Land Warrior: Greyhounds

by Edgar Allan Alcazar

Original HIATUS Action Contemporary Male Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Deep plots and conspiracies, these are the worst threats other than terrorism or rebellion. The operators of the 51st Greyhounds lay witness to a greater story behind the scenes. Sacrifice is needed for the sake of security of their country.

Release Rate: The story in WebNovel has 25 chapters already. 2 arcs has been finished with the last arc still being written. School and life sometimes can be a bummer in writing. 

I shall upload the rest of the chapters soon... just watch out of the mass release I am planning.

My rate in posting chapters is 2 to 3 chapters per week.

The schedule of posting of Chapters is thursdays until sunday.

"Note: This story has been posted at

In order to keep in touch with me, the author please visit the Discord link below 

Thank you for reading Land Warrior!"

"I am currently editing the existing chapters. I apologize for the low quality of writing I displayed earlier. Please give me some time to fix these issues. Thank you once again for reading my story!" 

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