Please finish your registration.>


"Can you give me a bit more information?!" I shouted at the disembodied voice. There was a moment of silence while the letters dissolved in thin air. A spectral figure that looked vaguely feminine took its place. Her image shifted, partially disappeared, and reappeared.


<More information requested.>


The room flashed from light to dark, and the spirit began to speak.

"Evandaria was once a beautiful world filled with light and life." A surreal forest materialized around me. Trees, larger than I had ever seen erupted from the earth. Birds fluttered away into the sunlit sky and vibrant plants spotted the forest floor. "But, where there is light, there is also darkness, a balance." The image turned to nightfall. Wolves cried, and the snarls of something wicked spilled from the depths of the woods. I felt hunted like I needed to flee from a predator. But, there was no escape.

"Four races flourished together peacefully; fauna, demons, humans, and fae." The forest faded, and four celestial figures took its place.

They looked as though they had been woven from the constellations. The human looked like me.

The fauna was a beautiful doe-eyed woman with antlers, green hair, and hooves.

The fae had pointed ears and a willowy figure.

But, the last race looked human; a tall man that seemed too beautiful to be real. He raised his hand, palm facing towards me, and I couldn't stop myself from reaching out to touch it. He winked, and then all four figures vanished.

"Where the Fauna were the light that cherished our lands, the Demons were the darkness that consumed it." The scene changed with one side containing a corrupted dark castle where nothing living seemed to flourish. The other side of the clearing held the fauna and the vibrant forest I had just seen.

"Humans and Fae were the neutral races with the power to tip the balance." The celestial figures stood around me, one foot on each side; light and dark. They bowed to me.

"No one knows whether it was human or fae that tipped the balance. But, their choices lead to a scourge." The darkness began to consume the light. Grotesque monsters with wicked horns, protruding teeth, and blood-red eyes started to pour out of the castle. They attacked the fauna that had once rested peacefully in the forest.

"We need someone to restore balance, and as our world has lost most of its light, you are here to help us. You are our champion." The spirits voice became stronger.

"Please save us. We have very little time left." The spirit bowed. "And, in that time, I will do everything I can to prepare you." The vision vanished, and the room turned white again.

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