After I said goodbye to the women, I headed toward Emily's house so I could say goodbye,
since I wouldn't see her for a long time, I wanted to say goodbye correctly so I wouldn't regret later.

I know how to send money but not how to communicate with her, maybe I can also send letters along with the money, and that would make things much easier so that I could keep in touch with her, even if I was too far from this city.

'I hope to get a place to stay quickly.' I still don't know how I will bring Emily's mom and dad with me since they are in feeble health, and I would have a hard time bringing them with me.

I can hire someone in a carriage or pay they a ticket in the future because that's the easiest way for them to do that. I also need to get a pretty big house so that I can live with everyone, and the house doesn't get too tight for us.

I'm thinking a lot about the future because I'm going to cure Emily's mother sick. I have decided that I will ask her and examine her mother today, if I find out which disease she has, with my little knowledge of my old world maybe I can cure Emily's mother and give them an even better life.

I don't have much to do with Emily's father since his condition is because of his age, yes, from what I realized and Emily told me he has no disease, he has only lived many years now, and his body is getting every worse because of your age.

Not much I can do about it since it's the natural cycle of life. Already Emily's mother, she still seems to be very young, but her illness is making her worse and worse.

When I saw the state of Emily's mother, the first thing that came to mind was a brain tumor since she looks just like my grandmother in my old world. She had a brain tumor and looked just like Emily's mother.

She couldn't eat right and couldn't walk either, and she always needed help. She only got better after they surgically removed the tumor, but it didn't do much good because, after a while, cancer came back and eventually killed her. I have no fond memories of this time since I followed this suffering closely.

She could have a brain tumor, but I'm not sure, and I don't know if there is cancer or anything that looked like in this world.

There may be many diseases in the modern world that no one has yet discovered their origins. If this is Emily's mother's problem, I can try to solve by removing the cancer cells from her brain, it might be an excellent way to do that, but first, I have sure of everything.

'I hope I can.' If it's brain cancer, I hope I can do something to help her.


After a while, I arrived at Emily's house and knocked on the door, and again she quickly opened the door and pulled me inside, it seems she's so scared that it became a routine for her to do this to me.

"So, did you get into a group? Did you find any way to travel?" Emily took me by the arms and even shook me tightly, she sure had her expectations up there.

I'm sorry to have to leave town at a time like this, but it's necessary, I'm in a happy time where I've found a place where good people have welcomed me, and it makes me glad to see.

But I won't part with them forever, and I would bring all these beautiful people to be by my side in the future.

"Yes, I made it," I told Emily as I looked into her face.

When I said that Emily looked at her face for a moment watching a little sad, she stared at me firmly and then pulled me close to her.

She scared me right away, but when I realized I was already in her arms and she was covering me very tightly.

"Please don't forget about me while you're away, all right?" Emily said in a tearful voice as she hugged me.

It looks like I'm the adult here. She's more childish than I thought. But I can imagine since I took her out of that prostitute life and promised to help her somehow, of course, she would be grateful for that and wouldn't want me to forget her or anything, and of course, that would never happen.

"I would never forget you, stop saying stupid things," I said in a slightly firm voice to put certainty in my sentence to reassure her.

After a while we kept hugging each other while Emily cried softly, I didn't think she would look like this after supporting me so much that I left town for safety, well, some people don't show their real feelings.

"Emily, can I take a look at your mother? And you tell me how the disease affects her body?" After we stopped hugging each other, I asked her, expecting a helpful response, because if it's a brain tumor, I can cure her somehow.


After a while, Emily had told me all about how her mother behaved, she started talking a little wrong, and when she said that, I already thought about the possibility of CVA.

She also said that half of her body started to paralyze and then only got worse until she turned into a state where she couldn't say anything else and had a hard time eating. I didn't believe this could be a CVA since it was probably already dead because I don't think this world has medicine and treatment for it.

The possibility of a brain tumor not being ruled out since my grandmother had the same symptoms as Emily's mother, so I was getting a little happy to know that.

"Emily, I think I can cure your mother," I said to Emily with a stuffed chest, trying to look like a proud person.

But when I said that, Emily stood looking at me saying nothing.



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