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Dungeon Core meets Xianxia. Reborn as a Nascent Soul with a System designed to help forge a Sect, our MC must gather students and teachers both to form a powerful Sect, one capable of protecting his bodiless spirit from other, older Nascent Souls that seek to consume him. 


Inspired by novels such as Forge of Destiny, Cradle, and Arrogant Young Master Template 4. Make sure to give them some love, because they are my favorite Xianxia of all time, and deserve plenty of praise. 

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  • Overall Score

The only glaring issue here is the slow upload. Other than that it looks like a fairly solid Xianxia/Wuxia novel with pretty nifty twist. 

Give it a shot.

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Quite enjoyable even with the info dumps

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

We're only just getting into the world. It's still just the mc and his monologues. Sometimes the system prompts.

But the antics of the mc, alone in the pagoda, are quite enjoyable.

And the infodumps are not off-putting. It's because the author does a nice job following them up with interesting experiments.

This section contains some spoilers, I rant about what I don't like :

However, I do wish the MC would become a less of a maniac. His current mental state makes it hard to empathize with him (where some of his emotions are being dulled by the system cause he is some kind of spiritual entity). Like when he started using fireballs inside the pagoda. 

The first few times, I guess it was funny. And I understand he is that kind of person. But then when he started to do it again after finishing the system tasks... it immidiately became old and off putting. Like, that pagoda is his only home right now. A person with even a little bit of self preserving instinct would not do what he is doing just for shits and giggles. Even with his emotions surpassed. In the first place, the system should have left some emotions alone like mentioned in chapter one.

These are his ramnant desires, "Love, Family, Child-rearing, Magic, Adventure, Competition."

Now, how does that make him become a pyromaniac that will casually try to set his own home on fire?

The system even warned him when it was explaining about formations, that there were enemies out there.

The MC is likable, specially his monologues. But his character is slowly but surely turning towards a negative direction. At least for me.

All in all, I first didn't want to read this because the last chapter was updated 25 days ago with one note from the author.

Today there was another update so I decided to take a look. I am glad I did. Hopefully this won't be another addition to the endless pile of good stories in Hiatus on Royalroad.

Dmitri Dela Vega
  • Overall Score

Don't normally do this but...... 

Kudos, Author!!! Great Story!!!! 

  • Overall Score

This is trying to be a rare mix of genres: xianxia and dungeon core. I like it, and it has a lot of potential. Keep goind dear author, you may just create you own fresh little niche in some very crowded genres.