After I finished talking to her and continued watching her in awe with the wolves, I finally decided to get into the question of payment. I was still in the mission role, and my reward was.

I took the mission paper and unmasked it because I had crumpled everything when I stuffed it in my dress pocket, the pocket was very small.


Subdue 5 Wild Wolves.

Reward: 3 Copper Coins + Payment for Materials.


So my reward was three copper coins, it was less than I thought, thankfully that they also pay for the price of the bodies of the monsters because if they didn't do that, I would experience some financial difficulties.

"So, do you agree to let me complete the missions in secret?" I want her to do this, but I don't know if this is against the guild's rules, I don't know if it is forbidden to do this exclusively for an adventurer.

I know that it is the guild's rule to keep secrets in the information of adventurers, but I don't know if doing this the same I am doing is allowed.

"Do you want to sell your materials in secret?" The woman asked with a doubtful face.

Is she that stupid? How did she not understand what I am trying to say so far? Of course, I want her to help me sell my materials in secret; this is very obvious I wouldn't even need to talk to her again.

"But why do you want to do that?" She still had doubts.

I talked to her a little while ago. I told her that I don't like to stand out and that's why I called her to speak privately to show the wolves, she is a girl who forgets things very quickly, I must say that she is a wind head?

I thought she was very smart and competent because of the speed with which she resolved the issue of Cibely and the girls' reward, but I will not judge her since I think this girl is cute.

"I told you before; I don't like to stand out, so I want you to help me with this." I looked at her with the face of an abandoned little girl to try to soften her heart.

I know it's not cool to beg or do something like that, but I need her help here, and maybe that's the only way.

"Can I talk to the guild master first?" She finally stopped looking at the pile of wolves and seems to realize that I am very serious about this.

It seems that she needs to ask permission from the guild master to do something like this since she works for the guild, and the guild master has the power over everything, she needs his approval.

"Okay, but say I'm going to give the guild a lot of excellent materials as long as it helps me hide my identity." It's a fair exchange, I give a lot of good materials, and I benefit the guild in exchange for them to hide my identity and help me sell everything in secret.

I think they will earn more with this, or maybe not since I will continue to receive a lot of money because of the material, well, let's say the two parties win in this exchange.

"Please wait here, and I'll tell him that." The receptionist was in a bit of a hurry, so she ran from the room, and I could hear her quick steps as she went up the stairs to the second floor.

I hope I get his permission.


Toc Toc ~~

The woman knocks on the guild door where an old, short man sits at his desk while he takes care of documents every day.

This was the guild master.

Currently, he spends all day looking after documents. In the past, he was an A-RANK adventurer and was very admired by everyone, and after retiring, he won the position of master of the guild of the city of Grenrok, and of course, he accepted without thinking twice.

He thought that guild master was a more interesting job, but the only thing he does is sit around all day while working on documents and listening to complaints from adventurers, it is tiring work.

"Who is it?" The guild master shouted from inside the room.

"It's Suzan, and I have something important to talk." He knew that woman very well, she worked in the guild for three years, and she was very competent. She was the most competent receptionist in the guild.

"In between." The guild master allowed the receptionist to enter.

He had already finished most of the relevant documents, so if it was an urgent matter, he wanted to hear it.

The receptionist elegantly entered the guild and then closed the door, she walked over to the guild master's table and then started talking about the supposed promising little girl who appeared in the guild.

She also told about her rank, that she was just a little girl F-RANK, but she had just killed a large number of wolves, and their bodies were in perfect condition, it was the job of a high-ranking adventurer.

"Are you kidding me?" The guild master couldn't believe it, and he started to get a little angry, thinking he was listening to a lot of lies.

"It's true, I saw the wolves with my own eyes, I don't know how she got the wolves out, I think she was using storage magic." The receptionist knew storage magic, but she had never seen it in person.

She realized that wolves came out of nowhere and knew it was storage magic, but she didn't say anything to the little girl, she was more impressed with the number of wolves she was carrying.

"Are you sure she was using storage magic?" The guild master almost rose from his chair by surprise.

Not even he managed to use storage magic during his life, how could a little girl use it? He knows it is not an attack spell, but a person who uses a spell of this proportion has an incredible talent for attack spell as well.

"Bring her here." The guild master didn't even let the receptionist talk about the little girl's proposal and demanded that she bring the girl.

Meanwhile, Lara was sitting on one of the chairs waiting for the woman to return.



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