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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

In one night the world changed. Impossible Spires appeared and with them came terrible monsters and wondrous abilities that defied the laws of science. The safety of everyday life was gone. Survival was thrust into the hands of a woefully unprepared humanity. Now they had no choice, but to fight and grow stronger for the end of their world was only the beginning.

Updates Sunday and Wednesday PST

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Check out the blurb. If it sounds interesting give it a look. Cheers!


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Word Count (14)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Making Friends ago
2. The End of the World ago
3. An Odd Apocalypse ago
4. Into the Spire ago
5. Family Meeting ago
6. Monsters of a Different Sort ago
7. Human Dangers ago
8. Challenging Encounters ago
9. Dungeon Run ago
10. Train-ing ago
11. Concentrating, Camping ago
12. A Wild Boss Appears ago
13. Boss Fights ago
14. Prime ago
15. Tutorials ago
16. A Troublesome Discovery ago
17. Cooking Up Some Diplomacy ago
18. A Side Quest ago
19. Running With Lowbies ago
20. Horde Mode ago
21. Death From Above ago
22. Naming Conventions ago
23. Breakdown In Negotiations ago
24. Breakout ago
25. Invader ago
26. End Boss ago
27. Epilogue ago
2.0 Prologue ago
2.1 ago
2.2 ago
2.3 ago
2.4 ago
2.5 ago
2.6 ago
2.7 ago
2.8 ago
2.9 ago
2.10 ago
2.11 ago
2.12 ago
2.13 ago
2.14 ago
2.15 ago
2.16 ago
2.17 ago
2.18 ago
2.19 ago
2.20 ago
2.21 ago
2.22 ago
2.23 ago
2.24 ago
2.25 ago
2.26 Epilogue ago
3.0 Prologue ago
3.1 ago
3.2 ago
3.3 ago
3.4 ago
3.5 ago
3.6 ago
3.7 ago
3.8 ago
3.9 ago
3.10 ago
3.11 ago
3.12 ago
3.13 ago
3.14 ago
3.15 ago
3.16 ago
3.17 ago
3.18 ago
3.19 ago
3.20 ago
3.21 ago
3.22 ago
3.23 ago
3.24 ago
3.25 ago
3.26 ago
3.27 ago
3.28 ago
3.29 ago

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 I like where it's going with it's decent grammar, not much to the story and characters but it's coming along.

Read it pals


Well written split timeline post-apoc story

Reviewed at: 18. A Side Quest
The story is well written.  The characters are each slowly developing into their own beings (though one of the brother's wives could use more development).  There is a split timeline of past and present that are woven together wonderfully to explain what has happened and why it's relevant to what's happening now and what's happening now and why it's relevant to what happened before.

Worthwhile reading

Reviewed at: 2.24

Apart from some minor grammatical issues, this is a good read. Give it a chance! 


Doesn't waste time detailing every single step the MCs make to develop their powers and other stuff that barely qualifies as filler material.

Also, the MC isn't the most powerful in the story. He's strong, sure,  but no silly power creep to ruin the lategame.


It's well written but kind of annoying, the chapter nearly entirely composed of dialogue as well as the "now" & "then" format are bothering me.