I approached the wolves in an instant with my ice sword in hand, and I was the same as last time when I fought against the bandits. The only difference is that now my victims were not human, so it makes it a little less cruel.

I approached the first one and turned my sword towards his neck, and I wanted to make a clean cut and kill him instantly because I still had many wolves to kill there weren't many because five wolves are not such a large quantity.

Last time I had to kill ten wolves, and it was much faster, but it was because I was using the wind bullet, which is a very powerful magic that I just played on the wolves' heads.

But when my sword approached the wolf's head, he started running immediately, and my sword didn't cut off his head. He managed to get far enough away to escape the sword even though my speed was so great.

'Well, wolves also have good agility.' Since they are monsters that rely a lot on speed, of course, they would have an excellent agility, and I think I was a little naive because of the wolves I had already faced.

The last wolves didn't use their agility very much, so I thought it wasn't all wolves that had such a high speed, I thought they had a certain pattern of strength, but it seems that I was wrong.

Ouch ~~

While I concentrated on one of the wolves, I was stupid and didn't pay much attention to the other wolves, while the wolf I attacked ran away, one of the wolves that were a little further away ran towards me and I didn't have time to react.

I was able to do something, the only thing I saw was the claws of the wolf coming towards me, the only thing I was able to do was to move away from a little and prevent the wolf's attack from hitting me directly, then only a few scratches appeared on my belly.

I thought my skin was strong enough to withstand this type of attack, why did I hurt myself now? And my clothes are now completely torn. It's worse than before.

I think my skin resisted well because the wolf's claws were so sharp that they shone, and his claws only made small scratches on my belly, I believe that even if he had hit directly, I would not be hurt.

When he attacked me, and I just felt a little burning in my belly I started to get a little irritated, I know I don't need it since they are weak monsters, but I held the "hilt" of my ice sword much stronger and I run towards him at incredible speed.

I ran so fast that even the leaves that were on the ground, the dry leaves that had fallen from the tree rose to the top with the speed at which I passed them.

The wolf felt me ​​approaching, but he had no chance to do anything, he tried to run and dodge my attack like the first wolf I decided to hit, but it was unsuccessful.

My sword went through his neck without problems, it was as if I had cut a cube of butter, I didn't even feel the wolf's neck, and his head flew from his neck as blood flowed, after which he fell dead to the ground.

The other wolves looked at me with a look of terror and a look of anger at the same time while looking into my eyes and showing their totally dirty teeth, and it could be a beautiful smile if that inside were cleaned.

Leaving these jokes aside, I need to kill these wolves, and I already wasted more time playing with them. I don't think wolves like that deserve to stay alive since they serve as food, and there are a lot of them.

"Come on." I teased one of the wolves while aiming the ice sword at his face, seeing this he was even more irritated and decided to run towards me with all his speed, and that just made me smile.

'Monsters are naive.' I put the same barrier I had used against the bandit the last time, and the wolf crashed directly into the barrier and then fell stunned to the ground, taking advantage of that I just swung the sword towards his neck and his head flew from his body like that as the first wolf.

The last wolf was a little confused without knowing what that barrier was so he didn't run towards me, as I knew he wouldn't come because of that, I enjoyed the chance and ran towards him.

The wolf tried to escape, yes, I thought that monsters were not so afraid, but it seems that even the wolves are afraid of me when my adrenaline is high, I don't know if this is good news or a bad news.

"Just give up, you are just a monster; you wouldn't survive anyway." This is true since at any moment another adventurer would kill him, monsters are made to be hunted by adventurers, this is the cycle of this world.

I approached the wolf in an instant and appeared next to him, and I just swung the sword to the side, the wolf was so fast that his body was crawling on the ground even without his head, he was so fast that his body couldn't take it the sudden "braking" and dragged on the floor.

It was a little strange to see a headless wolf's body crawling across the ground at high speed, but it was a cool death to behold.

After that I went to the body of the three wolves and put them in my storage, let's hunt as many wolves as I can get for today, let's see how much money it is possible to make with a good amount of wolves.



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