The Odyssey of Dalis



Chapter 29: Pre-Soldier Exam (16) Encounter! The Monster Part 3


As Stilla soared through the air, her eyes became tightly shut. She was prepared to embrace the impact of the downfall; the pain was not over yet. However, contrary to her thoughts, she felt a series of strong arms and a firm chest capture her injured body. 

"D-Dalis?" Stilla weakly called out. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

"Ah ha . . . sorry to disappoint you. But I'm not Dalis."

It was Sienna.

"A-ah . . . Sienna? What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help you, of course! How can you think of trying to face The Monster with just the two of you! Don't worry, we will help you take it down. Stay here and rest for now."

Sienna carefully rested Stilla's back against the tree. 

"Okay . . . I will take your advice and rest for a little. I pushed myself there. I will follow up soon." Stilla pressed her palm against her temple. She felt nauseous from the impact. Typically, she would brace herself and continue to stubbornly aid her allies. However, the impact from that brawl was simply too much to handle even for Stilla. 

"Alright I will be leaving now." Sienna began hastily walking.


Sienna turned around.

"How many are you facing the beast with? If you can't fight even with your numbers then run! Please tell Melvin I said that. Otherwise he won't listen!"

"Don't worry about the beast. You just focus on recovering. It may just be me and “one other” but that “one other” is somebody really strong. In fact, you know him really well." Sienna couldn't help but let out a smirk.

"D-Da . . . "

Stilla paused her words with half squinted eyes and let herself relax. She looked towards a particular direction with a touching smile on her face.

(If its little brother Dalis then everything will be fine.) 




Moments before this interaction on Melvin's side . . . 

Melvin was at his last straw against The Monster. Stilla's scream reverberated in his mind, infuriating him. He desired to press on with his unleashed suspended green bolts of mana. However, he was conflicted. Melvin very well knew that these conjured green mana bolts were not sufficient. 

The beast was lunged in the air. Jiffs away from ravaging Melvin's innards, disregarding his magic bolts. If he were to continue to blast away, Melvin might be able to inflict significant damage to the beast. Albeit, the price he would pay was to dance at death's door. 

Was it really worth the exchange? 

If he were to cancel his attack, it was not too late to regret.

Nonetheless, it was a different story for this boy . . . No, man!

This fucking wild dog dares hurt her?! 

In front of him?! 

Melvin Serven?! 

With his Feeria blood flowing within him, he would never let such desecration come to pass! If he were to not enact vengeance, he would not be surnamed Serven. He had yet to undertake his comeuppance with those who had tarnished his family! 


The floating green bolts trembled with vexation, increasing their intensity with only one purpose: to wreak havoc on their impudent foe! 



As the intensified bolts sprayed onto their target, a small, turbulent dust cloud had erupted. However, that dust cloud was minute. It was simply not a hindrance to The Monster. 

It was at this moment, a figure out of nowhere swerved within the eruption. Capitalising on the chaos, the figure made a beeline to The Monster's furry four legs, delivering an unseen powerful whipped strike at its frontal legs.


The wolf cried, squinting its eyes in anguish. It could not bear the pain of such a strike. Nonetheless, it was mid-air. The momentum of its descent was unable to be halted. The force was not adequate enough to alter its trajectory. Diving dead straight to Melvin!!

Melvin was prepared to embrace the moment of impact. It was behind time to utter retiring from the exam. He had briefly seen a figure in those few seconds, but his brain was unable to pinpoint what or who it was as he was in a moment of crisis. 


Melvin felt a course of pain run through his stomach. 

Something had hit him. 

He was sent flying to the side. 

Fortunately, the strength behind it was scant, which resulted in him travelling only a few meters before meeting the hard floor. Seconds pass by, Melvin steadily stood up and saw the beast lying on a tree that had broken in half. It seemed to be temporarily unable to move. Its eyes were menacing. If it were to rise back up, it would without question seek vengeance.

"It's good that you are still up. If you were to be knocked down with just that. Then I would have just left you there."

Melvin turned around. He saw a boy around his age. Every time he saw that nonchalant face, he would be displeased and have the compulsion to stir a makeover. 

It was, of course, Dalis.

Moments before Melvin's inevitable collision, Dalis had actually delivered a kick to his stomach to push him out of the way. This occurred right after he swung his tri-section staff at The Monster prior to falling to the floor. 

"It is a known fact that insects love sugar. Yet, why is it that some insects are very picky to solely have their sights on the most succulent desserts? Is it so moreish that you're unable to rinse your conscience?"

"Stealing your thunder eh? Is this how you treat your life benefactor? To think I'd have more control in the laws of lightning than a Feeria? Could you remind me what your speciality was?" Dalis chuckled with disdain. He was unfazed at all by Melvin's taunt.

It had yet to be revealed that out of all elemental spells, Melvin's most latent talent is his control of lightning. Melvin is considered to be very fortunate in this regard as lightning is one of the most difficult elements to control and master. Nevertheless, it was an element that Melvin has yet to fully comprehend and bring to live combat. That is why he refrained from using it. Moreover, it is the element with the most destructive might! It was even once believed that lightning is the primary element of the gods.

Despite the wounds and the exhaustion overcoming to Melvin, his ego was agitated from those words. However, he knew that Dalis had possibly saved his life. So, he was unable to utter a word. Otherwise, that would be impertinent of him. In spite of this, his mouth refused to speak the words that should be said . . . after all it was Dalis!

"How long are you going to stand dazed for? You couldn't have possibly forgotten about her right?"

Melvin was abruptly struck. He had actually forgotten about Stilla. The sudden events and appearance of Dalis, had for the nonce, dispelled himself from reality. Melvin cursed himself inside and immediately asked:

"Where is she?"

"Likely in the hands of Sienna. Let's get a move on."

Dalis turned around without looking back. He speedily headed towards their location. Melvin followed after him. The two traversed a couple of meters and soon found Sienna running up to them. 

"How's The Monster? I'm ready to join the battle," Sienna asked with concern. Her body language suggested her desire to fight.

"Temporarily unable to move. I delivered a clean strike directly at its legs making it difficult for the beast to walk. Nonetheless, it is still The Monster. With our conditions, we should flee for now."

"You! This moment is . . . " Although Melvin intended to finish his sentence, he cut it short. Instead, he hurriedly queried: 

"Where is Stilla?"

"She's over there resting. Follow me."

The two wordlessly followed Sienna. 

When the boys spotted Stilla, they approached her without delay. Melvin was quick as a flash while Dalis was comparatively much slower. Albeit, one could see the urgency within his leg movements even if his face masked his worry. 

Melvin arrived by Stilla's side and dropped to one of his knees. 

"S-Sister how are your injuries?"

Stilla opened her eyes and began to speak in a "mellow" voice.

"Hehe looks like I made you guys worried again. Don't worry I'm alright. I probably just need a bit more rest . . . sorry guys."

"That is no problem. I will *cough* allow me to rephrase. We will look after you. The Monster is momentarily disabled. We plan to flee for now and then canvass our subsequent course of action. Thus, there are no such needs for apologies."


"Okay," Stilla uttered as she tried to raise herself up.

"Stilla. Don't push yourself," Dalis promptly warned her with a deep resolute voice, halting her attempt to stand. She became as obedient as a child. 

"Sorry Dalis."

She was unable to hide her effort at being resilient. 

Dalis glanced his eyes down subtly to Melvin. They exchanged glances. 

"Carry her."

Melvin was wordless but acquiescent. He prepared himself to carry her on his back, but Stilla said that was unnecessary. She stated that helping her up and supporting her by the shoulders was enough.


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