Harem Reaper

by Mike777ac

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Psychological Romance Sci-fi Gender Bender Harem Martial Arts Slice of Life Supernatural Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Six months before Weed started his legendary adventure in Royal Road a gigantic level 1 barbarian craftsman with a fetish for monster girls and female dragons was causing chaos in Rhodium. His name is Azrael, the first user to obtain a dragon heart... metaphorically.
[Warning! This story contains Strong Language and Mature Themes!]

On Hiatus :(
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  • Overall Score

I LOVE this fanfic, it’s just that there hasn't been any updates for 3 MONTHS and i'm feeling empty :(


a bit weird/dark and off which adds to its uniqueness/originality and makes it loveable, would love to see more in the future

dragon seal
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was good, needs to be updated

this story was good it just jumped around allot and has not been updated for a long time.

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Most Interesting Story

This is the most interesting story that I ever read so far, the story is interesting, the characters is interesting, also the plot and going of the story are interesting. Heck, I could only guess what would happen next. 

But, I wish you'd finished the whole novel. 

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this was great.. a little bit too dark with great and weird characters
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It hasn't been updated in early two months!!

This a great FF, it’s a little dark and mature but that only adds to it’s charm. the i only problem i have with it is IT HASNT BEEN UPDATED IN 2 MONTHS AARRGG!!!   Other than that its fantastic : )
  • Overall Score

Really u drop it!!!!!!!!!!

u make me very angry and sad why u drop it!!!! is getting interesting!!! plot to me very good and story line too but why!!! is not update!!!….(ps i am sorry is i hurt u feeling  ok peace all)

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Plot is slow, like really slow.

There needs to be a bit of a flow, too many things going at once. I actually lost the plot of the whole thing, and I don't see the "Harem" part either which is kind of misleading considering the story is called Harem Reaper.

The plot is a bit slow, so a lot of potential is lost there. As I was expecting the all of the characters of the Harem in the first 10-15 chapters, but so far I only saw 1. I would say you could condense the first few chapters into 1. Could have a used a bit of time skip to move the plot along. And you are already into like Volume 2, have you have yet to introduce the other harem characters, one of the reasons why I gave the story a 2 and half.