Then we went down to the first floor and went to the room we were in before, it seems that this is where I will sell the wolves, but I think this is strange, if I sell the wolves here people will find out.

Only I will enter here with the receptionist and then the guild's people will come out with various bodies of monsters, of course, they would suspect me, that makes sense, we need to find another place to do this.

"But if we make the switch here, won't other people see it when you remove the monsters?" I decided to say that I was very confused by this, but it seems that I had no reason to worry since she just looked at me and smiled.

"Don't worry, this is a secret passage." That damn closet I wanted to know what it was, it was a door.

It was a door that led to a corridor inside the guild building that I don't know where it is going to, but if they are going to take the monsters around here, they should go to the place where the monsters are dismantled, I think that's it.

What intrigues me most is because they have a secret door like this one, have they ever needed to use it? I don't know if another crazy person like me has already appeared to sell monsters, they probably used it for other things.

"Well, should I get the wolves out now?" I was in a bit of a hurry to sell the wolves because I wanted to go to lunch, yes, I was very hungry despite having eaten a lot in the morning.

I will also enjoy my afternoon to hunt more monsters since I don't do anything all afternoon and if I go to do something it will be to stay inside the inn sitting or lying down, I have nothing to do there, it will be boring.

"Yes, you can put them all here and in a little while we are going to bring people to look for them, wait for me to get your money." The three copper coins were guaranteed; I am more anxious to know the amount of money I will earn because of the materials.

When I don't clean the wolves, the price decreases, so I will make less money than expected, I have to learn somehow to dismantle the wolves. Maybe I can ask Cibely and her group to help me.

Speaking of them, I haven't seen them again, well, I came straight to the guild and then I went on a mission, and now I'm inside a room where no one enters the guild, of course, I wouldn't see them again, maybe I can find them when I leave here.


After a few minutes, Suzan came back with a bag of coins, just hearing those coins crashing, and making that noise inside the bag was enough to make me put a smile on my face.

I made a lot of money I'm sure of that, just hearing the sound of money I can see that these wolves gave me a lot of money and I think I wouldn't even need to hunt again today, I can use the afternoon to buy some clothes.

"Here it is, there are seven silver coins and eight copper coins, five copper coins for each wolf, and three copper coins for the mission." She handed me the bag with the money, and I accepted it with a huge smile on my face.

Just hunting once I got almost one gold coin, I think I will get the money faster than I thought, I think I will have a lot of fun in this city too, I think it was a good idea to come to this place.

Now I only need two copper coins for me to have a complete gold coin and a gold coin is worth a lot in this world, I think it won't be long before I buy my new house, but before that, I need to buy some clothes.

"Do they sell lunch here at the guild?" As I was hungry and didn't want to go back to the inn to eat, I wanted to know if they sold food here, I know they sell drinks because I saw a lot of people drinking, but I didn't see anyone eating.

Maybe it wasn't lunchtime, so they weren't selling food yet, but I still think it's not a good idea, why do I need to pay for the food if I can go to the inn and eat delicious food without paying any extra?

"Sorry, I changed my mind, later I will be back to take another mission, wait for me." I would go back, or maybe I would only come back tomorrow, but I let you know just in case I wanted to come back here later.

"Alright, see you later." Suzan looked a little confused because I ordered food and then I said that I changed my mind, I shouldn't have done this to someone with wind head, she would be confused

I left the guild with a bag of money inside my storage and went towards the inn, I think it is better to have lunch and then buy some new clothes, these clothes are torn, and I am even afraid of being naked in front of everyone, I think it's better to be more cautious.

I don't know how many perverts there are in this world, but I'm sure there are many men who would harass me in this place, I think I'm generalizing too much, only the sickest people who don't mind being arrested would do something like that.

There is no crime of pedophilia here, but there is a crime of rape so that they would be arrested anyway.

'Stop thinking about it.' I have to stop comparing my world with this one. The two are nothing alike; everything is completely different, and to tell you the truth, this world are more fun.

But now we go to the inn; if I don't eat now, I'll starve.




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