After we left Emily's house we headed toward the adventurers guild.
We wanted to sell these wolves quickly to get another mission.

'What will they think about it?' Emily has no weapon, so it certainly can be weird.

People may suspect something because Emily wears no adventurous clothes and also has no weapon that can justify these injuries.
I have to do something about it, but now there's nothing I can do.

'I already know.' The only thing Emily can do is to say that she is a magician like me, she can say that she knows how to use advanced spells and so she never uses an outfit and has no teammates either.

This is the only way, I don't know the penalty for whoever is doing what we are doing, but the minimum is to have your adventurer's license withdrawn?
Usually in anime works like this, when people do wrong things they have their adventurer licenses withdrawn.

'I can't let this happen.' If that happened I couldn't go on with my life plan, I couldn't make money now and it would affect even Emily's life.

Well, Emily will have to say she's a magician, for now, that's the only way.

"Emily, when you get to the guild, you will say you're a wizard since you don't have any weapons and armor, they can be suspicious of," I said to warn Emily that we were already getting close to the guild.

After we got close to the guild I handed the cart with the wolves to Emily.
I thought she would have difficulties but she was carrying the wolves easily, is she stronger than I thought?

'Well, I just hope it works out.' I was hoping our plan would work out, if it didn't work out we would have serious problems.


My name is Emily, and I'm currently working for a little girl, yes, a little girl.

I wouldn't say I'm working but I made a deal with her.
If I helped her here, in the future I would have enough money to help my family and she would help me out of my prostitute life.

I ran away from my prostitute job and decided to trust this little girl.
She was an extremely cute little girl, she had long black hair and her eyes were blue, I think this innocence made me want to trust her.

We even slept together, it was a perfect night's sleep.
It was a comfortable sleep to cuddle with this cuteness.

First, I started by signing up for the adventurer guild.
At first, I was scared, but then the little girl said I wouldn't fight, just get the missions.
I was very relieved.

I'm doing all this for my sick parents, so if all I'm doing now will give me a chance to help them I want to do it.
I feel like I can trust this little girl.

Lara, that's her name, she went on a mission.
She asked me to stay home and wait for her that, she would complete the mission quickly, but of course, I got worried.

I couldn't imagine a little girl this age fighting with monsters, it made me shiver.
But the only thing I could do was trust her.

And I did well to trust her because after 2 hours Lara was already home.
She didn't carry any wolves with her so I got a little confused.

She asked me for a wooden cart, and I went and got a wooden cart my father used when he worked as a merchant.
He worked selling items on the street and used the cart to load his goods.

When I brought the cart Lara started pulling wolves out of a portal.
Yes, it space-time magic.
I knew some people could use this magic but I had never seen anyone using it in front of me, it was extremely cool.

After she finished placing the wolves, we set off for the guild, now it's time to sell the wolves and of course, that was my job.

'I hope it all right.' I was a little scared because I could get caught while selling the items.

Lara told me to say that I am a magician because since I am not holding any weapons they can be suspicious.

I picked up the items and headed toward the guild.

When I arrived in the guild everyone looked at me.
I looked a stranger here, I was very uncomfortable.

I tried to ignore it and headed toward the guild receptionist.
When I got there I delivered my guild card and the mission to a receptionist.

The receptionist didn't even try to look at me, she just confirmed the mission and sent some men to pick up the wolves that were in the cart, she didn't even bother to confirm that I killed the wolfs.

'This is a relief.'

The woman gave me the money and I left the guild carrying the now empty cart.


After a while Emily appeared now bringing the empty cart, I thought it would take longer but she brought it all quickly.

'Didn't the guild check?' The guild didn't even check to see if it was herself who killed the wolves, they don't seem to care that much.

As Emily approached she was also holding a bag, apparently it was money because I could hear the coins inside crashing and making a very good noise to hear.

As Emily approached, she quickly handed me the bag of money.

When I opened the bag I had a huge surprise.

4 silver coins ?? Isn't that a lot of money?
I thought I would make less money, but it looks like I'll get my identity faster than I thought.

"Emily, did you check how much money you have here?" I asked Emily as I continued to look inside the bag with the money.

"No, why?" Emily didn't seem to know how much money we made just by completing a mission.

I decided to show Emily how much money we had made.
When I showed it, Emily almost fell off the ground in surprise.
It seems she has never made so much money so easily.

After Emily calmed down I handed her 2 silver coins because it was our deal.
Emily accepted the money with a beautiful smile on her face, I'm glad to see her so happy.

'Well, now let's go back.' I decided not to complete any more missions today, so we will go back to Emily's house now.

'Tomorrow will be a beautiful day.' That's what Lara was thinking, but she was being very naive.


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