'Damn, he's here.' Lara thought she wouldn't see this man anymore but she was very wrong. She was very naive to think this man would let her go without doing anything, she felt like an idiot.

Lara who looked and saw that the man jumped after she decided to throw a few bullets because it was the only thing she thought at the moment and she had no time to use a stronger one.

There were also a lot of guards here who didn't even touch her and are very young.
She doesn't like to kill this kind of person being used for military purposes only.

But this man is different.

This man kidnapped Emily, hit Lara, and did all that to her. He also works for the person who is trying to kill her and is blinded by devotion to that old woman so Lara was disgusted by this man.

'This man has a sad life.' The only thing Lara could think about was how this man had a sad life. He worked only for this woman like a dog.

But even then Lara did not pity him, and she wouldn't feel bad about cold-blooded kill his either, she thought it was a beautiful way to celebrate her release from prison by killing this man.

But it wasn't as easy as she thought.

Lara thought the bullets would hit the man without a problem, but she was wrong.
When the bullets were approaching the man some barrier stopped his bullet, yes, a barrier.

Lara had never tried to use a magic barrier and thought she was stupid for never thinking about it, she remembered the worst way possible when her enemy is using it against her.


By the time the man's barrier stopped the bullets he was already on the floor, and Lara who was already on the floor had not started running yet, she should have started running when she had the chance that was what she thought.

"You will not run away." The man said before falling to the floor and raising a large layer of dust around, his impact on the floor was really strong.

He fell to the floor very hard but even then he was not injured, Lara knew this man was not normal since the first time she saw her through the window.
That feeling she felt when he looked at her through the window, she was sure something was wrong with this man.

"Who are you?" Lara decided to ask since she had never seen the man's face behind the hood.

He always wore that hood over his face and never let Lara see his face, it seems he didn't want her to see his face, he was hiding his face in every way possible.

"It was orders from the queen, it seems you can't see my face because it would be bad for her." The man said as he walked towards Lara.

Even talking he kept walking toward Lara, the only thing Lara could do was slowly move away from the man.

'Damn, I have to get out of here.' Lara was strong and could use powerful magic, but she didn't think she could beat this man in front of her.

Lara began to think of a way to just distract the man to start running away, and she soon thought of something.

She remembered the magic she used in the mansion to contain the maid.
That magic made meteors fall from the sky so it's very powerful. If I cast this magic on this man I can run away.

'I hope it works.' Lara, who continued to move away from the man, concentrated to use magic to throw the meteor at the man.

"I won't let you use it." The man who was walking slowly now began running toward Lara at full speed.

Lara who saw the man's speed realized that her speed was faster than the man's, yes, she was faster so this is better for her to get away with.

If this plan works, it can run away easier than she thought.

Lara realized that the man was running very fast, but it would be no use as his magic was already activated and the meteor was coming.


The meteor passed over Lara's head in an instant and then addressed the man who was running towards Lara.

"Damn it." The man screamed and gave him no time to do anything, as soon after, a huge explosion occurred.

Lara rushed off when the meteor exploded so was unaffected by the blast, but with the castle it was different.
A part of the castle was destroyed and a huge hole was created in the ground like last time.

'Fuck it all.' Lara, who was not caring about anything else, left that damage behind and ran toward the residential district of the capital.


Emily who was sitting in the living room was looking out the window of her house towards the castle, she was sure Lara is there since she is being sentenced to death she is trapped there,

Emily couldn't stop thinking about how Lara was and how she was being held in prison, because she was afraid Lara wasn't being well cared for and was suffering in the castle prison.

Emily's parents are already sleeping so only she is awake.

Since the disappearance and news of Lara's execution have spread, Emily can't sleep straight.

'Damn it.' Emily always gets annoyed when she thinks about it.

But today was different.
When Emily looked out the window of her house again she saw a huge glare in the queen's castle.

At first, she thought it was a party or something, but then came a huge deafening noise that made Emily clap her hands over her ears.

"Was that a blast?" Emily was startled by the noise, but she couldn't think about it now.

A huge explosion just happened at the castle and Lara is inside, so right after that Emily went into despair.





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