After we entered the room we were in a bedroom, the only thing that changed is that there was a table with some chairs instead of a bed. There was also a wardrobe, but I'm sure it is not a wardrobe, but it is used to store other things.

I don't think I need to find out what's in here as it won't change anything in this issue that I want to discuss it with, and I'm sure what's in here is not in my interest, and they won't like it if I snoop around their stuff.

"So, what did you have to discuss?" The receptionist said while pulling a chair to sit at the table, seeing this, I have pulled out a chair and sat across from her.

Can she stay here in the room with me? Won't that affect your work?

I don't want to be blamed for some dismissal or anything like that, I asked her to discuss it with me as she was the only person available at the moment, so I'm not sure if there are other receptionists to take her place.

"Well, it's just that I would like to hand over some wolves that I hunted," I said while getting up from the chair because I had to have the wolves from the storage. If I did that sitting down, I probably wouldn't be able to put all the wolves on the floor, and they would end up smearing the whole table with blood.

"Are you kidding me? Did you call me here because of a wolf?" The guild receptionist didn't even wait for me to take the wolves out of storage and was already speaking in a strong and angry voice; she is an impatient person.

I didn't care about her outburst and started taking the wolves out of my storage one by one, and the more wolves I took, the more surprised the woman was, it was so lovely to see her expression of disbelief as I took the wolves out of mine storage.

In total there were 15 wolves, the first three wolves and then the five more wolves and then the other 7, I hunted more wolves than I thought, and due to the state of their bodies this will give me good money, I guess I won't even have to go back. The forest to kill more wolves.

"Did you kill all those wolves alone?" The woman was still discredited from what she was seeing, so she approached the wolves and started looking at all of their bodies.

Some of the wolves had no heads that I had cut with the sword, and the other wolves had big holes in their heads, and even parts of their heads had been pulled out because of the force of the wind bullet, it was a very big damage that I did here.

"Yes, I wanted to show all of this in particular because I don't like to stand out, and if I took that amount of wolf out in the guildhall, I would cause a commotion, and I don't want that to happen." I tried to justify all that I was doing; it was a valid justification.

"But are you sure you killed all these wolves? You're not trying to trick us, are you?" The woman still seemed a little suspicious about all of this, well, I accept her suspicion, but I also think it is unnecessary.

Was she impressed by the number of wolves, but wasn't she impressed by my storage magic? This woman has her priorities a little wrong, and I think she should rethink a bit better.

"Yes, I'm sure I killed them all," I confirmed this again because I was getting a little impatient. When people doubt me too much, it starts to irritate me; maybe I'm a little mentally unstable.

The woman started looking at all the wolves one by one and also began to realize that all the wolves had wounds only on their heads, so the wolves were of enormous quality, so she was even more surprised.

"You are an amazing girl." The receptionist accidentally left a comment; she noticed it and her cheeks flushed, isn't she used to praise people? That was extremely cute, especially since she is such a beautiful girl.

"Thanks." She thought I hadn't noticed, but I decided to respond to make her more embarrassed. She had white skin, so when she was flushed, it was quickly visible on her skin.

She also had very long black hair and her eyes had an incredible emerald green color, the receptionist of the adventurers guild of the capital is nowhere near that beauty, she has exceptional beauty.

"Sorry, but what is your name?" I wanted to know the name of this girl since I was going to work with her from now on. I don't know if it's just her who works as a receptionist here, but I think I'll see her a lot from now on.

"Ah, pleasure, my name is Suzan, and your name?" She was a little surprised when I asked her name since she was paying close attention to the pile of wolves in the room.

She has a beautiful name; I like the name, Suzan. It reminds me of the name of a girl I knew a long time ago, a girl I didn't even have a chance to approach; it was just one-sided love on my part, it was a difficult time.

"My name is Larissa, nice to meet you," I said while handing my guild card to her, and I don't use my real name here, I already left that name behind.

I am still Lara, for me, my name is still Lara, but for people, my name from now on will be Larissa. I didn't want to have to change my name, but it was necessary; it frustrates me a lot until today for having abandoned such a beautiful name.

"You're just an F-RANK adventurer, how did you manage to kill so many wolves?" Suzan was in doubt as the girls were when I fought the bandits, the doubt of how such a strong girl can be F-RANK.

"Secret." I just put my finger in front of my mouth and said those words, I was trying to be nice, but I don't know if I failed miserably or if my attempt was successful.

But now we go to the question of payment, and I will also find out if this girl is willing to help me hide my strength.



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