Legend of the Infinity Blades

by Pleonastic Name

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


Random teleportation to alternate dimensions? Pulp fantasy magic with swords and lolis? Pro gamers and megalomaniacal demon lords? A pitiful self-insert salaryman? I think we all know where this is going. Our MC probably would have too if he wasn't so sleep deprived from playing League of Warriors (TM) all though last night. But there is no rest for a top-ranked pro gamer. So when our exhausted warrior takes to the dangerous streets for a late evening snack, the inevitable happens.


Henlo, thanks for stopping by. This little piece of work is more of a writing exercise for me so I am not really taking it seriously. If you were wondering, I'm working on character writing and worldbuilding; the story is a bit weak atm though. Still I would like any feedback that can help me improve. Not sure where its going right now but thats not too important. Just a quick read is all this is, thanks again.

I originally planned this out as a parody of a few things (infinity blades... infinity stones? get it?) and a satire on gamer-isekai stories, so please bare with me. I like to think of myself as a funny guy, but... 


I drew the cover art myself in MS paint lol.

I have the first few chapters drafted; will submit daily untill I'm caught up.

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Cecil Bee
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I don't feel it is fair to judge a writer on his first chapter hopefully my comments help.

A great character in an uninteresting story. Most isekai stories strive for a normal everyday guy living out a power fantasy and getting all the girls. This doesn't fall into this trap, it subverts it.

The author's character is a breath of fresh air in a stale genre. He's not likable but he is painfully relatable. You know why he does what he does and what he might do next. He kept me reading.

Unfortunately, the story feels like it doesn't have a purpose. No drive. There are great moments (mostly when the MC doesn't get what he wants) but it falls into the 'and then' trap. Example: A hero goes to the market and then he goes home and then jumps over a wall. There are moments of conflict and tension but most of the story is aimless.

My suggestion: please read and enjoy the story for what it is, a great character study. 

To the author: I hope to see more chapters so I can change my review.