I took the tray and took orders from the woman.
She told me for each table I should take which plate of food.

I couldn't wrong now because that would be very bad, so I paid attention to every word she said to me, and then quickly started serving customers.

The work was pretty easy.
There was another woman who worked in the kitchen and the innkeeper was serving customers at the counter.
She also served the food, but now that she hired me this became my job.

There also seems to be another woman who works cleaning the guesthouse rooms.

It looks like this inn is well valued as there are so many customers eating now.
I don't see why this inn is so prized, but I could see there were only men here.

I can understand why since only women work here and they are very beautiful, of course, men would be drawn to a place like this.

Well, whatever, I kept serving clients normally.
Sometimes there was one man or another who looked at my body in a perverted way, it seems like they are like me.

But when the person they are looking at is me, is not pleasant to me, I feel like punching each other in the face when they look at me.

"Hey girl, come here." It was one of the men I had just served the food that called me.

He was one of the men who looked at me in a perverted way, but I couldn't ignore him, so I went to hear what he had to say.


When I got to the man's desk did he start to make a disgusting smile.

'Is this how I looked at those girls?' If my look was like this one now I understand why sometimes girls get scared.

The man was drinking and eating some things I had brought before.
He had a huge smell of alcohol and was already drunk, I just want to get away from him quickly.

"Are you going to work here tonight?" The man asked as he put the glass of drink in his mouth.

Well, I think I'll work till night, right? I don't know my work schedule but I think it's all day?
By the way, I have to look for a place to sleep here.

"Yes, I think so," I answered the man and walked out with the tray in hand, I could hear only the man laughing behind me.



I left the man's side and again went to get new trays to serve the customers, I did it several times during the day, so I was getting used to the work.

It was a pretty simple job, so paying 5 silver coins was good, but aside from that, I have to talk to the owner here so I can sleep here until I finish the job because I don't have a place to stay.

I walked over to the woman behind the counter and called her to talk privately.
After we were alone I started talking to her about it.

"Can I sleep here until I finish work? I don't have a place to stay right now." I asked the woman while looking at her face with a sad face.

Of course, I was doing it to fool her, sometimes I can use that cute face to get some stuff.

"Sure, no problem." The woman allowed without even thinking straight, isn't she being very nice?

She was being so kind that I was even suspicious of her kindness.

But I set that aside because there must be kind people like her in this world, so I just went back to work after I received her permission to sleep here.

I got a job in a great place, I even have a place to bathe and sleep until I finish my work.

'Well, let's continue.' Work would continue until bedtime, so I went back to work.


After night came I went into my room that the woman had loaned and then went to take a shower.
All the rooms had the same bathroom, as this bathroom was identical to the one I had showered when I first arrived here.

After a few minutes, I had already finished the shower and was ready to go out and get ready for bed.

But something strange started happening inside the bedroom I was in.
The bedroom door swung open.

'Wait, isn't she working in the kitchen?' I didn't know this woman's name, but I was sure she was the one who works in the inn's kitchen.

What is she doing here? hmmm...
What the fuck is that because there's a man with her?

The woman suddenly entered the room I was with one of the men who was eating at the inn this afternoon.

I was hiding inside the bathroom and was watching everything that is happening.

"Where is the payment?" The woman said as she sat on the bed and took off her clothes.

The man after seeing this took a payment out of his pants pocket, I couldn't see how much money it was but it was plenty.

'Do they do it here?' Do the inn women prostitute themselves here? I couldn't even imagine anything like that.


While I was in the hidden bathroom I could only hear the woman's moans in bed while giving the "service" to the man.

I had to find a way out of here, or I'd have to wait for it they end and they leave, but I don't know how long it will take and I'm still undressed.

'Shit.' The only thing to do was wait, what would they think if I showed up naked in front of them while they were having sex?

But I didn't even realize they prostitute at night.
That must be why that man asked me that afternoon, he must be talking about this work.

'Disgusting.' I would never prostitute myself, nor for thousands of gold coins.

Now all that remains is to wait for these two to end.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, they finally got it over with.

"You can go, I'll take a shower and then I'll come down." The woman said as she picked up her clothes that were on the floor.

The man left the room and the woman started to come to the bathroom, I couldn't know why a woman as beautiful as she was doing things like that.

'But this is not the time, I'll get caught' I had nothing to do now, she would find me anyway, damn it.

I tried to hide in the bathroom somehow, but it was no use.

"Ara, so you were here." The woman said with a kind smile on her face.


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