The Odyssey of Dalis

by Elim

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Memories lost, Powers buried, Dalis spends three years in the Caleyar Orphanage listlessly. Unlike his peers, he will not become a Vanquisher. Protecting the borders against the demonic beasts? No, Dalis’s fate was far beyond that. Dalis's very presence was destined to cause the world to quake, and the impending crisis to be overturned. 

And yet, all of his endeavours were insignificant. 

It was only the prelude to the beginning.

Heaven and Hell await his return.

Was everything Dalis lived in those times of lost memories for naught? 

"Light-hearted” and very comedic adventure novel with a grand overarching plot. As the plot progresses, the story turns more serious. It also has quite a load of dialogue. There are references from other works too and even an ambitious arrogant young master. Not as an antagonist but as a MAIN CHARACTER. This is about a Great Journey/Odyssey/Bizzare Adventure

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

Credits: Ellygretta for illustration <3

Disclaimer: I use British/Australian English and all use of parenthesis ( ) is used to show the thoughts of characters in their exact words. 


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Group Leader (IV)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: A Daily Morning ago
Chapter 2: Lessons with Scholar Somal ago
Chapter 3: The Mentors ago
Chapter 4: Karen and Halio; Soldiers-in-training and Next in line Vanquishers. Battle! ago
Chapter 5: Aftermath of the Training Battle ago
Chapter 6: Post Incident Conversations ago
Chapter: 7-9 (Combined) Sister Edna's Advice ago
Chapter 10-11: (Combined) The Week before the Pre-Soldier Exam ago
Chapter 12-13: The Week before the Pre-Soldier Exam; Otherside ago
Chapter 14-15: Pre-Soldier Exam (1,2) The Pre-Soldier Exam Begins! ago
Chapter 16: Pre-Soldier Exam (3) Calpufer herbs ago
Chapter 17: Pre-Soldier Exam (4) Rhinearian Beetle ago
Chapter 18: Pre-Soldier Exam (5) He's one of a kind ago
Chapter 19: Pre-Soldider Exam (6) Spliz ago
Chapter 20: Pre-Soldier Exam (7) Defence Mechanism ago
Chapter 21: Pre-Soldier Exam (8) Dalis Style . . . ago
Chapter 22: Pre-Soldier Exam (9) “The Spider’s Den” ago
Chapter 23: Pre-Soldier Exam (10) "The Spider's Den" Part 2 ago
Chapter 24 Pre-Soldier Exam (11) On the Run! A Pack of Wolves! ago
Chapter 25: Pre-Soldier Exam (12) Sleeping together ago
Chapter 26: Pre-Soldier Exam (13) Cave that is probably home to The Monster ago
Chapter 27: Pre-Soldier Exam (14) Encounter! The Monster ago
Chapter 28 Pre-Soldier Exam (15) Encounter! The Monster Part 2 ago
Chapter 29: Pre-Soldier Exam (16) Encounter! The Monster Part 3 ago
Chapter 30: Pre-Soldier Exam (17) Gameplan to face The Monster ago
Chapter 31: Pre-Soldier Exam (18) Alexia Mae and Hayate: Arrogant Geniuses ago
Chapter 32: Pre-Soldier Exam (19) Alexia Mae and Hayate: Arrogant Geniuses Part 2 ago
Chapter 33: Pre-Soldier Exam (20) The Monster on his tail ago
Chapter 34: Pre-Soldier Exam (21) Mountainous Monsters ago
Chapter 35: Pre-Soldier Exam (22) A Wild The Monster Appeared! ago
Chapter 36-37 Pre-Soldier Exam (23,24) Rematch The Monster!! ago
Chapter 38: Pre-Soldier Exam (25) Stilla’s Hidden Technique?! ago
Chapter: 39 Pre-Soldier Exam (26) Hidden Technique Unleashed; ORA ORA ORA ago
Chapter 40: Pre-Soldier Exam (27) Unexpected disturbing aftermath . . . ago
Chapter 41: Pre-Soldier Exam (28) Haven’t you wondered why our birthplace is named Feeria? ago
Chapter 42: Pre-Soldier Exam (29) Alexia Mae in a Nutshell ago
Chapter 43: Pre-Soldier Exam (30) Pre-Soldier Exam End! ago
Chapter 44: Pre-Soldier Exam (31) Pre-Soldier Exam Results Part 1 ago
Chapter 45: Pre-Soldier Exam (32) Pre-Soldier Exam Results Part 2 ago
Chapter: 46 Pre-Soldier Exam (33) Pre-Soldier Exam Results Part 3 ago
Important Announcement!! Release Schedule, Future, and Much more!!! ago
Chapter 47: The reward! No more Pre-Soldier Exam! For Real! ago
Chapter 48: The Inevitable Confrontation ago
Chapter 49: Sister Edna’s Reassuring ago
Chapter 50: Farewell Missionary Church of Vanquish and the Caleyar Orphanage (1) ago
Chapter 51: Farewell Missionary Church of Vanquish and the Caleyar Orphanage (2) ago
Chapter 52: Welcome to Book 2 and the Cresuilge Kingdom ago
Chapter 53: Exploring The Roaring Kingdom! ago
Chapter 54-55: A Game of Spoof with a Mysterious Uptown Girl ago
Chapter 56: Maddison Artish ago
Chapter 57: So her name was... ago
Chapter 58: Melvin's Ambition Part 1 ago
Chapter 59: Melvin's Ambition Part 2 ago
Chapter 60: The Throne Hall ago
Chapter 61: 93rd Knights of Kingdom Tourney Commences! ago
Chapter 62: The Planned Entrée of the Extravaganza ago
Chapter 63: Melvin's First Opponent ago
Chapter 64: Koji Itou Vs The Prodigy of the Swamp Hayate ago
Chapter 65: The VIP Room ago
Chapter 66: Arrogant Talented Young Master vs Arrogant Young Master Prodigy ago
Chapter 67: Arrogant Talented Young Master vs Arrogant Young Master Prodigy Part 2 ago
Chapter 68: Arrogant Talented Young Master vs Arrogant Young Master Prodigy Part 3 ago
Chapter 69: Arrogant Talented Young Master vs Arrogant Young Master Prodigy Part 4 ago

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This review isn't from someone who had read up to the newest chapter available so be warned that things may and probably will change. This is a review of the first few chapters. If you don't want to read the whole review then a short version would be:
There are some minor things i don't like but i would recommend reading it, its good.

OK, lets start with the good points.

The authors writing style is really smooth, its easy to read and if you don't look closely its hard to find anything bad about it.

The characters are rather well defined and feel like they have a backstory to them. It does not seem to be one of those stories where characters exist only to further the plot.

The magic system of the world is rather solid, its not the best i have ever seen but as a fantasy fanatic i am rather happy with it.

Now to some things i don't like.

From time to time there appear to be small grammar mistakes and in some situations the author uses unusual ways to describe moments that could have been made a lot less weird if he just used different, better suited words.

When a time skip happens the author tends to use small sentences to notify the reader. In my opinion using the dot system that most stories use or making a short paragraph instead of just a sentence would make it better, but that's probably only a personal problem of mine though.


Another thing is fights. The author stated that the first 15 chapters are rather explanation heavy so its probably because of that but fights tend to be interrupted with info dumps or useless explanations from time to time, this will probably change and if it does i will mention it here in the review.

The last thing i want to mention is that the conversations between character and some scenes oftentimes feel anime influenced, sometimes i think its too much but its easy to ignore for me, but i know many people can't stand it, so theres that.


So all in all even though i know i wrote a lot more about the negatives i would still recommend people to read this story, it has lots of potential and the small mistakes only seem so jarring because of how close to extremely good the writing is.

  • Overall Score

As the title says. The story is globally good, and the characters are heavily inspired from characters from japanese anime/light novels.

It takes a few chapters for the story to take off, and the writing dialogs is a bit off at the beginning, but the author gets better with time.

For the pacing, I personnaly find it a bit slow, with fights that drag on for too long for my taste.

All in all, a decent story, go for it if you enjoy japanese-like characters.