We had been traveling for a few hours, and things were still calm, and no monsters had appeared.
I don't know much about the monsters of this world yet, but the monsters I found were not that strong.

I hope only these weak monsters will appear because I don't want to have to protect these girls. I can feel if someone is strong like that man since these girls are much weaker than him, I don't think they could fight a powerful monster.

"Are you thinking something rude?" Eleonor asked as he looked at me.

How did she know I was thinking something rude? Is it because I was staring at them so much? Or is it because I was making a strange face?

Never mind I have to say I wasn't thinking anything, I can't let them find out that I thought they were weak, maybe they'll call me for a duel if they find out that I thought about it, or perhaps they get upset with me.

"I'm not thinking anything rude, and I'm just thinking of my friend who stayed in the capital." Sorry, Emily, but I had to use her name to get away from this conversation. I don't think she would mind that I did something like that since I used her name to get away from a serious discussion.

"Then, that's it." Eleonor just accepted this fact and then started looking at the carriage window again, she takes things very quickly, thankfully she has that personality.

"Why couldn't your friend come with you?" Who asked this time was Cibely who was by my side, well, I can tell them the truth, of course, I don't say the whole truth, but I think I can tell most of it.

"She had to take care of her sick mother so she couldn't travel with me," I answered the truth to Cibely because I had no reason to hide this fact. The only thing I hid was the reason I'm traveling.

"Is her mother very sick?" Cibely seems to have been worried about Emily's mother, and she has a charming personality, she cares a lot about others.

After she realized what had said, her cheeks started to flush again, is she some tsundere? Or is it some girl who doesn't like to demonstrate her real personality?

'Well, aren't they the same?' I think tsundere are girls who don't like to show their feelings, so I think Cibely is in the middle of it, she's not a very strong tsundere she has only a few traces of one.

When Eleonor and Clevina saw this, they just smiled as they watched, it seems that they are already used to Cibely acting that way. They seem to have fun watching it. Anyway, I thank her for being worried about Emily's mom.

"Thanks for worrying, but she's fine, in a few days she should be in perfect health," I said that as this feeling of happiness covered my whole heart, whenever I thought of Emily and her family, the feeling of joy emanated from my body.

"I'm glad to hear that," Cibely replied with flushed cheeks, she has blushed so many times that I lost count, she is a half tsundere girls and is still ashamed of things, is a unique personality.

After this conversation was over, we started traveling in silence again, most of the trip was always quiet, it seems like they don't like to talk much, or maybe they don't have good things and useful topics to talk about.

I don't have good subjects to talk about either, so I kept quiet watching the landscape go through the window, now waited acting the same way as Eleonor, keep looking out without saying anything.

This is not the right way to act, but this feeling of silence was uncomfortable during the trip, and when I am looking out the window, that feeling disappears as that icy wind hits my face.


Since I had no business to talk about, everyone spent a lot of time in silence, so I decided to ask the most crucial question about this trip.

'How long will this trip last?' I didn't know that yet, and I think I'm foolish for not having asked this from the start, I know carriage travel takes a long time so I should have asked from the start.

If I had wondered at first, I would know for how long I would have to stay here and not be anxious for no reason, since it was just one of several stupid things I did in my last life.

"How long will it take to get to Grenrok?" I asked Cibely since she was closest to me.

She was a little surprised when I called her, but after that, she started to explain to me how long it would take a trip from the capital to Grenrok.

"A round trip takes eight days apart from the rest day we had in the capital, so arriving in Grenrok will take four days," Cibely answered me while she had the hand of the chin, she seemed to be concentrating not to give me a wrong answer, that was cute.

"I understand." I just said that because I have nothing more to ask.

This trip will take longer than I thought, four days is a long time. We only traveled a few hours yet, nor did it start to get dark.

'What remains for me is to wait.' That's a price to pay for at least a little security, well, I have a lot of stamina so I won't be too affected by this trip I'll be bored, but it's ok.

After that again came that awkward silence, so back I started looking out the window to distract myself a little since I had nothing to do.



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