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'All or nothing. It was not like I will be able to survive if they fall.' Kinoya was ready to get it over with as soon as possible. With each volley arrows, quivers were becoming emptier. 'More I wait more desperate the situation will become.' Thus he shouted...

"Create a path in the shield wall, let them come in. Spears support them from the back. Spearmen, who were on standby, increase the attack along the wing. 20 swordsmen will defend the end of the path with your life. Archers at ready, shoot at order."

In was time to execute the order from six years old, but the soldiers were no amateurs. They didn't just blindly follow the order of 6 years old. They improvised. The shield wall created an 'L' position with 2 along the side so that the enemy can't attack them just by entering.

The inside of the 'L' was filled with the spearmen. They were at the position from where they can attack anyone who would dare to enter the hole in the wall. The hole in the wall was enough for 4 to enter. The swordsmen were waiting at the end of the wall.

The formation had 'Trap' written all over it and the enemies weren't an idiot.
With the formation, the pressure at the wing increased a lot. Now the almost 7-8 spears were attacking 2 on the wings with the middle of the enemy formation had nothing to do. The enemy was quick to catch on the tactics and started to reorganise.

"SWORD DUCK, archers shot through the middle." Just the moment they were rearranging themselves, Kinoya shouted.

With the order, everybody was caught off guard. Not just the enemies even his people were stunned, but they didn't waste any time.

The swordsmen were quick to lay on the ground. The archers who were aiming upwards didn't miss a single breath turned towards the hole. They showed Kinoya the fastest archer rotation. In 10 seconds they shot almost 100 arrows almost emptying the quivers.

The enemy could hear the order too. How can they just stand there and take attack head-on? They were ready to go back in the formation with a moments notice and so they did. Alas, it was already too late.

Within a moment almost 10 enemies lost their lives, 5 more were wounded. But even before they could recover, another command came.

"PUSH. Swordsman advance by the wings." Kinoya shouted at the top of his lunge and they compiled.

The standby swordsmen ran by the back of the spearmen and assaulted along the wing front row of the enemy line. It was an effective strategy and the enemy line crumbled reducing the number of the enemy by another 10.
But before a smile could appear on Kinoya's face the beasts charged in, with the tamers backing up with arrows.

"Block the gap, spear increase the assault, swordsman support the wings. Archers arrange in the formation. And don't push." But the constant change resulted in the first casualty under his command. But the enemies also lost 3 more.
The pressure continued to increase of Kinoya, but he wasn't the only one who was feeling it.

"Archer attack the 2nd man from the left wall in the 3rd row. And be ready to shoot at the back." With the command, he could feel the atmosphere of the field changed. For the first time, he had felt such a killing intent.
'He was cunning, but no matter what it won't be easy for a commander to hide.' He couldn't help but praise the commander of the enemy.

The adaptability and the patience was something not many could compare with. If it was a head-strong commander then he would have won much easier, through the casualty would have been higher. Only because of this commander, the enemy was able to hold on for such a long time.

But he waited too long. With a smile, he looked at the person who was moving hurriedly backwards. But once marked by an archer it will be hard for him to run away unless he ran out of the range, and that the thing he wanted. On the other hand, the beasts moved as he predicted.

"Arrows at the beast." With the command, half of the archer turned and shoot as the beasts with the protection of the swordsman. The light arrows were not much help.

The beast had tough hide but that was where the experience came into play. Rather than shooting ignorantly they were taking time to shoot at eyes, ears and even at the mouth.

It still cost 12 swordsmen before they were able to subdue the beasts. On the front, the arrows from the beast tamers were creating a problem but without the presence of the head, they weren't able to cope up with the relentless attack. Not long after they turned tail but only 7-8 able to run.

But Kinoya wasn't willing to let them. "Everybody on the ground, Archer, leave none alive."

The shield-bearer, the spearmen even the swordsmen who were following the enemy lay down on the ground. And the one round of arrow was enough to claim the life of them along with 3 beast tamers. Leaving the commander and the 4 beast tamers who ran away even before their army fell.

"Archer, Shieldbearer, spearmen rest. The swordsmen gather the arrows." Kinoya shouted as he came down off the wall. Even he was surprised by how easily he could move along the wall. 'I became spider-man.' He joked as someone said behind him.

"Commander you are bleeding." The military is a strict organization. Only because he bare the medal of the general they are willing to call him a commander. Little did he know, if the last time they liked him because of his fearlessness now they are respecting him due to his commanding ability.

"Ahhhh!" that was all escapes his mouth as he looked at the fingertips. It was bleeding nonstop. Not just his fingertips even both of his knees and the toes were bleeding. "Fuck you spider-man."

A sudden shout of him left other speechless but was followed by a huge roll of laughter. The soldiers couldn't help but think that no matter how cool-headed he might appear at the end of the day he was just a 6 years old child.
One of the shield bearers who was sitting close to Kinoya asked, "Can I see the badge?" With the immediate crisis over Kinoya got nothing to be afraid of. He simply hands over the badge.

"It is the Moon general's badge." He exclaimed. As he was returning the badge Kinoya could see the question in his eyes. As the soldiers didn't ask, Kinoya didn't bother to explain.

"What should we do now?" A Spearman asked while cleaning the head of the spear.

To him it didn't matter who the child is, he already acknowledged the child as his immediate commander. Others looked at the 6 years old child who had put up some ointment given by one of the archers.

Feeling others gaze Kinoya looked up, "If there is a good climber then we should see the situation on the other side of the wall."
"The region on the opposite of our region already defeated the enemy and engaging with the earth meta-dragon." One of the archers reported.
"Leave the climbing to me." One of the archers said and moved on the wall.

On the other hand, Kinoya was looking at the beast called earth meta-dragon. 'Before anything I need to know about the flora and fauna of this world. Otherwise, I might even before die even before leaving this place.'

The one who climbed came down with a dark face. "On the left, the battle is still going on but both sides had heavy casualties, not even 10 of each side left. But the left side is doomed. Slaughtered."

"How many soldiers are there on the right?"
"Not sure about it but around forty."

"I need an exact number, do it now." Kinoya's sudden outburst was little surprising but lucky for him it was an army and due to their discipline, the climber compiled without any question. He looked around to find other than swordsman there was no other casualty. The number reduced to 27 from 42. 11 shield-bearer, 17 spearmen and 30 archer were ready to fight.

Without hesitation, he sent 3 shield bearer with 2 spearmen, 5 swordsmen and 5 archers to the left. "Overkill it may feel, but my only word is to return without a scratch. The only thing we are lacking right now is the time. So return as soon as possible."
As soon as they left the climber came down. The one Kinoya is worried about was the enemies of the left. "5 beast-tamer archers, 29 swordsmen and the commander with a giant hammer."

"A headstrong commander. No problem. We just have to lure them out. Send a spearman on the left to relay the order." As soon as everything was at the position he too climbed the wall on the right.

On the right side.

With his signal 5 swordsmen moved, charged at the 5 beast tamers, who were at the back. They fall as Kinoya predicted. The moment the enemies noticed it was too late. The swordsmen had already disappeared behind the wall.

But they chased without hesitation. It was the reason it was easy to fight such a commander. The moment they charged arrows rained down from the top claiming 7 more lives.

Under the leadership of the hammer commander, 22 others followed. It was hard to defend but he had to try. Just as Kinoya ordered, two shield-bearer had tried to defend and sent flying as a result.

By the time the commander understood something was wrong 10 more swordsmen were fallen under the constant barrage of arrows. Kinoya had ordered to avoid aiming at the commander. The slaughter behind him enraged the commander but it was too late.

It was utter chaos and 3 swordsmen, lying dead on the ground moved and cut off his Achilles heel. He became the toothless lion. The remaining one followed him like a castle of cards.

The whole ordeal didn't even take 2 minutes compared to the last one that lasted over 10 minutes.

A cheer erupted but was cut short by the signal of Kinoya. He had forgotten about the commander and the remaining beast tamer who joined the enemy of the left only to change the tide. But with more assist, the result was as expected.

"Should we go to the other side or attack the meta-dragon form the back?" Before he could answer he could feel his danger sense tingling to the peak.

"Run towards the barrier" as he led the way. The others didn't think for a moment before running in top speed.

Kinoya was surprised to see even the shield-bearer was running faster than him with huge tower shield that was after fighting for such a long time. Now he could understand that what he meant by he would be just above average by his stats.

But all the thought went out of his mind as a huge pressure started to crash down on him. It was not his sense rather pure pressure.


With a thunderous boom, he was sent flying only to be supported by a soldier.

The meta-dragon was crushed by a giant red burning meteorite, with blood splattered everywhere. Even the walls were broken too. A huge cheer broke out as the barriers around the square vanished. He turned towards the soldier who explained the work of the grade-III apprentice mage.

'It's over…' but his train of thought was cut short with the voice inside his head and the screen in front of his eyes.

[The host has an activated secondary profession quest.
Activation condition: Lead a troop of 10 or more to victory.
Status: Successful.
Reward: Title 'Apprentice General'.]

…Followed by another…

[Quest: Lead a troop of 10 or more to victory for 10 battle.
Time: Unlimited.
Status: [1/10].
Reward: Secondary profession (General)]

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