Marionette of Chaos Magic: Evandaria

by Casual Calamity

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead Virtual Reality War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In 2020, I have moved to publish books on amazon. Due to the numerous sites pirating my material, I will no longer publish on RR, MQ or WN. I will only publish on amazon. 

If you find this book free anywhere, it is illegally pirated. 

I hope that the illegal sites pirate this chapter too as a notice to readers. I will not support pirating and distribution of my material for free on unauthorized sites.

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Avania: Fantasy novel - Available on Amazon Dec 2019

Evandaria: LITRPG - Available on Amazon February 2020

The Golden Tiger Lily: LITRPG - Available on Amazon March 2020

Evandaria: LITRPG - Available on Amazon March 2020


Thank you for being here and reading through my chapters. I am disappointed to have to remove books from these sites and I have not distributed more than the first 3 chapters (traditional novel format) of any given series. But, with how rampant pirating has become I cannot safely ensure the full removal of these books from terrible sites. 

All of my works are under copyright and pirating is illegal and a violation of my copyright. Readers can use reliable sites like Royal Road, Webnovel and Moonquill to ensure, as readers, they do not support illegal pirating. 

Please support the authors that remain on these sites (RR, WN, and MQ) by reading their novels here. Most of these sites would not exist without the use of them. 

This is boycott of pirating. I provided my work for free here, but it has been abused. 

Thank you again for being here. I wish you the best in all of the books you read. And, I will continue to wish the success of all my fellow authors on this site. 

'"Again, I can't stress enough: you are going to be a very dead pincushion filled with arrows if you don't finish the registration. Now." She crossed her arms and bared her teeth.

"Why am I here? I was at my desk and now.." I looked around.

"How did they make me the guide of the one human whose mind they didn't wipe?" The question was purely rhetorical. The fae placed her head in her open palms and let out a sigh. Then her face popped up, and she looked shrewdly at the timer. 

<24 minutes.>

"Let's just say your soul has left your body, and you now exist in Evandria." My guide said. "Or you will once you create your character."

"So... I'm dead?" I asked in fear. '


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