The Broken System: What Bred the KING

by Aree Edan

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Ruling Class School Life Strategy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

Kinoya an ordinary research fellow, was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Did he become next SPIDERMAN?

Of course, NO. He died just to become an object of research himself. Being a fascinating subject, he was researched extensively and he had died again but not until he killed them all.

He got a loving family on the next time he woke up. A Gift? Of course No. His family was devastated in front of very eyes and he was sold as Sex SLAVE. What should he do? Of course, Kill them all.

And then

[Ceremony successful…

Tribute accepted…

Connecting the soul...]

[Connecting to the world…

Activating the system…



Connecting to the system…


[THE BROKEN SYSTEM activated.]

He had no intention but the destiny had chosen him. Willing or not he was led to the path of KING armed with a broken system. BUT ascendancy and demise are the two side of the same coin...


Schedule: 7 chaps/Week (Extra on weekends)

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Aree Edan

Aree Edan

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Good but not for everyone

Reviewed at: 15. The System is BROKEN!?

The story was good but only if you're not looking for mistakes. The MC is a bit OP (I mean, the thing inside him). It would be better if the story includes the short battle scene rather than saying "kill them" everytime they encounter a crisis... And after saying "kill them"... then that's it, everyone dead,.. chapter is done.

Speaking of military, they're all well-trained... And of course, as a soldier, they have their pride, and only rank power can control them. But sadly, they recognized the kid commands as their... General? just because of the badge?  Really?? 

Imagine if you're a soldier in a middle of terrorist attack then some random unknown kid started shouting some nonsense, trying to make your whole team to follow his orders??? Seriously? Even though he got a badge from the recruitment doesn't mean they have to obey the kid, he's just an unexperience one(in the eye of military) vs a well-trained soldier! It's exaggerated man...

And age really matters in term of experience if you ask those military officers in the chaos. It's one sided dude. What if some capable soldier says, "get that kid, he's a theft, get the badge... I'll rather command my peers than to listen on some unknown child gibberish

Maybe, it is more reasonable if it's an adult son of some well known military noble general.