The queen began to tell the whole story that brought me here.
She wanted to kill me for some reason, and it must be a very serious reason for this little girl to be hunted by the queen herself.

I just kept kneeling there.
I was about to get mad and attack everyone in this room, but I was worried I couldn't handle everyone.

I also wanted to hear the story of the queen.
I always wanted to find out the story of this little girl.

I didn't know about your family or anything, so I would have to hear the queen's story to find out about it.

So I just stood there listening to everything.


In the city of Gerok and the country of Mabely 6 years ago something happened that turned the capital upside down.

Mabely Criystina Southlein's country queen was betrayed by her daughter.
Her daughter claimed that her mother did not know how to treat her people and that she was plotting something against the residents of her own country.

Her daughter named Lindy attempted a coup against her mother, but Lindy was eventually betrayed by her husband and was discovered before she was able to make progress with her plan.

Her husband who reported his wife's coup 2 years later ended up marrying another daughter of Queen Criystina.

Lara's mother Lindy was sentenced to death and was executed in public in the middle of the city.
Her death was decreed and assisted by the queen in person.

The queen also wanted to kill Lindy's daughter but this was not accepted by the residents, so the queen eventually sent her granddaughter to a mansion in the middle of nowhere.

The mansion would also be watched over by the housekeepers themselves.

"But why try to kill me now?" Lara interrupted the queen's story in the middle because she can't see a reason to kill her after so long.

When Lara interrupted the queen, she was again reprimanded by the man.

Soon after the queen continued the story.

Since Lara's mother was guilty of attempting a coup d'├ętat, the queen was disgusted by her daughter, and she was also disgusted by her granddaughter who came out of the belly of this woman she considered rubbish.

Then she had thoughts that her granddaughter would also follow her mother's path, so she ordered her death.
But the first plan to poison Lara didn't work out, so the queen ordered that cowardly plan to use a friend to arrest Lara.


As Lara listened to the queen's story she was getting more and more out of her mind.
Lara was so angry she looked like she was going to explode at any moment.

"Why did you do that?" Lara asked as she looked at the queen with bloodthirsty eyes.

When the queen saw this she shivered all over her body as she felt a sense of death in her skin.

"Get her out of here, take her to prison, I will order her execution in three days." The queen who was afraid of this sent her to be arrested because she wanted this girl out of her room.

But the man was a little confused as this could not be done.
Executing someone for no reason is extremely dangerous, as this may cause a rebellion of the residents.

When the man warned the queen, the queen who continued to tremble only answered.

"Set up some plan, make it look like she broke into the castle." The queen said.

"Youuuu ..." Lara who heard this started running toward the queen with real intention of killing her, but it didn't do much good.

Soon after she felt such a blow to the back of her head that she vomited blood.
Before passing out Lara could see a smile on the queen's face.


When Lara woke up she was glued to a wall, yes, she was hanging liberally on the wall.
He was trapped by his hands and feet on the wall.

She had huge chains binding her.

'Damn it.' Lara was so angry she was close to losing control.

Not even in her old world was she so angry about something.
She just heard that her mother's death was her own grandmother's fault.

And also heard that his death was decreed for 3 days from now and yet they will arm everything.
There's no way Lara can be calm after all this.

'I can get out of here anytime I want.' Since the spells, all work with the power of imagination Lara can get out of here anytime she wants, but she doesn't know the exact way out of the castle.

But she would get out of here, and it wouldn't belong.

But now the only thing she could do was set her mind up to get out of here as soon as possible.
After that, she would go to another city, and of course, take Emily's family.

She could no longer stay in this city after that.

Maybe in the future, she might even move to another country to escape this whole story.
But that is for the future.


Shortly after Lara was arrested the queen rose from her throne and headed toward the castle's dining room.

When she got there she started thinking about Lara, she started thinking about how this girl had changed.

She was a sad and scared girl, she would never defy her grandmother like that, and besides that feeling she felt, that is not a feeling a 13-year-old could release.

She felt her death in her body.
The only thing she could think of was that.

This was not his granddaughter.

She didn't know how to explain this situation, but she knew this wasn't her granddaughter.
Or would she have changed enough to look like this after the assassination attempt? She has changed a lot.

The queen was frightened of her granddaughter while eating her food.
She wanted to execute this girl as soon as possible because she felt that this girl would give her problems in the future.

But first, she would have to wait for her faithful servant to take care of incriminating Lara.

After that, she will be able to get rid of all the things that have a connection with her daughter who tried to end her reign.





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