The Aeternum

by Qoazi

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Dungeon LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

For Theodore,  The Arrival of the system first appears more akin to an apocalypse. With the Stars falling from the sky and the cities burning he cant be faulted for going to hide in the wilderness can he?But when the System later initializes and remakes the topography of the world; It becomes apparent just how damning his choice of hidingspot really is. Trapped, Isolated and surrounded by monsters Theodore must dive head-first into what the system offers to have any chance of survival.


**Authors Note**This is my first attempt at ever writing a novel. I highly suggest you temper your expectations. There will likely be many Stylistic Changes as i adapt and figure out how i want to write the story, And for this i would love feedback from you readers so i can refine my writing style and hopefully bring my story from "readable" to "enjoyable"Perhaps some of you may find it enjoyable already though, i can always hope. Cheers!PS. This story has been heavily inspired by other works on Royal Road, Specifically i draw heavy Inspiration from "The Legend Of Randidly Ghosthound" and "The New World" (Which it too is inspired By Randidly Ghosthound). 

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