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There are monsters in space!

What is the best thing in the galaxy? Killing supernatural monsters, making love with hot women, and seeking adventures. That is John Jaeger's typical life as a Space Paranormal Defense agent. However, he should have known better to bed a werewolf prostitute. Not only she cursed him into a cyborg monster, he suddenly becomes irresistible to women. Even his squadron of monster girls can't keep their hands off him. But does that really matter? Together, John and his girls track down demons, malevolent ghosts, and bloodthirsty creatures from harming the human colonies. Saving the galaxy is more difficult than being a werewolf.

Warning: Some scenes contain sexual content and graphic action violence.

P.S, my word count will be between 500 to 2,000 words in each chapter.

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Miles Trombley

Miles Trombley

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Book One: Chapter 1 ago
Book One: Chapter 2 ago
Book One: Chapter 3 ago
Book One: Chapter 4 ago
Book One: Chapter 5 ago
Book One: Chapter 6 ago
Book One: Chapter 7 ago
Book One: Chapter 8 ago
Book One: Chapter 9 ago
Book One: Chapter 10 ago
Book One: Chapter 11 ago
Book One: Chapter 12 ago
Book One: Chapter 13 ago
Book One: Chapter 14 ago
Book One: Chapter 15 ago
Book One: Chapter 16 ago
Book One: Chapter 17 ago
Book One: Chapter 18 ago
Book One: Chapter 19 ago
Book One: Chapter 20 ago
Book One: Chapter 21 ago
Book One: Chapter 22 ago
Book One: Chapter 23 ago
Book One: Chapter 24 ago
Book One: Chapter 25 ago
Book Two: Chapter 1 ago
Book Two: Chapter 2 ago
Book Two: Chapter 3 ago
Book Two: Chapter 4 ago
Book Two: Chapter 5 ago
Book Two: Chapter 6 ago
Book Two: Chapter 7 ago
Book Two: Chapter 8 ago
Book Two: Chapter 9 ago
Book Two: Chapter 10 ago
Book Two: Chapter 11 ago
Book Two: Chapter 12 ago
Book Two: Chapter 13 ago
Book Two: Chapter 14 ago
Book Two: Chapter 15 ago
Book Two: Chapter 16 ago
Book Two: Chapter 17 ago
Book Two: Chapter 18 ago
Book Two: Chapter 19 ago
Book Two: Chapter 20 ago
Book Two: Chapter 21 ago
Book Two: Chapter 22 ago
Book Two: Chapter 23 ago
Book Two: Chapter 24 ago
Book Two: Chapter 25 ago
Book Two: Chapter 26 ago
Book Two: Chapter 27 ago
Book Two: Chapter 28 ago
Book Two: Chapter 29 ago
Book Two: Chapter 30 ago
Book Three: Chapter 1 ago
Book Three: Chapter 2 ago
Book Three: Chapter 3 ago
Book Three: Chapter 4 ago
Book Three: Chapter 5 ago
Book Three: Chapter 6 ago
Book Three: Chapter 7 ago
Book Three: Chapter 8 ago
Book Three: Chapter 9 ago
Book Three: Chapter 10 ago

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This story brings me more joy than any other on RR.

I'm not saying its good.

But it's something.


An Ode to Silver Syringes

Reviewed at: Book One: Chapter 6

The Dark Wolf  is something I love. It's something I admire. I have followed it for three minutes, and never regretted it. I jumped in every time I drank too much, gorged myself on each plunge of the syringe. And now, I'm dropping it. Don't take this as a statement of it being bad, or even getting bad. The Dark Wolf has proven to be nothing but pure quality.


When I talk about it, I hold it to the best of the best. I compare it the like of A Song of Fire and Ice and The Wheel of Time. Because it is. When people argue with that web serial authors aren't 'real' authors, I trot out The Dark Wolf. When they say we aren't getting money like 'real' authors, I point them at Miles Trombley’s space dollars . They shut up.


I hold nothing but love for this amazing story, and will always remember it. But now, as I finish Chapter 6, I close the proverbial pages. Why? I need to go buy more syringes.


Neat concept. I like it. Look forward to where this leads.