Lara wanted to leave the castle now because she was very hungry.
Lara realized she was being an idiot and just needed to use magic to drink water when she realized that she treated herself like an idiot.

Lara, who was still in prison, decided to think of a way out of the chains.

As her hands and feet were locked she could not use them to do the magic, so she would have to create the magic elsewhere in the room to break the chains.

Well, she could create magic around her hand that could somehow break the chains, but she thought that creating magic at another point would be easier to break the chains.

'Either way, it will work.' She was just thinking about useless things, she could have left a long time ago if she hadn't been thinking about that kind of thing.

Lara thought about using earth magic because she could create something that came from the ground straight into the current and so the chain would break easily.

She knew she could use other spells, but since that was the simplest way she decided to go that way.

Lara imagined a huge pile of dirt rising from the ground toward the current in her right hand.
She was very careful not to hit her arm.

She had enormous resistance in her body, but she wasn't sure if her resistance would hold the strength of the stake.

A few seconds later, a huge pile of dirt rose from the ground, the stake so sturdy that it looked like stone.
The stake hit the chain with a loud sound, after that, Lara realized that she could move her right arm normally.

She had released her right arm, now all that was left was to remove the rest of the chains.


Meanwhile, Emily was still thinking of a way to save Lara.
She thought that if she tried something during her execution she could do something because if she tried to break into the castle now she would be killed immediately.

She has no strength, who did the missions for her was Lara, she felt useless.

She even eat so much worry today, but even with concern she still took care of her parents.
Her parents also clung to Lara so they were worried about her.

Emily's mom didn't show much, but Emily's dad was very worried about Lara because he ended up talking to Lara and ended up liking her a lot.

'Damn, on the day of execution I have to do something.'

The only thing Emily could think of was doing something during the execution, but she didn't even know if she could do anything so she continued to feel bad.

If she let Lara die because of her, she wouldn't forgive herself.

Emily thought Lara's arrest was her fault because Lara surrendered to save her, Emily is very grateful for that but is also very sad.
She feels guilty about it.

Emily was currently at her house, she didn't want to leave her parents' side right now and there was nothing she could do right now.

She could only whine while she waited for Lara's execution day.


Inside the castle prison, Lara had already managed to break free from all chains.

She just got out of the chains that were holding her to the wall because the chains were still in her arms and legs.

Because this would make it difficult to escape because of the noise of the chains, Lara also used earth magic to remove the chains from her hands and feet.
This time she was more careful because they were closer to her body.

When Lara broke free she decided to get out of prison.

She activated search magic and realized that at the door of the room was standing had 2 persons standing, one on each side of the door.
Lara thought she would be under surveillance but it looks like they were very careful.

'Did the queen notice the bloodlust I threw at her?' If the queen noticed the bloodlust she certainly realized that I am strong enough to fight, then she was very careful about my arrest.

She was also wondering how they didn't hear the chains breaking, are they dumb or deaf?

Well, Lara could handle these men easily.
She was a little sorry for them working for such a cowardly woman, but she wouldn't take it easy on them, she would kill them without thinking.

As they were on the wall, Lara created a huge stone stake in her hand and then immediately threw the stake with all her might into the wall.
She realized she only had these 2 guards in this place, so she didn't mind any noise.

When Lara threw the stone stake toward the man through the wall, the stone stake pierced the wall and also through the man's body.

When the stake pierced him, he couldn't even scream he just spat a large amount of blood and fell off the ground.

Lara took advantage of the hole that the stake made in the wall to leave the room, but when she left, the guard's friend who was on the other side had fallen to the floor with the impact of the wreckage of the wall.

He was not unconscious, he was just there looking at Lara with a fearful face, Lara could see he was shaking, he was shaking so hard he couldn't even get up.

"Stay here and don't tell anyone about me, if you do that I'll kill you. Even if they catch me I'll kill you anyway." Lara said toward the man lying on the floor, and the man just nodded quickly.

Lara didn't want to kill this boy, this boy was very young he looked to be under 20, he had a whole life ahead of him.
He was just being used by the queen, so Lara didn't think it was necessary to kill him here.

After that the man watched the figure of Lara moving away in the corridor.


The man was still lying beside his dead friend, he could not even look at his friend who was impaled by a stone stake while bleeding.

"What happened here?" A tall man appeared shortly after the little girl was gone, and this man was the same one who worked with the queen.

"The girl got out, I couldn't do anything." The man said as he lay on the floor, he was on the verge of tears because he knew this man in front of him well, he was the man that everyone on the guard is afraid of.

After he said that, the man started to look at him with a disgusted face, then his vision went completely dark and he could only feel something crossing his chest.

"You're rubbish for letting her getaway." The man said as he removed the knife he had just thrust into the man's chest.

Soon after, the man left leaving their body behind, he was behind Lara.






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