Tales from the Afterworld

by Olga McArrow

Looking for something exotic? Then this book might be just for you! "Tales from the Afterworld" is a collection of short stories in different genres (fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, fairy tale). All of them are translated from Russian and illustrated by the author.

Visit dozens of worlds and meet dozens of different characters on your journey through the stories and genres. Each story is short enough to read it in one go and is completely SFW; there are no such things as profanity, gore, and traumatizing content in this book. These stories are here not to shock you but to bring some joy and light into your life :)

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Olga McArrow

Olga McArrow

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Story 001 - SOUL BAIT (science fiction) ago
Story 002 - MAP OF A DISTANT GALAXY (space opera) ago
Story 003 - ABYSS OF STARS (fairy tale) ago
Story 004 - ISLAND OF CHOICE (mystery) ago
Story 005 - RETURN TO THE ISLAND OF CHOICE (mystery) ago
Story 006 - BLACK ANGEL (fairy tale) ago
Story 007 - ROSE-BEETLE (fantasy) ago
Story 008 - ESURIA (postapocalyptic sci-fi) ago
Story 009 - EVERGREEN (fantasy) ago
Story 010 - WAIT FOR ME (magical realism) ago
Story 011 - ROSE-COLOURED GLASSES (sci-fi) ago
Story 012 - STONE GUARDIAN (fantasy) ago
Story 013 - CROCODILES IN THE SKY (fantasy) ago
Story 014 - ZERO MONTH (magical realism) ago
Story 016 - STORY OF THE LOST WINGS (fairy tale) ago
Story 017 - AGE OF THE SWORD (space opera) ago
Story 018 - LAND OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (magical realism) ago
Story 019 - DRAGON AND PHOENIX (magical realism) ago
Story 020 - WHITE CROWS (magical realism) ago
Story 021 - MARBLE CAT (mystery) ago
Story 022 - DANCING LEO (fantasy) ago
Story 023 - URGENT LETTER (urban fantasy) ago
Story 024 - THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS (fairy tale) ago
Story 025 - WONDERFUL FLOWERS (sci-fi) ago
Story 026 - THE LORD AND HIS PAWN (fantasy) ago
Story 027 - THE MESSAGE OF O-SENSEI (magical realism) ago
Story 028 - FIRE BIRD'S DALE (fantasy) ago
Story 029 - THEORETICIAN (fantasy) ago
Story 030 - GALAPAGO (magical realism) ago
Story 031 - GOLDEN DAY (fantasy) ago
Story 032 - FLAGMAN (magical realism) ago
Story 033 - AQUAMARINE PATH (fantasy) ago
Story 034 - TALKING WITH SPIRITS (magical realism) ago
Story 035 - IN DEATH AND IN SLEEP (fantasy) ago
Story 036 - GLADIATOR AND TIGER (fantasy) ago
Story 038 - BOOKWYRMS (sci-fi) ago
Story 039 - THE FIRST SHOT (magical realism) ago
Story 040 - CARPET BOMBARDMENTS (magical realism) ago
Story 041 - SHE-WOLF (fantasy) ago
Story 042 - PROMISE ME! (magical realism) ago
Story 043 - PIRATE STORY (fantasy) ago
Story 044 - FAT GIRL'S ANGEL (fantasy) ago
Story 045 - ECLIPSE (mystery) ago
Story 046 - CROSSROADS OF TIME (magical realism) ago
Story 047 - BITTER LAKE (paranormal) ago
Story 048 - LEGEND OF THE LAST KING (fantasy) ago
Story 049 - WEDDING DRESS (fantasy) ago
Story 050 - UMBRELLA KID (horror) ago
Story 051 - BLACK TOWER TALE (fantasy) ago
Story 052 - GLOVE ON THE SHOULDER (fantasy) ago
Story 053 - ch1,2 - ICE GIFT (sci-fi) ago
Story 053 - ch 3,4,5 - ICE GIFT (sci-fi) ago
Story 053 - ch 6,7,8 - ICE GIFT (sci-fi) ago
Story 053 - ch 9,10,11 - ICE GIFT (sci-fi) ago
Story 053 - ch12,13 - ICE GIFT (sci-fi) ago
Story 054 - WINGED FOLK (fantasy) ago
Story 055 - CICADA (fantasy) ago
Story 056 - LITTLE CATERPILLAR (sci-fi) ago

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Short stories that remind me of when I was younger.

Reviewed at: Story 007 - ROSE-BEETLE (fantasy)

It is in the title, I remember these books my parents used to get me with a bunch of short stories in them. In a way, it is what made me fall in love with reading and fantasy in general. 

Thanks Olga, for taking me back to the good old times where my biggest worry was how to make my treehouse cooler.



You may know this author better from her superb webcomic - "Gifts Of Wandering Ice". These short stories have much the same touch: a simple enough story on the surface, that opens out into fascinating studies of what it means to be human, what it means to be alive. In other words, these stories are what fantasy at its best should be.