I put on my hat and headed toward the church.

The church was on the castle side so even in disguise I had to be very careful not to be seen, if I was found here it would turn into a giant commotion and all the castle guards would go after me.

'I hope nothing goes wrong.' I hope people in the church don't recognize me, I just want to change my identity so I hope I don't have to take my cover off to change my identity.

It may be like in my old world, one would have to take a picture to make an identity, well, in this world I'm sure there is no camera but it might have something like that, and if they are going to take a "picture" of me I would have to take off my cover.

And when I remove my cover, they can recognize me and report me to the guards, and if they do, I don't know if I can escape and I don't like to kill unnecessarily.

'Well, just going there to find out.' The castle was a considerable distance from the residential district, so I had to go there being careful that no one would recognize me because people can report me for reward because surely there must be some reward for those who turn me over to the queen.

Well, this is not the time to think about it, I just have to get to church quickly to change my identity, then I will leave here and I don't know if I will come back again, I'll probably be back to pick up Emily and her family, I see no reason to stay here.


I had walked for a long time and finally got to the church door.

The church was not much different from the churches that had in the old world the only difference is that they were bigger, yes, the church here is small, I thought it would be bigger but I was wrong.

I entered the church being careful to hide my face because I didn't want anyone to see my face of course. When I entered the church I had a surprise, it was very similar to the churches of my world.

There were benches that people would sit in to pray and there was also a huge statuette of a woman on a small stage, it seems they revered this goddess, I had never seen a goddess like her.

I didn't know the colors of her eyes or hair because the statue was clamped in stone and it was all gray, but from her features, I could tell she was a very beautiful woman.

'Well, she's a goddess.' If she's a goddess, of course, she would be beautiful, I don't think I've ever seen an ugly goddess in stories like that, it's a cliché that the stories follow.

"Can I help you?" Suddenly I hear a voice calling me from behind, where did this person come from? God, she scared me.

When I turned around I saw a woman who looked a bit old and she was wearing a very nun-like outfit, well, she's probably a nun because I'm in a church. I turned to her with my face a little down and covered to ask her how to change my identity.

This was a good opportunity to do that since she was here she could help me out and make it easier for me.

"I would like to change my identity because the guild is not recognizing my identity." When I said that the woman made a face of doubt, it seems she was doubting my statement?

"Strange, I've never seen this happen before in this country, but already hearing about cases in other countries so I think I should believe you, right?" The woman patted my head and then called me to a separate room inside the church.

'Isn't the priest doing the process?' I thought it would be the priest who changed someone's identity, but it seems that anyone working in the church can do that, now I'm even happier to have found this woman.


When I arrived in the room there was a table made entirely of stone, on top of the table had a sphere very similar to that of the guild, but its color was different.

The guild sphere had a blue color and this sphere had a red color. Sure, they were spheres with different goals, so, understandably, they are at least different in color.

The woman sat in a chair across the table and I sat in a chair that was on the side where I came in, it felt like I was in a job interview, it was very strange to be sitting like this facing someone without saying anything.

"Can you put your hand here please." She said as she pushed the sphere a little closer to my side when you look closely you can see the beautiful glow that sphere produces.

When I put my hand on the sphere it began to glow a faint red, not as bright as the guild sphere, but it was a very beautiful color to look at.

"What will be the new name you want to take on?" The woman asked as she looked at the sphere.

Is it that easy? I thought it would take longer, it seems like I just have to say a new name and then the sphere will send this data to the magic system, it's really weird, but it seems to work well.

'I think Larissa is a good name, somewhat reminiscent of the name Lara but it's very different, I think this is a good name to put in.' Well, I'm not sure if I will continue with that name in the future because I may have problems causing me to change my name again, but I think that's a good name for now.

"Larissa." I just answered my name to the woman.

"How old are you?" The woman asked.

I don't know my age, but by looks, I think I'm between 12 and 13 years old, but I think I look more like a 12-year-old girl.

"12 years," I answered.

The woman was a little surprised but I ignored that. When I passed all the dice to the woman, this time the sphere began to glow a brighter color and then suddenly stopped brighter.

"Okay, the price is 5 silver coins." The woman said as she held out her hand.

I took 5 silver coins and put them in her hand. After the woman saw that the money was all there I left the room with her.

"Thanks for everything." I thanked the woman and then left the church.

But Lara didn't know what was going on in the supposed nun's head.




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